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As I Lay Dying (Norton Critical Editions) by Faulkner, William, Gorra, M... ISBN: 9780393931389
Howards End, A Longman Cultural Edition by Forster, E. M., Mao, Douglas ISBN: 9780205537372
The Wedding Letters (The Wednesday Letters) by Wright, Jason F. ISBN: 9781609080570 List Price: $22.99
The Kims' Journey to Harmony (Michigan Stories for Newcomers) by QuinnWilliams, Jennifer, Va... ISBN: 9780472033959 List Price: $9.95
Angela's New Sister by Matarasso, Janet ISBN: 9780521367530
Mersey Blues by Andrews, Lyn ISBN: 9780750511131
My Sister's Keeper by Picoult, Jodi ISBN: 9780784818442
Mama by McMillan, Terry ISBN: 9780784835876
Comfort Woman by Keller, Nora Okja ISBN: 9780784835081
White Teeth by Smith, Zadie ISBN: 9780784834640
Great Santini by Conroy, Pat ISBN: 9780784833650
Red Tin Roof by Verma, Nirmal, Singh, Kuldip ISBN: 9788175300125
Joy Luck Club - Amy Tan, New Edition by Bloom, Harold ISBN: 9781604133998 List Price: $45.00
Mist Over the Mersey by Andrews, Lyn ISBN: 9780750508346
Victor's Secret (Modern Dramas 3) by Neblett, Elizabeth ISBN: 9780132355308
Lord and Mary Ann by Cookson, Catherine ISBN: 9780854563876
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