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Fiction is the work of imagination and imagination knows no bounds. Fiction textbooks are also quite varied and one can find different works of fiction, and analysis on said fiction, written by authors throughout the ages on all subjects imaginable. There are short stories, novels, drama, poems, science fiction, and more categories of work, all of which are aimed for diverse age groups or interests. These books have always remained popular. If you love reading fiction, then check the selection of fiction textbooks at ValoreBooks to find some amazing works.

Subjects of fiction textbooks
The fiction textbooks at ValoreBooks focus on different themes and subjects. It includes books on fiction poetry, drama, literature, fiction classics, science and historical fiction, early fiction writing, and modern fiction. In addition to this, there are also books on the art of writing fiction, exercises for fiction writing, and different approaches to fiction. You can also check the work of fiction writers from America, Asia, and other places around the world.

Purpose of fiction textbooks
Fiction textbooks help take the reader into a world that is the author's creation. Fiction work may be a simple expression of thoughts, invention of stories, or narratives that the author wants to share, or it may be aimed at provoking certain thoughts in readers. The purpose of fiction textbooks can be different. The books can be informative, educational, and entertaining reads. Fiction textbooks are also included in curriculums in schools, as they aim to open minds, enhance creativity, and also cultivate the habit to appreciate different point of views.

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Contemporary American Short Story by Nguyen, B. Minh, Shreve, Po... ISBN: 9780321117274 List Price: $72.20
Hotel Andromeda by Josipvici ISBN: 9781847772633
Major American Short Stories by Litz, A. Walton ISBN: 9780195078992 List Price: $69.95
Extreme Fiction Fabulists and Formalists by Hemley, Robin, Martone, Mic... ISBN: 9780321179722 List Price: $44.00
Penpal by Dathan Auerbach ISBN: 9780985545505 List Price: $9.99
Worlds of Fiction by Rubenstein, Roberta, Larson... ISBN: 9780130416391 List Price: $106.20
Great Expectations by Dickens, Charles, Rosenberg... ISBN: 9780393960693 List Price: $43.66
Wide Sargasso Sea Backgrounds, Criticism by Rhys, Jean, Brontë, Charlot... ISBN: 9780393960129 List Price: $14.95
Frankenstein by Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraf... ISBN: 9780321399533 List Price: $17.60
Norton Anthology of Contemporary Fiction by Cassill, R. V., Oates, Joyc... ISBN: 9780393968330 List Price: $53.25
Uncle Tom's Cabin by Stowe, Harriet Beecher, Amm... ISBN: 9780393933994 List Price: $64.60
Titi Livi Ab Vrbe Condita by Ogilvy, R. M., Livy ISBN: 9780198146612 List Price: $45.00
Der Richter und sein Henker (German Edition) by Friedrich Durrenmatt ISBN: 9780395044995 List Price: $42.95
Candide or Optimism A Fresh Translation, Backgrounds, Criticism by Voltaire, Francois, Adams, ... ISBN: 9780393960587 List Price: $15.00
Understanding Fiction (3rd Edition) by Unknown ISBN: 9780139366901 List Price: $107.80
Millionaire's Dinner Party by Balme, M. G. ISBN: 9780199120253 List Price: $29.95
Puddn'head Wilson And Those Extraordinary Twins by Twain, Mark, Berger, Sidney ISBN: 9780393925357 List Price: $12.80
Thunder Rides a Black Horse: Mescalero Apaches and the Mythic Present by Claire R. Farrer ISBN: 9781577666998 List Price: $16.95
Inferno II (Lectura Dantis Americana) (V.2) by Rachel Jacoff, William A. S... ISBN: 9780812281774 List Price: $52.50
Things Fall Apart by Achebe, Chinua, Irele, Fran... ISBN: 9780393932195 List Price: $73.00
Dubliners (Longman Cultural Editions) by Joyce, James, Latham, Sean ISBN: 9780205537365 List Price: $13.33
Things Fall Apart by Achebe, Chinua ISBN: 9780435905255 List Price: $13.95
20th Century American Short Stories by McConochie, Jean A. ISBN: 9780838448519 List Price: $44.95
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Twain, Mark, Camfield, Gregg ISBN: 9780312446482 List Price: $5.95
Scarlet Letter by Hawthorne, Nathaniel, Willi... ISBN: 9780312446499
The Fiction Tutor by David Madden ISBN: 9780030142895 List Price: $22.95
Introduction to Family Law by Gallo, Nancy ISBN: 9781401814533 List Price: $113.95
Charles Dickens' Great Expectations by Dickens, Charles, Carlisle,... ISBN: 9780312080822 List Price: $12.95
Fiction 50 An Introduction to the Short Story by Pickering, James H. ISBN: 9780023955556 List Price: $52.80
Unintended Consequences by Ross, John ISBN: 9781888118049 List Price: $28.95
Don Quijote de la Mancha by Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel ... ISBN: 9780393972818 List Price: $100.95
Amazing Stories to Tell and Retell 3 by Berish, Lynda, Thibaudeau, ... ISBN: 9780395949139 List Price: $35.95
Outstanding Short Stories by Poe, Edgar Allan, Thornley,... ISBN: 9780582419339 List Price: $9.00
Winesburg, Ohio Authoritative Text Backgrounds and Contexts Criticism by Anderson, Sherwood, Modlin,... ISBN: 9780393967951 List Price: $155.95
Hudson Book of Fiction 30 Stories Worth Reading by McGraw-Hill Higher Educatio... ISBN: 9780072484397 List Price: $32.19
Yellow Wallpaper by Gilman, Charlotte Perkins, ... ISBN: 9780155054851 List Price: $24.95
Rose Engagement by Brown, Richard E., Brown, B... ISBN: 9780965400022 List Price: $12.00
Western Hero: A Campaign Book for the Hero System by Matt Forbeck ISBN: 9781558061187
Awakening Complete, Authoritative Text With Biographical, Historical, and Cultural Contexts,... by Walker, Nancy A., Chopin, Kate ISBN: 9780312195755 List Price: $177.50
Impact Fifty Short Stories by Holt Staff ISBN: 9780030086236 List Price: $40.13
Anthology of the American Short Story by James Nagel ISBN: 9780618444243 List Price: $134.95
Riverside Anthology of Short Fiction Convention and Innovation by Baldwin, Dean ISBN: 9780395813867 List Price: $106.95
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