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O Tempora! O Mores! Cicero's Catilinarian Orations With Historical Essays by Cicero, Marcus Tullius, Sha... ISBN: 9780806136615 List Price: $26.95
State, Society and Popular Leaders in Mid-Republican Rome 241-167 Bc by Vishnia, Rachel F. ISBN: 9780415105125 List Price: $124.95
World of Rome An Introduction to Roman Culture by Jones, Peter, Sidwell, Keit... ISBN: 9780521384216 List Price: $118.00
History of the Roman People by Heichelheim, Fritz M., Yeo,... ISBN: 9780133921182 List Price: $65.33
Roman Historical Myths The Regal Period in Augustan Literature by Fox, Matthew ISBN: 9780198150206 List Price: $125.00
Roman Citizenship by Sherwin-White, A. N. ISBN: 9780198148470 List Price: $50.00
Plebs and Politics in the Late Roman Republic by Mouritsen, Henrik ISBN: 9780521044165 List Price: $38.99
Livy's Exemplary History by Chaplin, Jane D. ISBN: 9780198152743 List Price: $150.00
Latin for Americans Level 1, Interactive by McGraw-Hill-Glencoe Staff ISBN: 9780078612510 List Price: $78.60
Social Life of Painting in Ancient Rome and on the Bay of Naples by Leach, Eleanor Winsor ISBN: 9781107690462 List Price: $50.00
Roman Siege Warfare by Joshua Levithan ISBN: 9780472118984 List Price: $70.00
Power+persuasion in Late Antiquity by Brown, Peter ISBN: 9780299133405 List Price: $45.00
Epigraphic Evidence Ancient History from Inscriptions by Bodel, John P. ISBN: 9780415116237 List Price: $120.00
Cicero Letters to Atticus by Cicero, Marcus Tullius, Sha... ISBN: 9780521606912 List Price: $67.00
Work, Identity, and Legal Status of Rome A Study of the Occupational Inscriptions by Joshel, Sandra R. ISBN: 9780806124445 List Price: $29.95
World of the Roman Emperor by Chrisp, Peter ISBN: 9780872262966 List Price: $19.95
Famine and Food Supply in the Graeco-Roman World Responses to Risk and Crisis by Garnsey, Peter D. ISBN: 9780521351980 List Price: $111.00
Hellenistic World and the Coming of Rome by Gruen, Erich S. ISBN: 9780520057371 List Price: $50.00
Cicero's Verrine Oration Ii.4 With Notes and Vocabulary by Dickison, Sheila K., Cicero... ISBN: 9780814323823 List Price: $22.95
Culture Contact and Culture Change by Wells, P. S. ISBN: 9780521228084 List Price: $37.50
Literary Texts and the Roman Historian by Potter, David S. ISBN: 9780415088954 List Price: $120.00
Ancestor Masks and Aristocratic Power in Roman Culture by Flower, Harriet I. ISBN: 9780198150183 List Price: $150.00
Frontiers of the Roman Empire by Elton, Hugh ISBN: 9780415692557
Murlo and the Etruscans Art and Society in Ancient Etruria by De Puma, Richard D., Small,... ISBN: 9780299139100 List Price: $45.00
Tacite Et Les Sources Des Annales Enquetes Sur LA Methode Historique by Devillers, O. ISBN: 9789042913332 List Price: $88.00
Two Republican Tracts by Robbins ISBN: 9780521072526
Divinity of the Roman Emperor by Taylor, Lily R. ISBN: 9780891307020 List Price: $50.00
Early Roman Empire in the West by Blagg, Thomas, Millett, Martin ISBN: 9781842170694 List Price: $40.00
Encyclopedia of the Roman Empire by Bunson, Matthew ISBN: 9780816045624 List Price: $85.00
Soldier and Society in Roman Egypt A Social History by Alston, Richard ISBN: 9780415122702 List Price: $124.95
Virgil A Study in Civilized Poetry by Otis, Brooks, Briggs, Ward ... ISBN: 9780806127828 List Price: $26.95
Women and the Law in the Roman Empire A Sourcebook on Marriage, Divorce and Widowhood by Grubbs, Judith E. ISBN: 9780415152402 List Price: $109.95
Women in Ancient Greece and Rome by Massey, Michael ISBN: 9780521318075 List Price: $13.50
Gender in the Early Medieval World East and West, 300-900 by Brubaker, Leslie, Smith, Ju... ISBN: 9780521813471 List Price: $104.00
Women's History+ancient History by Pomeroy, Sarah B. ISBN: 9780807819494 List Price: $59.95
Readings in Social Geography by Jones, Emrys ISBN: 9780198740605 List Price: $8.95
Feeding the Ancient Greek City by Alston, R., Nijf, O. M. ISBN: 9789042920378
Praetorship in the Roman Republic by Brennan, T. Corey, Brennan,... ISBN: 9780195114607 List Price: $164.99
Form As Argument in Cicero's Speeches A Study of Dilemma by Craig, Christopher P. ISBN: 9781555408794 List Price: $30.00
Information and Frontiers Roman Foreign Relations in Late Antiquity by Lee, A. D. ISBN: 9780521392563 List Price: $126.00
Archaeology of Early Rome and Latium by Holloway, R. Ross ISBN: 9780415143608 List Price: $40.95
Banking and Business in the Roman World by Andreau, Jean, Cartledge, P... ISBN: 9780521380317 List Price: $95.00
Barbarians and Romans, A.D., 418-584 Techniques of Accommodations by Goffart, Walter A., Erdmann... ISBN: 9780691102313 List Price: $29.95
Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Greek and Roman Women Notable Women from Sappho to Helena by Lightman, Marjorie, Lightma... ISBN: 9780816031122 List Price: $49.50
Rapports De La Rhetorique Et De La Philosophie Dans L'oeuvre De Ciceron Recherches Sur Les F... by Michel, A., Michel, aA. ISBN: 9789042912724 List Price: $88.00
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