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Buy cheap exercise textbooks right here and now and you'll see just how easy it is to build up a collection of pre-owned text books to help you complete your health and fitness college course. Many of the titles in this range are available to buy or rent, depending on your needs. You'll also notice there are incredible savings over the list prices. Many of the percentage discounts rank at more than 70%, so why pay huge prices by going elsewhere? We've put together a range of discounted titles including Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness, Muscle and Sensory Testing, Designing Resistance Training Programs and Fitness Professional's Handbook. Whether you need one of these text books or another title to help you with your course, you'll find exactly what you need here. Furthermore, you can sell your exercise textbooks back if you find you no longer need them and want to replace them with other affordable titles.

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Rubber Band Shape-Up Program : How to Firm, Strengthen and Shape-Up Your Body, Fast! by Zook, Kyle P., Zook, Sandy ... ISBN: 9780941141079 List Price: $11.95
Inner Tube Workout by Jamison, Jarett ISBN: 9780962069703 List Price: $9.95
Focus on Fitness : 5 Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle by Williams, Jerry B. ISBN: 9780893154073 List Price: $24.95
To Squat or Not to Squat . . . That Is the Question? by Crain, Rickey D. ISBN: 9780929994079 List Price: $29.95
The Dynamic Flexibility Manual: A Safe and Effective Self Stretching Program by Agnew, Timothy A. ISBN: 9780974107509 List Price: $19.00
Conditioning for Gymnastics L Pre-Season, Regular Season and Off Season by Spackman, Robert R., Jr. ISBN: 9780398018207 List Price: $18.00
Introduction to Exercise Science by Terry Housh Staff ISBN: 9780205316380
Introduction to Exercise Science by Unknown ISBN: 9780205316397
Exercise Module by Unknown ISBN: 9780314047052
Physiology of Exercise for Physical Education, Athletics and Excerise Science by DeVries, Herbert A., Housh,... ISBN: 9780697284952
Gifted Figure : Proportioning Exercises for Large Women by Smith, Ann ISBN: 9780809540143 List Price: $22.95
Invitation Fitness and Wellness W/Personal Daily Log by Hales, Dianne ISBN: 9780534636531
Aquatic Activities Handbook by Sova, Ruth ISBN: 9780867202809 List Price: $27.25
Aquatic Exercise by Sova, Ruth ISBN: 9780867207545 List Price: $17.00
T'ai Chi Ch'uan Harmonizing Taoist Belief and Practice by Ewers, Shifu Keith, Fowler,... ISBN: 9781903900208 List Price: $32.50
GGR 331/531 Exercise Manual by Unknown ISBN: 9781592476749
Frequently Asked Questions about Staying Fit by Wilson, Michael R. ISBN: 9781615125593 List Price: $58.50
Key Concepts in Sport and Exercise Research Methods by Atkinson, Michael ISBN: 9781848607286
Weight Watcher's Complete Exercise Book by Zimmer, Judith, Godfrey, Du... ISBN: 9780678926215
Pilates by Eisen, Isabel ISBN: 9781477781647
Strength and Conditioning : A Biomechanical Approach by Moir, Gavin L. ISBN: 9781284034844 List Price: $89.95
Psychological Interventions in Sport Exercise and Injury Rehabilitation by Hall, Craig, Hall, Craig, M... ISBN: 9781465268952 List Price: $57.00
Equestrian Pilates : Schooling for the Rider by Gould-Wright, Sue ISBN: 9781908809339
3 Minute Workouts by Goonewardena, Kusal ISBN: 9781925265132
Pregnant Women's Guide to Exercise by Mosca, Lori ISBN: 9780937921517
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