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Discovering the history of various parts of the world can be an eye opening experience. Here you have the chance to buy general textbooks online about Asia in particular. We buy back general books on this and other areas of history all the time, adding to our existing collection and making even more books available to buy. We offer pre-owned and very affordable books for discounted prices, so you can get the most from whatever you have to spend. Buy cheap general textbooks such as Taiwan: Nation State or Province?; The History of Modern Indonesia; The Rise of Modern Jewish Politics: Extraordinary Movement; and Japan, Australia and Asia-Pacific Security. In many cases more generalized books can help you get more depth to your studies, because they give you plenty of the background you need at an affordable price. Don't miss the chance to sell your general books back either, thanks to our great service.

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Die Antiken Synagogen in Israel by H�ttenmeister, Frowald Gil,... ISBN: 9783920153681
Arch�ologischer Survey in der N�rdlichen Biqac, Herbst 1972 by Kuschke, Arnulf, Mittmann, ... ISBN: 9783920153674
Persien Unter Den Ersten Ach�meniden (6. Jh. V. Chr.) by Dandamaev, M. A. ISBN: 9783920153254
Bahtiyaren, Persische Bergnomaden Im Wandel der Zeit by Ehmann, Dieter ISBN: 9783920153551
Jewish Settlement in Palestine, 634-1881 by Carmel, Alex, Sch�fer, Pete... ISBN: 9783882264791
Martyred but Not Tamed: The Politics of Resistance in the Middle East by Ram Narayan Kumar ISBN: 9788132109600 List Price: $40.00
Middle Powers and the Rise of China by Gilley, Bruce, O'Neil, Andrew ISBN: 9781626160835
Sgt. Reckless, the War Horse : Korean War Hero by Higgins, Melissa ISBN: 9781479554669
History of Modern Indonesia by Vickers, Adrian ISBN: 9781107624450 List Price: $29.99
Calendar of Persian Correspondence With and Introduciton by Muzaffar Alam and Sanjay Subrahm... by Muzaffar Alam, Sanjay Subra... ISBN: 9789380607658 List Price: $119.75
History of Modern Indonesia by Vickers, Adrian ISBN: 9781107019478 List Price: $90.00
Middle East's Relations with Asia and Russia by Carter, Hannah, Ehteshami, ... ISBN: 9780415650137
Septimia Zenobia Sebaste by Equini Schneider, Eugenia ISBN: 9788870628128
Rise of Modern Jewish Politics : Extraordinary Movement by Monaco, Christopher ISBN: 9780415659833
Atlantic Gandhi : The Mahatma Overseas by Natarajan, Nalini ISBN: 9788132109686 List Price: $39.95
Truth, History and Politics in Mongolia : Memory of Heroes by Kaplonski, Christopher ISBN: 9780415654630
Conflict, Diplomacy and Society in Israeli-Lebanese Relations by Karsh, Efraim, Kerr, Michae... ISBN: 9780415814805
Sense of Betrayal : Recollections of Vietnam by Ritchey, David, Schantz, Ha... ISBN: 9780938467519
European-East Asian Borders in Translation by C.H. Liu, Joyce, Vaughan-Wi... ISBN: 9780415831314
Korean War : An Interactive Modern History Adventure by Burgan, Michael ISBN: 9781491403570
Israel by DuBois, Jill, Rosh, Mair, E... ISBN: 9780761449959
Calendar of Persian Correspondence With and Introduction by Muzaffar Alam and Sanjay Subrahm... by Muzaffar Alam, Sanjay Subra... ISBN: 9789380607665 List Price: $89.95
Confronting Allosemitism in Europe : The Case of Belgian Jews by Ben Rafael, Eliezer ISBN: 9789004274051 List Price: $128.00
Israel in the World : Legitimacy and Exceptionalism by Adler, Emanuel ISBN: 9780415630993
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