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At some point in history, English courses have become some of the most feared by students young and old. The anticipation of writing a paper and having it returned with red marks galore, can cause most of us to shudder and shake. The night before a paper is due, most of us have found ourselves staring at our computer screens blankly hoping for Hemmingway, Shakespeare, Dickens or Tolstoy to jump through the screen to provide inspiration and tips on how we can be saved from the unwieldy commentary of our professors. The right English textbooks can truly help you gain confidence and inspiration in our effort to write papers, understand literature and think critically. We offer a wide variety of cheap college textbooks such as the famed Norton Anthology of English Literature, literary criticism collections, Business English, grammar textbooks & workbooks as well as English for Lawyers. To find the best book to suit your needs, browse our vast array of English textbooks by author, title and/or ISBN number. Make sure the used textbook you buy includes the exact ISBN number assigned by your professor. Once you have submitted your order, you will promptly receive your used textbooks in the convenience of your dorm or home. No more college bookstore lines!! Plus, you'll be thrilled that you have saved by purchasing the cheapest textbooks possible. This will be enough to inspire the greatest college paper ever!

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Excellent English: Beginning Level 1: Student Book and Workbook Package by Forstrom, Jan, MacKay, Susa... ISBN: 9780078051982 List Price: $31.87
Selections with Key (Georgian Press) by West, Clare ISBN: 9780521140836 List Price: $18.00
All Star 2 by Lee, Linda, Bernard, Jean, ... ISBN: 9780072846744 List Price: $22.75
Skill Sharpeners Book 2 by DeFilippo, Judy, Skidmore, ... ISBN: 9780131929937 List Price: $25.66
New Vistas 2 by Brown, H. Douglas, Albarell... ISBN: 9780139082375 List Price: $22.00
Collaborations English in Our Lives by Huizenga, Jann ISBN: 9780838441060 List Price: $20.95
On Target 1 Intermediate by Purpura, James E., Pinkley,... ISBN: 9780201579789 List Price: $21.33
Expressways English for Communication Foundation, A by Molinsky, Steven J., Bliss,... ISBN: 9780132977302 List Price: $12.60
Creative English, Creative Curriculum: Practical, fresh approaches for Key Stage 2 by Gardner, Paul ISBN: 9780415466851 List Price: $37.95
Changes:readings F/esl Writers by Withrow, Jean, Brooks, Gay,... ISBN: 9780312019945 List Price: $18.00
Access Reading Reading in the Real World by Collins Staff, Collins, Tim ISBN: 9781413007824
Writing Across Languages by Connor, Ulla, Kaplan, Robert ISBN: 9780201111842 List Price: $33.89
Library Explorations Activities for International Students by Larson, Darlene ISBN: 9780472086412 List Price: $18.95
Beginning Lessons in English A by Fisher, Isobel Y., Dixson, ... ISBN: 9780130727602 List Price: $20.33
Contemporary Topics 3 by Beglar, David, Murray, Neil ISBN: 9780130948625 List Price: $35.66
New Vistas, Getting Started by Brown, H. Douglas, Alabarel... ISBN: 9780139083518 List Price: $11.00
English Step by Step With Pictures by Boggs, Ralph S., Dixson, Ro... ISBN: 9780132771047 List Price: $22.33
Collaborations English in Our Lives Literacy Worktext by Shank, Cathy C., Terrill, L... ISBN: 9780838466247 List Price: $26.95
Competency in English A Life Skills Approach by Price, P. J. ISBN: 9780075569886 List Price: $20.31
Expectations Language and Reading Skills for Students of Esl by Pakenham, Kenneth J. ISBN: 9780132944144 List Price: $22.46
Reading, Writing and Learning in Esl A Resource book for K-12 Teachers by Peregoy, Suzanne F., Boyle,... ISBN: 9780205410347 List Price: $81.60
World Pass Upper Intermediate by Stempleski, Susan ISBN: 9780838446874 List Price: $32.95
Success International English Skills for IGCSE Teacher's Book by Barry, Marian ISBN: 9780521140881 List Price: $22.00
World Link 2: Student Book (without CD-ROM) by Stempleski, Stempleski, Sus... ISBN: 9781424055029
TOEFL Preparation : Student Workbook by Daum, David, Morey, Carol ISBN: 9780920490457 List Price: $9.95
New Arrival English Literacy and School Orientation by Yedlin, Jane, Linse, Caroli... ISBN: 9780838422533 List Price: $32.95
Spin a Student Book by Pinkley, Diane, Kocienda, G... ISBN: 9780130419811 List Price: $19.00
Teaching English As a Second or Foreign Language by Celce-Murcia, Marianne ISBN: 9780838428603 List Price: $43.95
Visions Language, Literature, Content by McCloskey, Mary Lou ISBN: 9780838452486 List Price: $63.95
Vistas 2 An Interactive Course in English by Brown, H. Douglas ISBN: 9780136503347 List Price: $14.40
Mosaic 1 A Listening Speaking Skills Book by Ferrar, Jami, Whalley, Eliz... ISBN: 9780075545477 List Price: $12.45
In Contact 1 Beginning by Denman, Barbara R. ISBN: 9780201579796 List Price: $24.33
English Pronunciation for Japanese Speakers by Dale, Paulette, Poms, Lillian ISBN: 9780130343727 List Price: $36.53
Words Came Down! English Language Learners Read, Write, And Talk Across the Curriculum, K-2 by Parker, Emelie Lowrey, Pard... ISBN: 9781571104144 List Price: $20.00
Contemporary English Level 3 Student Workbook by Contemporary, McGraw-Hill ISBN: 9780072539806 List Price: $10.30
IGCSE English as a Second Language Workbook 2 with Audio CD by Lucantoni, Peter ISBN: 9780521736039 List Price: $21.00
Solomon the Superintendent (Modern Dramas 1) by Neblett, Elizabeth ISBN: 9780132355315 List Price: $17.33
Write Soon! by Prince, Eileen ISBN: 9780023968013 List Price: $24.50
Shining Star Level A by Chamot, Anna Uhl, Hartmann,... ISBN: 9780131892477 List Price: $35.33
Answer Key Read to Write by Gillie ISBN: 9780070245877 List Price: $34.10
Weaving It Together Connecting Reading and Writing by Broukal, Milada ISBN: 9780838447970 List Price: $34.95
New Vistas by Brown, H. Douglas, Albarell... ISBN: 9780139082788 List Price: $22.00
Multicultural Workshop A Reading and Writing Program Book 3 by Blanton, Linda L., Lee, Linda ISBN: 9780838450208 List Price: $34.95
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