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Collaboration, Learning and Innovation Across Outsourced Services Value Networks : Software ... by Abbott, Pamela, Zheng, Ying... ISBN: 9783319144221 List Price: $24.99
Sun Tzu on the Art of War by Giles ISBN: 9781138863606
Pilgrimage in Tibet by McKay, Alex ISBN: 9781138862302
Rise and Fall of the Ming Dynasty by Faust, Daniel R. ISBN: 9781499463460
Rise and Fall of the Ming Dynasty by Faust, Daniel R. ISBN: 9781499463484
Yuan Dynasty by Dreier, David Louis ISBN: 9781499463682
Yuan Dynasty by Dreier, David Louis ISBN: 9781499463668
Creative Hong Kong by Lai, Amy Ty ISBN: 9781472431165
To Lhasa in Disguise by Mcgovern ISBN: 9781138985711
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