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Unfortunately, abuse can be split into many different areas. That's why we have been able to divide our website into several sections in this particular case. This means you can buy abuse textbooks online from us that fall into such categories as child abuse, elder abuse, domestic partner abuse and general titles as well. We provide you with the chance to rent cheap abuse textbooks to help with your studies as well as being able to buy them. Many titles offer both options, while others are available for purchase only. Whatever you decide to do you can buy abuse textbooks online from us today for the cheapest prices. We buy back abuse books as well so you can always be sure of having somewhere to sell back to whenever you get the chance. Securing the best deals on pre-owned books might sound difficult but it doesn't have to be. You can get the best and cheapest prices when you come to us.

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Men Who Batter : An Integrated Approach for Stopping Wife Abuse by Gondolf, Edward W., Roy, Maria ISBN: 9780918452566 List Price: $19.95
Abuse and Neglect of Handicapped Children by Morgan, Sharon R. ISBN: 9780890793756 List Price: $20.00
Report on the Violent Male by Van Vogt, A. E., Wilson, Colin ISBN: 9780946650408 List Price: $15.00
Family Violence : A Canadian Introduction by Duffy, Ann, Momirov, Julianne ISBN: 9781550285833
Victim Advocacy in the Courtroom : Persuasive Practices in Domestic Violence and Child Prote... by Schuster, Mary Lay, Propen,... ISBN: 9781555537500 List Price: $85.00
Sexual Violence against Jewish Women during the Holocaust by Hedgepeth, Sonja M., Saidel... ISBN: 9781584659037 List Price: $85.00
Domestic and Sexual Abuse by Benson, Edmund F., Benson, ... ISBN: 9781586140182
Domestic Violence: Portrait of Abuse Part III (Concept Media: Educational Videos) by Concept Media ISBN: 9781439056769 List Price: $175.00
Tanf : State Approaches to Domestic Violence Could Benefit from HHS Guidance by Bellis, David ISBN: 9781422304136 List Price: $20.00
Family Violence Legislative Update by Dunford-Jackson, Billie Lee... ISBN: 9781422300183 List Price: $25.00
Facing the Facts : Criminal Consequences of Child Abuse Homicides by Howes, Kim ISBN: 9781422300169 List Price: $20.00
Domestic Violence by Cefrey, Holly ISBN: 9781608547258 List Price: $58.50
Child Abuse by Murray, Peggy, Stein, Mary ISBN: 9781878025746 List Price: $49.95
Child Abuse by Murray, Peggy, Stein, Mary ISBN: 9781878025029 List Price: $49.95
Time for Dignity : Police (Response to) and Domestic Abuse of the Elderly by Plotkin, Martha R., Pepper,... ISBN: 9781878734051 List Price: $9.00
Family Violence-Alcohol and Drug Abuse : Correlation: Current Literature, '85-'94 by Rao, Rama K. ISBN: 9781883215088 List Price: $8.00
Strengthening Prevention Systems Against Intimate Partner Violence by Cox, Pamela J., Cook-Craig,... ISBN: 9780415522885
Proactive Child Protection and Social Work by Davies, Liz, Duckett, Nora ISBN: 9780857259714
Child Abuse: An evidence base for confident practice by Brian Corby, David Shemming... ISBN: 9780335245093 List Price: $53.98
Proactive Child Protection and Social Work by Davies, Liz, Duckett, Nora ISBN: 9781446257128
Social Work and Domestic Violence: Developing Critical and Reflective Practice by Lesley Laing, Cathy Humphre... ISBN: 9781412919227 List Price: $128.00
If I Knew Him Then Like I Know Him Now by Lynette ISBN: 9781490822723 List Price: $30.95
Hurt No More by Deborah J. Monroe ISBN: 9781627466547 List Price: $10.99
If I Knew Him Then Like I Know Him Now by Lynette Lynette ISBN: 9781490822716 List Price: $13.95
Domestic Violence in Iran: Women, Marriage and Islam (Iranian Studies (Numbered)) by Zahra Tizro ISBN: 9781138789128 List Price: $48.95
Released : A True Story of Escape from an Abusive Marriage by Risoff, Shari, Godawa, Brian ISBN: 9780991143306 List Price: $9.99
Trauma to Tango: Dancing through the shadows of unforgiven dreams. by Aydan Dunnigan ISBN: 9780986699931 List Price: $12.00
Surviving Sexual Violence : A Guide to Recovery and Empowerment by Bryant-Davis, Thema ISBN: 9781442206403 List Price: $25.00
Interpersonal Trauma and its Consequences in Adulthood by Widera-WysoczaAring;bdquo;s... ISBN: 9781443824002
Federal Child Protection Laws Sourcebook by American Bar Association Staff ISBN: 9781627225892
Warrior Renew : Healing from Military Sexual Trauma by Katz, Lori S. ISBN: 9780826122315
Surviving the Devil by Angie Cox ISBN: 9781630639457 List Price: $11.99
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