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Some fictional areas are more popular than others, and we think this one would be among the most popular of all. We all enjoy reading about drama and intrigue, and surely crime fits into this area. Buy cheap crime textbooks now and get a look into the minds of criminals and their crimes. We buy back crime books whenever we get the chance to do so, which means you can enjoy the cheapest deals and the best opportunities to get affordable prices and wonderful stories to read. It doesn't matter whether you need to read these to support your college course, or you are reading them for personal enjoyment. You will enjoy the same discounted prices in both cases not to mention the same great stories as well. Sell back to us if you need to and look out for many other books coming onto our site all the time.

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Different by Avila, Javier ISBN: 9780470045657 List Price: $15.95
Chamber Music by Tom Benn ISBN: 9780099554073 List Price: $14.95
Merry AXmas by Brian Francis ISBN: 9781629291024 List Price: $20.65
The Bartender: Appetite for Destruction. by Axel Matfin ISBN: 9780988135512 List Price: $20.00
Director by Ignatius, David ISBN: 9781410471062 List Price: $31.99
Good and the Ghastly : A Novel by Boice, James ISBN: 9781416575450
Arrows of Rain by Ndibe, Okey ISBN: 9781616954574
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