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Sui Geng : The Hong Kong Marine Police, 1841-1950 by Ward, Iain ISBN: 9789622092860 List Price: $20.95
Government and People in Hong Kong, 1841-1962 : A Constitutional History by Endacott, George B. ISBN: 9789622091016 List Price: $17.95
Defences of Macau : Forts, Ships and Weapons over 450 Years by Garrett, Richard J. ISBN: 9789888028498
Brief History of China by Reed, Christopher A. ISBN: 9780816081561 List Price: $19.95
Brief History of China by Reed, Christopher A. ISBN: 9780816081554 List Price: $49.50
Fauna of China Vol. 2 by Unknown ISBN: 9781930666030 List Price: $80.00
Fauna of China by Unknown ISBN: 9781930666047 List Price: $80.00
China : Military Technical Atlas Scale: 1: 200000 by Unknown ISBN: 9781572054615 List Price: $3,000.00
Tibet by Bona, Barlett ISBN: 9780317942118 List Price: $180.00
Manchu Studies : An International Bibliography by Stary, Giovanni ISBN: 9783447047647
Maritime China in Transition 1750-1850 by Wang, Gungwu, Ng, Chin-Keong ISBN: 9783447050364
Chemical Properties by SENSOR Staff ISBN: 9780907634621
Shanghai by Luxe City Guides Staff ISBN: 9789888132416
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