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Psychology Applied to Modern Life: Adjustment in the 21st Century by Weiten, Wayne, Dunn, Dana S... ISBN: 9781111186630 List Price: $160.95
Human Relations by Dalton, Marie, Hoyle, Dawn ... ISBN: 9780538731089 List Price: $96.95
Please Understand Me II Temperament Character Intelligence by Keirsey, David ISBN: 9781885705020 List Price: $15.95
Psychology of Interpersonal Relations by Heider, Fritz, Krauss, Robe... ISBN: 9780898592825 List Price: $42.50
Understanding Close Relationships by Hendrick, Susan S. ISBN: 9780205349852 List Price: $74.00
Intimate Relationships by Bradbury, Thomas H. ISBN: 9780393979572 List Price: $66.79
Communicating Identity: Critical Approaches (Revised Edition) by Unknown ISBN: 9781621313977 List Price: $99.95
Advantage Series-Psych Applied to Modern Life by Weiten, Wayne, Lloyd, Marga... ISBN: 9780495505358 List Price: $85.95
Interpersonal Communication and Human Relationships by Knapp, Mark L., Vangelisti,... ISBN: 9780205006083 List Price: $120.20
Tests & Measurement For People Who (Think They) Hate Tests & Measurement by Salkind, Neil J. ISBN: 9781412913638 List Price: $124.00
Let's Talk about Relationships: Cases in Study by Veenendall, Thomas L., Fein... ISBN: 9780881334739 List Price: $15.95
Divorce Talk Women and Men Make Sense of Personal Relationships by Riessman, Catherine K. ISBN: 9780813515038 List Price: $23.95
Sociology: The Study of Human Relationships - Holt, Rinehart and Winston Staf - Hardcover - ANN by Holt, Rinehart and Winston ... ISBN: 9780030550119 List Price: $98.06
Cambridge Handbook of Personal Relationships by Vangelisti, Anita, Perlman,... ISBN: 9780521826174 List Price: $168.00
Human Relations by Dalton, Marie, Hoyle, Dawn ... ISBN: 9780538722230 List Price: $64.95
Identity and Intimacy in Marriage - Susan Krauss Whitbourne - Hardcover by Whitbourne, S. Krauss, Ebme... ISBN: 9780387970127 List Price: $62.95
Marriages and Families by Olson, David, DeFrain, John ISBN: 9780072950670 List Price: $113.60
Analyzing Controversy 3rd Edition by Clabaugh, Gary K., Rozycki,... ISBN: 9781929463138
Modern Human Relations At Work by Hodgetts, Richard M. ISBN: 9780030128974 List Price: $77.50
Nonverbal Behavior in Interpersonal Relations by Richmond, Virginia P., McCr... ISBN: 9780136234227 List Price: $31.33
Intimate Relationships by Brehm, Sharon S., Miller, R... ISBN: 9780072938012 List Price: $79.87
Human Relations Principles And Practices by Reece, Barry L., Brandt, Rh... ISBN: 9780618502097 List Price: $162.95
Personal Relationships by Wright, Dale E. ISBN: 9780767410434 List Price: $42.95
Effective Human Relations Good People at Work by Conley, Patrick, Paulus, Pa... ISBN: 9780205316748 List Price: $20.00
Interpersonal Conflict by Hocker, Joyce L., Wilmot, W... ISBN: 9780697030238 List Price: $23.90
Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships by Berscheid, Ellen, Regan, Pa... ISBN: 9780131836129 List Price: $104.60
Intimate Relationships Issues, Theories, and Research by Erber, Ralph, Erber, Mauree... ISBN: 9780205187065 List Price: $81.00
Interactions by Friend, Marilyn Penovich, C... ISBN: 9780801330650 List Price: $57.75
Intimate Relationships by Brehm, Sharon S., Campbell,... ISBN: 9780070074521 List Price: $130.41
Understanding The Divorce Cycle The Children Of Divorce In Thier Own Marriages by Wolfinger, Nicholas H. ISBN: 9780521616607 List Price: $31.00
Human Relations in Business Developing Interpersonal and Leadership Skills by Aamodt, Michael G., Raynes,... ISBN: 9780534250133 List Price: $81.95
Research Methods in Social Relations - Louise H. Kidder - Hardcover - 5th ed by Kidder, Louise H., Judd, Ch... ISBN: 9780030024733
Study Guide for Weiten & Lloyd's Psychology Applied to Modern Life Adjustment in the 90s by Weiten, Wayne, Lloyd, Marga... ISBN: 9780534343576 List Price: $25.95
Persons in Relation by Macmurray, John, Kirkpatric... ISBN: 9780391037168 List Price: $17.50
Nonverbal Behavior in Interpersonal Relations by Richmond, Virginia P., Hick... ISBN: 9780205486694 List Price: $85.00
Social Services and the Ethnic Community by Iglehart, Alfreda P., Becer... ISBN: 9781577666820 List Price: $28.95
Human Relations Development A Manual for Educators by Gazda, George M., Balzer, F... ISBN: 9780205445684 List Price: $79.20
Discovering Life Skills by Bailey, Annette Gentry ISBN: 9780078744631 List Price: $53.32
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