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C'est fantastique! Even a Francophile will be impressed with these finely planned and structured French Textbooks. Learn it all - everything from formal French to the latest hip lingo. For the first time, learning French is fun and even easy. You learn words and phrases the same way you learned your native tongue as a small child. And although you won't be aware of it, this learning method is scientifically researched and planned to help you learn quickly and retain what you learn. You remember new vocabulary and pronunciation, mentally retaining it without grueling hours of study. Nothing is dull or repetitious in these exciting French college text books. (Quel heureux!) And all this fabulous knowledge is available in used textbooks as well, so you can learn French on a serious budget. For cheap textbooks can be thrifty and valuable learning tools. Before you realize it, you will be reading and speaking French like a native. You'll be able to order from sophisticated restaurant menus and converse with French friends and acquaintances with ease, without consulting French textbooks. And you won't need to carry around a French dictionary or constantly refer to your cell phone's online language sites for help. You will be proud to use the French vocabulary you have mastered, and you'll be able to recall new French words without difficulty. In other words, you'll be ready to go to France and speak like the French do. (Bon voyage!)

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Harper Collins French Dict.,coll.ed. by Unknown ISBN: 9780062765062 List Price: $15.00
Vis-a-vis:beginning French-w/tape by Muyskens, Judith A., Omaggi... ISBN: 9780079122780 List Price: $72.50
Les Contrebandiers (The Action series for intermediate students) (French Edition) by Galembert, P.J ISBN: 9780844210100 List Price: $7.95
Bonjour, Ça va? : An Introductory Course by Rochester, Myrna Bell, Muys... ISBN: 9780685068489 List Price: $12.95
French for Dummies by Schmidt, Dodi-Katrin ISBN: 9780764510236 List Price: $24.99
French for Dummies by Schmidt, Dodi-Katrin ISBN: 9780764509247 List Price: $24.99
Bravo! Communication et Grammaire by Muyskens, Judith A., Harlow ISBN: 9780838417249 List Price: $22.95
French Language Today A Linguistic Introduction by Battye, Adrian, Hintze, Mar... ISBN: 9780415198387 List Price: $49.95
Explorations: La litterature du monde franais (Book Only) by Susan Schunk, Janet Waisbrot ISBN: 9780838413166 List Price: $162.95
Voila!: An Introduction to French (with Audio CD) by L. Kathy Heilenman, Isabell... ISBN: 9781413005219 List Price: $254.95
Civilisation Francaise En Evolution II by St. Onge, Ronald, Steele, R... ISBN: 9780838460092 List Price: $129.95
History of French through Texts by Ayres-Bennett, Wendy ISBN: 9780415100007 List Price: $51.95
UN Style Certain Les Mots Pour L'Ecrire by Fol, Monique, Barrette, Paul ISBN: 9780139459320 List Price: $62.67
Breaking the French Barrier Level III (Advanced) by Coursaget, Catherine, Myers... ISBN: 9780971281745 List Price: $32.50
L'Ecole Des Femmes by Rochester, Myrna Bell, Ange... ISBN: 9781585101542 List Price: $14.95
Petits Contes Sympathiques by McGraw-Hill Staff ISBN: 9780658005282 List Price: $19.96
Explorations: La littrature du monde franais (with 3.0 CD-ROM: Writing Assistant ... by Susan Schunk, Janet Waisbrot ISBN: 9780838411889 List Price: $73.95
Introduction Manual Bien Entendu! Introduction a LA Prononciation Francaise by Valdman, Albert ISBN: 9780135176160 List Price: $22.67
Beginner's French Reader by Topping, Anne, Wall-Meinike... ISBN: 9780844211084 List Price: $17.32
Tresors Du Temps (French 4) Interactive Student Edition by McGraw-Hill Staff ISBN: 9780078677731 List Price: $80.64
Breaking The French Barrier Level 1 Beginner by Coursaget, Catherine, Myers... ISBN: 9780971281769 List Price: $32.50
Bien Sur! Culture Et Communication by Koop, Marie-Christine ISBN: 9780134744124 List Price: $77.33
Student Audio CD-ROM for Jansma/Kassen's Motifs by Kimberly Jansma, Margaret A... ISBN: 9781439081952 List Price: $30.95
Workbook to accompany Rendez-vous: An Invitation to French by Judith Muyskens, Alice C. O... ISBN: 9780072490244
Schaum's Outline of French Grammar by Crocker, Mary Coffman ISBN: 9780070138872 List Price: $17.95
Bravo!: Communication, Grammaire, Culture Et Litterature : Workbook/ Laboratory Manual : Ans... by Judith A. Muyskens, Janet L... ISBN: 9780838400777 List Price: $0.95
Workbook/lab Manual for Voila! An Introduction to French by Heilenman, L. Kathy, Kaplan... ISBN: 9781413005240 List Price: $65.95
Ecrivons Mieux! by Wall-Meinike, Jane ISBN: 9780844213149 List Price: $8.40
Aventures Canadiennes Mystere a Toronto by Fraser, Ian, Williams, Robe... ISBN: 9780844212166 List Price: $12.64
Using French: A Guide to Contemporary Usage by Batchelor, R. E., Offord, M... ISBN: 9780521645935 List Price: $45.99
Allons-Y! by Bragger, Jeannette D., Rice... ISBN: 9780838460269
La France:culture,economie,commerce by Oudot, Simone, Gobert, Davi... ISBN: 9780395344866 List Price: $27.56
Deux Mondes Listening Comprehension A Communicative Approach by Terrell, Tracy D., Rogers, ... ISBN: 9780072421729 List Price: $18.85
Deux mondes: A Communicative Approach (Student Edition) + Listening Comprehension Audiocassette by Tracy D Terrell, Mary B Rog... ISBN: 9780072434019 List Price: $89.06
Audio CD - Stand Alone for Heilenman/Kaplan/Tournier's Voila!: An Introduction to French, 6th by Heilenman, L. Kathy, Kaplan... ISBN: 9781428262836 List Price: $54.95
Easy French Reader by Topping, Anne ISBN: 9780844210025 List Price: $19.95
Bravo!: Communication Et Grammaire by Muyskens, Judith A., Harlow... ISBN: 9780838444221
Voila! by Heilenman, L. Kathy, Kaplan... ISBN: 9780838436264 List Price: $58.95
Portes Ouvertes An Interactive Multimedia Approach to First Year French by Haggstrom, Margaret A., Fro... ISBN: 9780030086274 List Price: $76.00
Deux Mondes Communicative Approach by Terrell, Tracy D., Rogers, ... ISBN: 9780072561456 List Price: $61.80
Vis-A-Vis by Amon, Evelyne, Muyskens, Ju... ISBN: 9780072342239 List Price: $106.15
Voila!: An Introduction to French by Heilenman, L. Kathy, Tourni... ISBN: 9780060427580 List Price: $41.87
Manuel de preparation (with Audio CD) for Je veux bien!, 2nd by Jeannette D. Bragger, Donal... ISBN: 9780838443989 List Price: $124.95
Contrastes by Boucher, John G., Paris, Ro... ISBN: 9780205033683
Debuts With Bind-in Passcode by Siskin, H. Jay, Williams, A... ISBN: 9780073228679 List Price: $155.00
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