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From the Atlantic slave trade to the Middle East in modern times, you can learn everything you need to know about African life and times with our help. Buy cheap African textbooks today and find out why it is so easy to save money by choosing the cheapest titles. You can buy used African textbooks that have been pre-owned by other students and save massive amounts - often more than 50% - by doing so. Don't leave it to chance - choose from hundreds of titles now and get the best deals from us. Select titles on central, eastern and western areas of the country, as well as those on South Africa. Whatever you are looking for, you can rent used Africa textbooks and get the price you want - discounted and affordable today. Trust Valore Books to provide you with the best array of text books to help you get further ahead with your studies.

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Sundiata - an Epic of Old Mali by Pickett, G. D. ISBN: 9781405849425 List Price: $16.00
Reversing Sail A History Of The African Diaspora by Gomez, Michael A., Klein, M... ISBN: 9780521001359 List Price: $25.99
History of Africa by Shillington, Kevin ISBN: 9780230308473
History of Ghana by Gocking, Roger S. ISBN: 9780313318948 List Price: $46.95
Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa by Aryeetey-Attoh, Samuel, McD... ISBN: 9780136056317 List Price: $104.40
Africa's Discovery of Europe by Northrup, David ISBN: 9780199941216 List Price: $34.95
History of Nigeria by Falola, Toyin, Heaton, Matt... ISBN: 9780521681575 List Price: $25.99
Politics South Africa by Deegan, Heather ISBN: 9781408258248
African History From Earliest Times to Independence by Curtin, P. D., Feierman, S.... ISBN: 9780582050709 List Price: $76.00
Isandlwana 1879 The Great Zulu Victory by Knight, Ian ISBN: 9780275986360 List Price: $35.00
Understanding the Contemporary Middle East, 3rd Edition by Schwedler, Jillian, Gerner,... ISBN: 9781588265654 List Price: $26.50
History of the African People by July, Robert W. ISBN: 9780881339802 List Price: $43.95
Culture and Customs of Mali by Schulz, Dorothea ISBN: 9780313359125
African Experience by Khapoya, Vincent B. ISBN: 9780130918437 List Price: $67.00
African Intellectual Heritage A Book of Sources by Asante, Molefi Kete, Abarry... ISBN: 9781566394031 List Price: $41.95
Modern Africa A Social and Political History by Davidson, Basil Risbridger ISBN: 9780582212886 List Price: $57.80
Ahmad Al-mansur by Smith, Richard L. ISBN: 9780321250445 List Price: $22.20
Civilizations of Black Africa by Maquet, Jacques P., Rayfiel... ISBN: 9780195014648 List Price: $47.95
Culture and Customs of Cameroon by Mbaku, John Mukum ISBN: 9780313332319 List Price: $49.95
Problems in African History: Precolonial Centuries, Vol. 1 by Collins, Robert O. ISBN: 9781558760592 List Price: $24.95
Transformations in Slavery A History of Slavery in Africa by Lovejoy, Paul E., Anderson,... ISBN: 9780521784306 List Price: $31.99
Architecture of Memory A Jewish-Muslim Household in Colonial Algeria, 1937-1962 by Bahloul, Joelle, Fortes, Me... ISBN: 9780521568920 List Price: $45.00
Scramble for Africa by Chamberlain, M. E. ISBN: 9780582368811 List Price: $20.20
Legacy of Bitterness Ethiopia and Fascist Italy, 1935-1941 by Sbacchi, Alberto ISBN: 9780932415738 List Price: $69.95
Zambia Security and Conflict 1964-1973 by Pettman, Jan ISBN: 9780312898458 List Price: $27.50
Documents from the African Past by Collins, Robert O. ISBN: 9781558762893 List Price: $26.95
South Africa The Rise and Fall of Apartheid by Clark, Nancy L., Worger, Wi... ISBN: 9780582414372 List Price: $26.00
Problems In African History The Precolonial Centuries by Collins, Robert O., Collins... ISBN: 9781558763609 List Price: $28.95
African Civilization Revisited From Antiquity to Modern Times by Davidson, Basil Risbridger ISBN: 9780865431249 List Price: $21.95
Limits of Anarchy Intervention and State Formation in Chad by Nolutshungu, Sam C. ISBN: 9780813916286 List Price: $49.50
Sierra Leone at the End of the Twentieth Century History, Politics, and Society by Conteh-Morgan, Earl, Dixon-... ISBN: 9780820441726 List Price: $27.00
Western Bahr Al-Ghazal Under British Rule 1898-1956 by Sikainga, Ahmad A. ISBN: 9780896801615 List Price: $15.00
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