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At some point in history, English courses have become some of the most feared by students young and old. The anticipation of writing a paper and having it returned with red marks galore, can cause most of us to shudder and shake. The night before a paper is due, most of us have found ourselves staring at our computer screens blankly hoping for Hemmingway, Shakespeare, Dickens or Tolstoy to jump through the screen to provide inspiration and tips on how we can be saved from the unwieldy commentary of our professors. The right English textbooks can truly help you gain confidence and inspiration in our effort to write papers, understand literature and think critically. We offer a wide variety of cheap college textbooks such as the famed Norton Anthology of English Literature, literary criticism collections, Business English, grammar textbooks & workbooks as well as English for Lawyers. To find the best book to suit your needs, browse our vast array of English textbooks by author, title and/or ISBN number. Make sure the used textbook you buy includes the exact ISBN number assigned by your professor. Once you have submitted your order, you will promptly receive your used textbooks in the convenience of your dorm or home. No more college bookstore lines!! Plus, you'll be thrilled that you have saved by purchasing the cheapest textbooks possible. This will be enough to inspire the greatest college paper ever!

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Issues for Today by Smith, Lorraine C., Mare, N... ISBN: 9781413008159 List Price: $30.95
Sound Advice A Basis for Listening by Hagen, Stacy A. ISBN: 9780130813619 List Price: $39.53
Words for Students of English A Vocabulary Series for Esl by English Language Institute ... ISBN: 9780472082124 List Price: $16.95
Sam and Pat Book 1: Beginning Reading and Writing by Hartel, Jo Anne, Lowry, Bet... ISBN: 9781413019643
Side by Side Level 3International Edition by Molinsky, Steven, Bliss, Bill ISBN: 9780131839366 List Price: $23.45
Skill Sharpeners Book 1 by Skidmore, Charles ISBN: 9780131929920 List Price: $25.66
Contemporary Topics 3: Academic Listening and Note-Taking Skills by Beglar, David, Murray, Neil ISBN: 9780136005131 List Price: $20.00
English Language Teaching in Its Social Context by Candlin, Christopher N., Me... ISBN: 9780415241229 List Price: $46.95
Beyond True Stories by Heyer, Sandra ISBN: 9780131892743 List Price: $32.33
How to Teach for Exams by Burgess, Sally, Head, Katie ISBN: 9780582429673 List Price: $34.33
Advanced Composition for ESL Students by Bryan Ryan ISBN: 9780890895603 List Price: $23.00
Side by Side Level 2 International Edition by Molinsky, Steven, Bliss, Bill ISBN: 9780131839359 List Price: $23.45
Side by Side Level 1 International Edition by Molinsky, Steven, Bliss, Bill ISBN: 9780131839342 List Price: $23.45
Access Reading Reading in the Real World by Collins Staff, Collins, Tim ISBN: 9781413007824
Skill Sharpeners Book 4 by DeFilippo, Judy, Skidmore, ... ISBN: 9780131929951 List Price: $25.66
Complete Advanced Student's Book with Answers with CD-ROM by Guy Brook-Hart, Simon Haines ISBN: 9781107670907 List Price: $42.00
Academic Rdg.+study Skills F/intl.stud. by Rosenthal, Lisa, Rowland, S... ISBN: 9780130005632 List Price: $26.60
Raise the Issues An Integrated Approach to Critical Thinking by Numrich, Carol, U. S. Natio... ISBN: 9780201621006 List Price: $34.33
Reading, Writing, & Learning in Esl A Resource Book for K-8 Teachers by Peregoy, Suzanne F., Boyle,... ISBN: 9780801308444 List Price: $30.75
Skill Sharpeners Book 2 by DeFilippo, Judy, Skidmore, ... ISBN: 9780131929937 List Price: $25.66
Real Basics by Treadgold, S. E. ISBN: 9780966370522 List Price: $19.00
National Geographic Life British English by Dummett, Paul, Hughes, John... ISBN: 9781133315704
Speaking American English for the Non-Native Speaker by Clarice M. Jones, Jean H. M... ISBN: 9780538703284 List Price: $38.95
English Firsthand 1 by Helgesen, Marc, Brown, Stev... ISBN: 9789620053450
Andrew's Journey to a New Life in America by QuinnWilliams, Jennifer, Va... ISBN: 9780472032334 List Price: $9.95
English for Zambia Basic Education Grade 6 by Montgomery, Karen, Ollerhea... ISBN: 9780521698719 List Price: $5.75
Icon International Communication Through English - Level 2 by Freeman, Donald, Graves, Ka... ISBN: 9780072550481 List Price: $49.25
Samantha: The Sequel by Meryl Robin Becker ISBN: 9780472086641 List Price: $9.95
What a Life Intermediate by Broukal, Milada ISBN: 9780130939678 List Price: $25.00
Harbrace Handbook-esl Workbook by Miller, Robert, Webb, Suzan... ISBN: 9780155065505 List Price: $13.00
Stay Tuned for 5Eme by Bongwa, Christine, Forbin, ... ISBN: 9780521526234 List Price: $4.55
To Write English: A Step-by-Step Approach for ESL by Ross, Janet, Doty, Gladys G. ISBN: 9780060455934 List Price: $14.06
Holt Workbook for International Students by Kirszner, Laurie G. ISBN: 9780155080676 List Price: $11.00
Con brio 2nd Edition Quia eLM by Lucas Murillo, Maria C. ISBN: 9780470902219 List Price: $75.95
English Pronunciation Explained with Diagrams by Huang, Raymond, Gimson, A. G. ISBN: 9789622090248 List Price: $8.95
Dialogues. English 2 (Historia) (Spanish Edition) by Emilsson Elin y Marilyn Buck ISBN: 9789681668204 List Price: $10.99
Exercises in American English Pronunciation : Chinese Student Edition by Bischof, Rudy, Sudlow, Mich... ISBN: 9781877591303 List Price: $13.95
Basic Conversations in English by Lado, Robert, De Prado, J. ISBN: 9781879580541 List Price: $8.95
English for You : Workbook by Kaluza, Jan, Kruppik, Blaze... ISBN: 9781885889218 List Price: $12.00
English for You : Workbook by Kaluza, Jan, Kruppik, Blaze... ISBN: 9781885889201 List Price: $12.00
ESL Junior Book Starter Set by Unknown ISBN: 9781933209951
Authentic Reading 2 SB by Bonesteel, Lynn, Wiese, David ISBN: 9780138146276 List Price: $32.00
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