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Whether you want to learn a new language to help you converse with the locals while on holiday, or have big business plans that will see you dealing with different nationalities these are the textbooks to help you learn a variety of languages. Buy or rent our cheap textbooks to help you learn French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, English and many, many more languages. Learning a new tongue can be very rewarding and can open up a whole range of possibilities in life. You will feel more confident travelling around the globe, and it can look great on your resume to potential employers. Once you have mastered one language you may find you get the bug and want to learn more! We have a great range of foreign language study textbooks here that are much cheaper than you will find them elsewhere. Have a browse through our collection and get them sent straight to you. You can even take advantage of our buyback service when you are finished with them.

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Laboratory Manual for Deutsch: Na klar! by Lida Daves-Schneider, Micha... ISBN: 9780077378479
Athenaze An Introduction to Ancient Greek by Balme, M. G., Lawall, Gilbe... ISBN: 9780195149562 List Price: $35.95
La France contemporaine by Edmiston, William, Duménil,... ISBN: 9781428231238 List Price: $110.95
Fuentes: Conversacion y Gramatica by Rusch, Debbie, Domínguez, M... ISBN: 9781439082904 List Price: $102.95
Brandeis Modern Hebrew by Ringvald, Vardit, Porath, B... ISBN: 9781584654599 List Price: $85.00
Adelante! Uno: An Invitation to Spanish by Blanco ISBN: 9781600076091 List Price: $105.80
Dbuts: An INTRO to French Student Edition by Siskin, H. Jay, Williams, A... ISBN: 9780073386430 List Price: $155.00
Avance Intermediate Spanish by Bretz, Mary Lee, Dvorak, Tr... ISBN: 9780073277943 List Price: $76.25
Voila! (with Audio CD-ROM) by Heilenman, L. Kathy, Kaplan... ISBN: 9781428231313 List Price: $167.95
Tu diras! by Rosser, Harry L., Martínez-... ISBN: 9781413028102 List Price: $176.95
Ven Conmigo! Holt Spanish Level 1 by Humbach ISBN: 9780030565892 List Price: $71.60
Pause-caf by Foerster, Sharon W., Meghar... ISBN: 9780072407846 List Price: $113.75
Puentes y barreras by Medina, Cindy, Rivera-Herna... ISBN: 9781413018790 List Price: $65.95
Leyendas del mundo hispano (3rd Edition) by Bacon, Susan M., Humbach, N... ISBN: 9780205696505 List Price: $43.40
Gramatica Espanola Analisis Y Practica by King, Larry D., Suner, Marg... ISBN: 9780073513133 List Price: $109.38
Punto Y Aparte Spanish in Review-Moving Toward Fluency by Foerster, Sharon W., Lambri... ISBN: 9780073254999 List Price: $108.13
Conversacioacute: n y Controversia by Iorillo, Nino R., Diaz, And... ISBN: 9780205696550 List Price: $77.99
Spanish Composition Through Literature by Ayllón, Cándido, Smith, Pau... ISBN: 9780205696758 List Price: $80.40
Alles Klar? An Integrated Approach to German Language and Culture by Otto, Karl F., von Schmidt,... ISBN: 9780131825499 List Price: $116.60
Hoy dìa: Spanish for Real Life, Volume 2 by McMinn, John T., García, Nu... ISBN: 9780205761524 List Price: $60.00
Vistas: Introduccion a la lengua espanola - Student Edition by Jose A. Blanco, Philip Redw... ISBN: 9781600071041 List Price: $83.00
Workbook for Prego! by Lazzarino, Lazzarino, Grazi... ISBN: 9780077382513 List Price: $68.44
Bonne Continuation by Furry, Nina, Jarausch, Hann... ISBN: 9780131597204 List Price: $70.00
Oggi In Italia: A First Course in Italian by Merlonghi, Franca, Merlongh... ISBN: 9780495913399 List Price: $170.95
Makino Nakama One Second Edition by Hatasa, Yukiko Abe, Hatasa,... ISBN: 9780618966288 List Price: $92.95
Conversaciones Escritas by Potowski, Kim ISBN: 9780470633991 List Price: $120.95
Student's Latin Grammar/North American by Griffin, Robin M., Phinney,... ISBN: 9780521385879 List Price: $24.00
Fonetica Y Fonologia Espanolas by Schwegler, Armin, Ameal-Gue... ISBN: 9780470421925 List Price: $138.95
Integrated Chinese by Liu, Yuehua ISBN: 9780887276392 List Price: $39.95
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