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Not all college text books have to be non-fiction, as you can see from this collection of cheap Christian textbooks in the fiction format. Discover why Pilgrim's Progress has been a firm favorite in the world of Christian fiction for many years. Alternatively, perhaps you'd like to read Lost Letters of Pergamum: A Story from the New Testament World. You have the choice either to buy or rent cheap Christian textbooks from our popular online marketplace today, saving huge amounts on the usual list prices you'd have to pay. Any college course requiring you to find out more about Christianity in fiction will be helped by getting the cheapest pre-owned books around today, direct from our marketplace. Sell your Christian books back to us if you wish, and purchase others to help you find out more about this form of fiction. Rent or buy at hugely reduced prices right now.

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Pilgrim's Progress by Bunyan, John, Bunyan, John,... ISBN: 9780393927719 List Price: $11.69
Lost Letters of Pergamum A Story from the New Testament World by Longenecker, Bruce W., With... ISBN: 9780801026072 List Price: $17.99
Petrarch's Secretum: With Introduction, Notes, and Critical Anthology (American University S... by Carozza, Davy A., Shey, H. ... ISBN: 9780820410210 List Price: $45.95
A Rod of Iron by Chappell, Alex G. ISBN: 9781932280104 List Price: $14.95
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