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We have hundreds of text books in store that can help you find the information you need on many different diseases. Buy diseases textbooks online now and discover the reason why so many people come to us to buy the text book they require for college. We've divided this section into various sub-sections on various ailments and illnesses, so you can find the best way to get to the discounted and affordable books you want. Look for titles including Will to Live: AIDS Therapies and the Politics of Survival; Cancer in Young Adults: Through Parents' Eyes; Quality of Life from Nursing and Patient Perspectives: Theory, Research and Practice, and Handling the Young Child with Cerebral Palsy at Home. Whatever books you need, you can buy or rent used diseases textbooks from Valore Books for the cheapest prices now. It's the best way to make sure you save as much cash as you can.

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Gift of Alzheimer's : New Insights into the Potential of Alzheimer's and Its Care by Tourelle, Maggie La ISBN: 9781459698130 List Price: $24.99
Controversies in Cardiac Rehabilitation by Mathes, P., Halhurber, M. J. ISBN: 9783540112341 List Price: $99.00
In This Together : My Story by Romney, Ann ISBN: 9781250083982
Cancer : Survival, Quality of Life and Ethical Implications by Lechner, Breanne, Chow, Ron... ISBN: 9781634839051 List Price: $160.00
Housing for Persons with HIV : Needs, Assistance, and Outcomes by Guzman, Sherry ISBN: 9781634837200 List Price: $120.00
It's Ok to Laugh : (Crying Is Cool, Too) by Purmort, Nora McInerny ISBN: 9780062419385
Defiant Mind : Living Inside a Stroke by Smith, Ron ISBN: 9781553804802
Defiant Mind : Living Inside a Stroke by Smith, Ron ISBN: 9781553804642
Freddie Steinmark : Faith, Family, Hearth by Yousse, Bower, Cryan, Thoma... ISBN: 9781477308219 List Price: $24.95
Advances in Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation by Rose, Susan S., Branch, Ele... ISBN: 9781138881440
Towards a Sociology of Cancer Caregiving Time to Feel by Olson, Rebecca E. ISBN: 9781472446596 List Price: $109.95
Cancer Survivors Club by Geiger, Chris ISBN: 9781780747262
Diana's Story by Longden, Deric ISBN: 9781872672427
Cancer : Spinal Cord, Lung, Breast, Cervical, Prostate, Head and Neck Cancer by Lechner, Breanne, Chow, Ron... ISBN: 9781634839044 List Price: $190.00
Tea and Chemo : Fighting Cancer, Living Life by Buxton, Jackie ISBN: 9781910692394
Cardiac Rehabilitation : Exercise Testing, and Prescription by Hall, Linda K., Meyer, G. C... ISBN: 9780852006436 List Price: $99.00
It's All in the Head by O'Donnell, Majella ISBN: 9781471138959
Moral Threats and Dangerous Desires : AIDS In the News Media by Lupton, Deborah, Siann, Gerda ISBN: 9780750702393
Moral Threats and Dangerous Desires : AIDS In the News Media by Lupton, Deborah, Siann, Gerda ISBN: 9780750702386
Dextromethorphan : Pharmacology, Clinical Uses and Health Effects by Wang, Xin ISBN: 9781634840163 List Price: $190.00
Take Me to Paris, Johnny : Text Classics by Foster, John; Craven ISBN: 9781925355345
Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections by Hu ISBN: 9781555483715 List Price: $99.95
Silver Lining : A Supportive and Insightful Guide to Breast Cancer by Jacobs, Hollye ISBN: 9781612549323 List Price: $29.99
Changing Normal : How I Helped My Husband Beat Cancer by Henner, Marilu ISBN: 9781501132636
I'm Just a Person by Notaro, Tig ISBN: 9780062266644 List Price: $14.99
Breast Cancer : Psycho-Social Aspects of Early Detection and Treatment: A Workshop Meeting R... by Brand, P. C., Keep, P. A. v... ISBN: 9780852002001 List Price: $99.00
Rehabilitation in Ischemic Heart Disease by Blocker, William P., Cardus... ISBN: 9780852005927 List Price: $536.00
Don't Give Up by Gott, Peggy S., Gott, Ruby ... ISBN: 9781567960471 List Price: $17.95
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