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Getting to Know City Kids Understanding Their Thinking, Imagining, and Socializing by Middlebrooks, Sally ISBN: 9780807736852 List Price: $19.95
Girls at Puberty Biological and Psychosocial Perspectives by Brooks-Gunn, J., Peterson, ... ISBN: 9780306411441 List Price: $120.00
Grief in School Communities Effective Support Strategies by Rowling, Louise ISBN: 9780335211166
Grief in School Communities Effective Support Strategies by Rowling, Louise ISBN: 9780335211159 List Price: $41.95
Guide for the Care of Infants in Groups by Provence, Sally ISBN: 9780878680610 List Price: $12.95
Child and Adolescent Development: Clinical Applications - Victor C. Vaughan - Hardcover by Vaughan, Litt, Iris F. ISBN: 9780721613949 List Price: $69.00
Routines in Neonatal Care - Cooke - Paperback - 9th ed by Cooke ISBN: 9780801611216 List Price: $28.95
Clinical Perinatology - Silvio Aladjem - Hardcover by Aladjem, Silvio ISBN: 9780801601002 List Price: $45.00
Neonatal Nutrition and Metabolism - William Hay - Hardcover by Hay, William, Jr. ISBN: 9780815142157 List Price: $79.00
Adolescence: A Development Transition - Douglas C. Kimmel - Hardcover by Kimmel, Douglas C., Weiner,... ISBN: 9780898595727 List Price: $34.50
Understanding Children - Peggy Forsyth - Hardcover by Forsyth, Peggy, Hansen, Kar... ISBN: 9780874849448
Understanding Children: School-Age and Adolescence - Judith A. Schickedanz - Paperback by Schickedanz, Judith A., Sch... ISBN: 9781559342476 List Price: $47.95
Infant Development: From Theory to Practice - Judith S. Musick - Paperback by Musick, Judith S., Househol... ISBN: 9780534055622 List Price: $23.95
Teenage Fathers - Bryan E. Robinson - Hardcover by Robinson, Bryan E. ISBN: 9780669145861 List Price: $25.00
Girl's Own: Cultural Histories of the Anglo-American Girl, 1830-1915 - Claudia Nelson - Hard... by Nelson, Claudia, Vallone, L... ISBN: 9780820316154 List Price: $45.00
Twelve to Sixteen: Early Adolescence - Jerome Kagan - Hardcover by Kagan, Jerome, Coles, Robert ISBN: 9780393010923
Adolescents Today - John S. Dacey - Hardcover - 3rd ed by Dacey, John S. ISBN: 9780673166692 List Price: $32.18
Teenage Sexuality, Pregnancy and Childbearing - Frank F. Furstenberg - Paperback by Furstenberg, Frank, Menken,... ISBN: 9780812211078 List Price: $14.95
Adolescents - Gary M. Ingersoll - Hardcover by Ingersoll, Gary M. ISBN: 9780130086655 List Price: $52.55
Resident's Handbook of Neonatology by Perlman, Max, Kirpalani ISBN: 9781556641145 List Price: $28.95
Adolescence, Adolescents by Fuhrmann, Barbara S. ISBN: 9780673520180 List Price: $61.00
Adolescence: An Introduction by Santrock, John W. ISBN: 9780697127556 List Price: $23.12
Understanding Children by Forsyth, Peggy, Hansen, Kar... ISBN: 9780874848021 List Price: $45.95
Child Development: Its Nature and Course by Sroufe, L. Alan, Cooper, Ro... ISBN: 9780394353609
Teenage Fathers by Robinson, Bryan E. ISBN: 9780669145878 List Price: $12.95
Twelve to Sixteen: Early Adolescence by Kagan, Jerome, Coles, Robert ISBN: 9780393096217
Nutrition of Normal Infants by Fomon, Samuel J. ISBN: 9781556642487 List Price: $110.00
Actuarial Use of the MMPI with Adolescents and Adults by Marks, Philip A., Seeman, W... ISBN: 9780195022971 List Price: $27.95
Toddler Day Care: A Guide to Responsive Caregiving by Leavitt, Robin L., Eheart, ... ISBN: 9780669099812 List Price: $19.95
Girls Growing up in Late Victorian and Edwardian England by Dyhouse, Carol ISBN: 9780415623216
Working with Babies and Children : From Birth to Three by Clare, Ann, Page, Jools, Nu... ISBN: 9781446209059
Baby Care Basics by Unknown ISBN: 9781568069401 List Price: $20.00
X-Ray Diagnosis in Neonates by Koteles, G. ISBN: 9789630530613 List Price: $80.00
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