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The health and fitness industry is growing rapidly as more and more people want to improve their fitness whether it be for medical or cosmetic reasons. The growth in the industry means the numbers of jobs are increasing making it a great subject to be studying. Buy or rent our cheap health and fitness textbooks to gain an understanding of subjects such as the physiology of sport, sports nutrition, fitness assessment, the psychology of exercise, health promotion and ways of creating opportunities to help more people become fit and healthy. The textbooks will help you to develop an awareness of the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle and the positive outcomes. We have affordable textbooks that cover all aspects of physical condition including exercise for kids, weight loss, positioning in a wheelchair, stretching and nutrition to name but a few. Have a browse through our great value physical health textbooks, you're bound to find everything you need. You can sell your textbooks back when you have finished with them.

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DVD Series for Milady Standard Cosmetology 2012 by Milady ISBN: 9781439058978 List Price: $1,071.00
Exercise and Eating Disorders: An Ethical and Legal Analysis (Ethics and Sport) by Giordano, Simona, Mcnamee, ... ISBN: 9780415476065 List Price: $49.95
Pregnancy and Childbirth: A holistic approach to massage and bodywork by Yates, Suzanne, Louise, Vir... ISBN: 9780702030550 List Price: $57.95
Healing Plants of Peninsular India by Parrotta, John A. ISBN: 9780851995014 List Price: $140.00
Clinical Naturopathic Medicine by Hechtman, Leah ISBN: 9780729541510 List Price: $110.00
Comforting Scents : Your Personal Aroma Therapy Journal by Cooksley, Valerie Gennari ISBN: 9780137934560 List Price: $15.95
First Aid for the Wards For the Clinical Years by Le, Tao, Bhushan, Vikas, Am... ISBN: 9780838525784 List Price: $34.95
Path of Healing by Youngman, B. R. ISBN: 9780717506361
Stuttering Therapy Rationale and Procedures by Gregory, Hugo H., Gregory, ... ISBN: 9780205344154 List Price: $109.33
Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica - Dan Bensky - Hardcover by Bensky, Dan, Gamble, Andrew... ISBN: 9780939616039 List Price: $60.00
Predicting Health Behavior Research And Practice With Social Cognition Models by Conner, Mark, Norman, Paul ISBN: 9780335211760 List Price: $78.00
Self-Management of Depression: A Manual for Mental Health and Primary Care Professionals by Yeung, Albert, Feldman, Gre... ISBN: 9780521710084 List Price: $55.00
Reflexology For Holistic Therapists by Gould, Francesca ISBN: 9780748794119 List Price: $26.50
Women Under The Influence by National Center on Addictio... ISBN: 9780801882289 List Price: $27.00
Facials and Facial Massage by Pamela Hill ISBN: 9781435413467 List Price: $55.00
AIDS and Accusation Haiti and the Geography of Blame by Farmer, Paul ISBN: 9780520083431 List Price: $19.95
Magic of the Minimum Dose by Shepherd, Dorothy ISBN: 9780846410331 List Price: $26.95
Your Successful Massage - Bodywork Practice by Saunders, Jefferson C. ISBN: 9781877738012 List Price: $39.50
Milady's Standard Professional Barbering Exam Review by Scali-Sheahan, Maura T. ISBN: 9781401873967 List Price: $28.95
Nutrition (Health and Medical Issues Today) by Zoumbaris, Sharon K. ISBN: 9780313349850 List Price: $45.00
The Muscles (Flash Cards) (Flash Anatomy) by Flash Anatomy ISBN: 9781878576002 List Price: $21.95
Family-Centered Maternity Care by Phillips, Celeste R. ISBN: 9780763723606 List Price: $93.95
Fitness for Life : Elementary School Physical Education Lesson Plans by Le Masurier, Guy C., Corbin... ISBN: 9780736087193 List Price: $299.00
Humor for Healing A Therapeutic Approach by Harvey ISBN: 9780127845982 List Price: $52.00
Medication Safety in Pregnancy And Breastfeeding by Koren, Gideon ISBN: 9780071448284 List Price: $100.00
Permanent Healing by Condron, Daniel R., McKnigh... ISBN: 9780944386125 List Price: $15.00
Chinese Healing Exercises: The Tradition of Daoyin by Kohn, Livia ISBN: 9780824832346 List Price: $62.00
Birth-Tech: Tests and Technology in Pregnancy and Birth by Charlish, Ann, Holt, Linda H. ISBN: 9780816023264 List Price: $19.95
Total Fitness & Wellness, Brief Edition, Media Update (3rd Edition) by Powers, Scott K., Dodd, Ste... ISBN: 9780321676238 List Price: $44.40
Fit & Well Core Concepts And Labs in Physical Fitness And Wellness by Fahey, Thomas D., Insel, Pa... ISBN: 9780073252087 List Price: $66.75
Standard Comprehensive Training for Estheticians by Driscoll, Kathy, Milady Pub... ISBN: 9781562538064 List Price: $29.95
Preclinical Speech Science Workbook by Hoit, Jeannette D., Weismer... ISBN: 9781597563932 List Price: $49.95
Social Basis of Health and Healing in Africa by Feierman, Steven, Janzen, J... ISBN: 9780520066816 List Price: $32.95
Getting It Together Managing Intense Emotions and Overcoming Self-Destructive Habits by Bell, Lorraine ISBN: 9780863776199 List Price: $23.95
The Complete Book of Reflexology Remedies: Healing with Finger Pressure Therapy by Leviton, Richard, Lewis, Ju... ISBN: 9780131874510 List Price: $15.95
Love Massage by Glanville, Cecil E. ISBN: 9780318698106
Life of Control : Stories of Living with Diabetes by Graber, Alan L., Brown, Ann... ISBN: 9780826517333 List Price: $19.95
Reproduction and Man by Harrison, Richard J. ISBN: 9780393005813 List Price: $1.50
Sport Safety Training Course Text Package by American Red Cross Staff ISBN: 9780815109983 List Price: $15.75
My Special Brother by Schiff, Lena ISBN: 9781560621010 List Price: $14.95
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