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At some point in history, English courses have become some of the most feared by students young and old. The anticipation of writing a paper and having it returned with red marks galore, can cause most of us to shudder and shake. The night before a paper is due, most of us have found ourselves staring at our computer screens blankly hoping for Hemmingway, Shakespeare, Dickens or Tolstoy to jump through the screen to provide inspiration and tips on how we can be saved from the unwieldy commentary of our professors. The right English textbooks can truly help you gain confidence and inspiration in our effort to write papers, understand literature and think critically. We offer a wide variety of cheap college textbooks such as the famed Norton Anthology of English Literature, literary criticism collections, Business English, grammar textbooks & workbooks as well as English for Lawyers. To find the best book to suit your needs, browse our vast array of English textbooks by author, title and/or ISBN number. Make sure the used textbook you buy includes the exact ISBN number assigned by your professor. Once you have submitted your order, you will promptly receive your used textbooks in the convenience of your dorm or home. No more college bookstore lines!! Plus, you'll be thrilled that you have saved by purchasing the cheapest textbooks possible. This will be enough to inspire the greatest college paper ever!

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Turning Points by Papa, Mario ISBN: 9780201190274 List Price: $3.89
Turning Points by Papa, Mario ISBN: 9780201190267 List Price: $4.11
Turning Points by Papa, Mario ISBN: 9780201190199 List Price: $6.57
Best TOEFL Test Book by Stanley, Nancy ISBN: 9780201509625
Readings on English As a Second Language : For Teachers and Teacher Trainees by Croft, Kenneth ISBN: 9780673392497 List Price: $23.75
Exploring Written English : A Guide for Basic Writers by Reynolds, Audrey L. ISBN: 9780673392909 List Price: $20.60
Communicating in Context : Intercultural Communication for ESL Students by Irving, Kathy J. ISBN: 9780685431719 List Price: $11.95
English Pronunciation Exercises for Japanese Students by Grate, Harriet Gordon ISBN: 9780685422458 List Price: $150.00
Visiting Britain : The English You Need by Candlin, Frank ISBN: 9780717512690
Chatting in Idiomatic English : Challenges for Advancing ESL Learners by Simeon, Anne ISBN: 9780969698517 List Price: $6.95
Expand Your English by Unknown ISBN: 9780975877418
Teaching ESL a Cognitive View : For Variant and Non Variant Populations by RodriguezAponte, Eloina ISBN: 9780976650805
In Focus : An ESL Interactive Reader by Wagner, Paul, Schwartz, Wil... ISBN: 9780916177546 List Price: $13.95
In Focus : An ESL Interactive Reader by Wagner, Paul, Schwartz, Wil... ISBN: 9780916177553 List Price: $12.95
Prompts : Readings for ESL Composition by Leeds, Bruce, Hiratsuka, Yuji ISBN: 9780916177683 List Price: $9.95
America from A to Z by Parlato, Salvatore, Freifel... ISBN: 9780916177676 List Price: $16.95
Spanish/ESL Teaching Manual by Unknown ISBN: 9780943343747 List Price: $9.99
English Comprehensive Profile by Hughey ISBN: 9780883772249 List Price: $11.25
English in Nepalese Education by Malla, Kamal P. ISBN: 9780897710749
Stay Tuned for Senegal Teacher's Book 3me by Pouye, Pierre Claver, Diop,... ISBN: 9780521708906 List Price: $140.00
Passing in Language by Hindmarsh, R. X. ISBN: 9780521084710
Good English Manual by Abrahamson, Robert Louis ISBN: 9780060461416 List Price: $10.93
Con brio 2nd Edition Quia eLM by Lucas Murillo, Maria C. ISBN: 9780470902219 List Price: $75.95
Stay Tuned Student's Book for 1re by Nama, Michael D., Forbin, D... ISBN: 9780521673716
Stay Tuned Workbook for 4 me by Nama, Michael D., Forbin, D... ISBN: 9780521705806 List Price: $140.00
Stay Tuned for Senegal Teacher's Book 4me by Pouye, Pierre Claver, Diop,... ISBN: 9780521708920 List Price: $140.00
Stay Tuned for Senegal Student's Book 3me by Pouye, Pierre Claver, Diop,... ISBN: 9780521708890 List Price: $140.00
A Handbook for Vocational Esl by Friedenberg, Joan, Bradley,... ISBN: 9780936007182 List Price: $9.95
Celt (Comprehensive English Language Test) by Harris, David P., Palmer, L... ISBN: 9780070268777 List Price: $33.75
Branching Out, 1, An Innovating Upper Level Text of English for Speakers of Other Languages by Lado International College ... ISBN: 9781879580558 List Price: $14.95
Writing Practical English 3B (Pt. 3B) by Harris, Tim, Rowe, Allan ISBN: 9780155709331 List Price: $6.95
Stel Advancd Forms by Best, Richard ISBN: 9780066320328 List Price: $13.12
Stel Beginn Forms by Best, Richard ISBN: 9780066320304 List Price: $13.12
Getting Down Bus Eng 2 Exerc Tapes by Pearson, Christopher ISBN: 9780435286972 List Price: $88.00
English Initiative: Level 1 User's Guide by McGraw-Hill Staff ISBN: 9780070411142 List Price: $4.69
Turn Points 3a Sb /Papa by Papa, Mario ISBN: 9780201190168 List Price: $6.57
English Initiative: Level 5 User's Guide by McGraw-Hill Staff ISBN: 9780070411258 List Price: $4.69
English Initiative: Level 3 User's Guide by McGraw-Hill Staff ISBN: 9780070411197 List Price: $4.69
Reading, Writing & Learning in Esl ; A Resource Book for K-12 Teachers by Peregoy, Suzanne F., Boyle,... ISBN: 9780801315480
Smuggler, The (Guided Rdrs.) by Plowright, Piers ISBN: 9780435270056 List Price: $3.00
Summary and Note-Taking with key (Georgian Press) by Barry, Marian ISBN: 9780521140942 List Price: $18.00
First Certificate Handbook: Students Book by Thornes, Stanley ISBN: 9780859508230 List Price: $55.00
Basic Reading and Writing for Vietnamese Speaker by Ton, Kim T., O'Harrow, Step... ISBN: 9780824818777 List Price: $37.95
Write English by Bauder, Thomas ISBN: 9780832505133 List Price: $7.95
Read English! by Demnitz ISBN: 9780832505126 List Price: $7.95
Themes : Comprehensive Test Bank by Lively, Harper, David R., W... ISBN: 9780838482254 List Price: $15.95
Poco a Poco : Atajo 3.0 by Hendrickson, James M. ISBN: 9780838482407 List Price: $169.95
Puntos de Vista Facetas by Crapotta, James, Welch ISBN: 9780838482827 List Price: $27.95
Making Connections 2 : 1996 Version by McCloskey, Mary Lou, Lee, L... ISBN: 9780838471234
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