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It may not surprise you to learn we have hundreds of affordable text books in this particular area of our website. If you are studying history and you want to buy more books without spending a fortune, we're here to help. Buy cheap Rome textbooks today and discover how this part of Italy has developed over the centuries. Look for titles including As the Romans Did: A Sourcebook in Roman Social History; Spartacus and Slave Wars; Romans: From Village to Empire; and A Brief History of the Romans. Many students find the Romans a fascinating people to study, and it is easy to see why. We make it easier for you to do the same as well, because we buy back Rome books to add to this section and provide you with even more affordable choices. Buy used Rome textbooks today and get the very best in great deals from Valore Books.

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Stylistic Theory and Practice in the Younger Pliny by Gamberini, Federico ISBN: 9780318706894
Professional Ranks in the Roman Army of Dacia by Cupcea, George ISBN: 9781407313252
Gladiator : The Secret History of Romes Warrior Slaves by Montefiore, Santa, McMahon,... ISBN: 9781846320941
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