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At some point in history, English courses have become some of the most feared by students young and old. The anticipation of writing a paper and having it returned with red marks galore, can cause most of us to shudder and shake. The night before a paper is due, most of us have found ourselves staring at our computer screens blankly hoping for Hemmingway, Shakespeare, Dickens or Tolstoy to jump through the screen to provide inspiration and tips on how we can be saved from the unwieldy commentary of our professors. The right English textbooks can truly help you gain confidence and inspiration in our effort to write papers, understand literature and think critically. We offer a wide variety of cheap college textbooks such as the famed Norton Anthology of English Literature, literary criticism collections, Business English, grammar textbooks & workbooks as well as English for Lawyers. To find the best book to suit your needs, browse our vast array of English textbooks by author, title and/or ISBN number. Make sure the used textbook you buy includes the exact ISBN number assigned by your professor. Once you have submitted your order, you will promptly receive your used textbooks in the convenience of your dorm or home. No more college bookstore lines!! Plus, you'll be thrilled that you have saved by purchasing the cheapest textbooks possible. This will be enough to inspire the greatest college paper ever!

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Body English with Answer Key by Adams, Angela ISBN: 9780673191984
Tell Me More: An ESL Conversation Text by Elbaum, Sandra N., Peman, Judi ISBN: 9780673380036 List Price: $15.93
English on Campus by James, Gary, Whitley, Charl... ISBN: 9780534103149 List Price: $21.95
Up Close Book 3 by Gordon, Barbara, Weinstein ISBN: 9780838405505
Becoming Literate in English as a Second Language by Goldman, Susan, Trueba, Hen... ISBN: 9780893915780
En Directe - Desrosiers Furstenberg - Paperback by Furstenberg, Desrosiers ISBN: 9780066322117 List Price: $17.81
Death of a Soldier by Prowse, Philip ISBN: 9780435270360 List Price: $3.00
Effective Written Expression Writing for Esl Students by Coffman, Jean, Horton, Bruce ISBN: 9780896411753 List Price: $15.95
Elc Pre-Literacy Special Package by Yedlin, Jane, Linse, Caroline ISBN: 9780838403471 List Price: $1,085.95
Anne of Green Gables by Montgomery, L. M. ISBN: 9780582529823 List Price: $9.00
Audio Tape Program A Workbook-Intensive English for Communication by Lindell, Anne ISBN: 9780472085736 List Price: $14.95
Audio Tape Program by Lindell, Anne ISBN: 9780472002122 List Price: $165.00
Balloons Level 3 by Herrera, Mario, Hojel, Barbara ISBN: 9780201351217 List Price: $21.33
Cause & Effect Intermediate Reading Practice by Ackert, Patricia ISBN: 9780838408742 List Price: $27.95
VARIED VOICES: ON LANGUAGE & LITERACY LEARNING (P) by Blauton, Linda Lonon ISBN: 9780838479629 List Price: $29.95
Intercom 2000/Level 1 by Chamot, Anna Uhl, Yorkey, R... ISBN: 9780838418000 List Price: $21.95
Teaching English Learners Strategies and Methods by Diaz-Rico, Lynne ISBN: 9780205355433 List Price: $69.60
English in Action, Book 4 - with 2 Audio CD's by Foley, Barbara H., Neblett,... ISBN: 9780838407257 List Price: $21.00
English in Action Book 2 by Neblett, Elizabeth, Foley, ... ISBN: 9780838407233 List Price: $21.00
Culturally Speaking by Genzel, Rhona B., Cummings,... ISBN: 9780838442135 List Price: $41.95
STORIES WE BROUGHT WITH US (P) by Silverman, Ann, Kasser, Carol ISBN: 9780131221451 List Price: $24.50
Speaking American English for the Non-Native Speaker For the Non-Native Speaker by Miculka, Jean H. ISBN: 9780538703284 List Price: $38.95
Thoughts & Notions High Beginning Reading Practice by Lee, Linda, Bushby, Barbara ISBN: 9780838482223 List Price: $27.95
Pyramids Structurally Based Tasks for Esl Learners by Madden, Carolyn G., Reinhar... ISBN: 9780472080731 List Price: $12.95
Interactions 2 Intergrated Skills by Berman, Michael ISBN: 9780072313956 List Price: $36.25
Interactions Access Intergrated Skills by Berman, Michael ISBN: 9780072313932 List Price: $36.25
Atlas 4 by Nunan, David ISBN: 9780838440889 List Price: $21.95
Atlas 2 by Nunan, David ISBN: 9780838440865 List Price: $21.95
Atlas 3 by Nunan, David ISBN: 9780838440872 List Price: $22.95
Expressions, Vol. 1 by Nunan, David ISBN: 9780838422403 List Price: $15.25
Collaborations English in Our Lives Intermediate 2 Student Book by Terrill, Lynda, Terrill, Ly... ISBN: 9780838466346 List Price: $19.95
Communicating English Lev 1 by Papa, Mario, Iantorno, Giul... ISBN: 9780201538144 List Price: $14.03
Contemporary Social Issues Authentic Readings for the Esl Learner by Cohen, Sarabel K. ISBN: 9780472083893 List Price: $17.95
Advanced Composition for Esl Students by Ryan, Bryan ISBN: 9780890895603 List Price: $23.00
Heinle & Heinle's Complete Guide to the Toefl Test Cbt Edition by Rogers, Bruce ISBN: 9780838443880 List Price: $49.95
Workout in English: An Interactive Reader Workbook by Saitz, Robert L., Stieglitz... ISBN: 9780136338680 List Price: $20.80
Strategies for Academic Communication by Steer, Jocelyn ISBN: 9780838439616 List Price: $32.95
Changing Generations A Story for Developing Reading Skills by Stoller, Fredricka L., Glau... ISBN: 9780137272808 List Price: $29.00
Collaborations English in Our Lives Beginning 2 Student Book by Huizenga, Jann ISBN: 9780838441077 List Price: $21.95
Interactive Dictations: A listening / speaking / writing Text by DeFilippo, Judy, Sadow, Cat... ISBN: 9780866471978 List Price: $19.00
World Class Readings Book 2 by Rogers, Bruce ISBN: 9780072825503 List Price: $23.45
Reading in a Second Language by Mackay, Ronald, Barkman, Br... ISBN: 9780883771341 List Price: $13.50
Senem's Journey to a New Beginning by Vaille, Barbara, Quinnwilli... ISBN: 9780472031450 List Price: $9.95
Make a Wish by Kay, Judith ISBN: 9780472031351 List Price: $5.95
Process and Pattern by Cobb, Charles ISBN: 9780534037055 List Price: $25.95
English Simplified Cdn Exercis by Unknown ISBN: 9780060436469 List Price: $8.75
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