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Cambridge Checkpoints VCE Economics 1, 2000 by de Garis, Nina ISBN: 9780521777223
Cambridge Checkpoints VCE Legal Studies 2000 by Mountford, Peter, Walker, C... ISBN: 9780521777216
Human Development CAT 3 1999 Review Questions with Sample Answers Review Questions with Work... by Rogers, Sally, McLeish, Mary ISBN: 9780521639156 List Price: $11.95
Investigating Societies and Environments Book 1 by Land, Ray, Gordon, Kathleen... ISBN: 9780521644785
Investigating Societies and Environments Book 3 by Gordon, Kathleen, Land, Ray... ISBN: 9780521658669
Mythic Voices by Unknown ISBN: 9780812381993
Many Places, Friendly Faces : User's Guide by Steck-Vaughn Staff ISBN: 9780817275143 List Price: $21.80
Teacher's Resource and Assessment Guide : Content Area Readers-Social Studies by Granowsky, Alvin, Williams,... ISBN: 9780821578032
Studies in International Relations by McDougall, Derek ISBN: 9780713183764
Studies in International Relations by McDougall, Derek ISBN: 9780733606687
Justice and Outcomes by Beazer, Margaret ISBN: 9780733607370
Elementary Social Studies by McEachron, Gail ISBN: 9780801320088 List Price: $24.00
Elementary Social Studies : A Practical Guide by Chapin, June R., Messick, R... ISBN: 9780801309489
Social Studies in Elementary and Middle Schools by McEachron, Hirsch G. ISBN: 9780801316401
Literature for History - Social Science : Kindergarten Through Grade Eight by Acosta, Zoe ISBN: 9780788139062 List Price: $35.00
Facultes de Lettres et Sciences Humaines : Nouvelle Implication dans la Societe by Hamelin, Marcel, Ndiaye, Al... ISBN: 9780921252078 List Price: $25.00
Spanish Social Studies by Unknown ISBN: 9780021469680 List Price: $120.96
Brave New World : Multiple Critical Perspectives by Huxley, Aldous ISBN: 9781580498180 List Price: $19.99
Using Literature and Simulations in Your Social Studies Classroom by Stix, Andi ISBN: 9781576909348 List Price: $13.99
Hands-On Social Studies, Grade 4 by Lawson, Jennifer E. ISBN: 9781553790075 List Price: $90.00
Hands-On Social Studies, Grade 6 by Lawson, Jennifer E. ISBN: 9781553790716 List Price: $90.00
Hands-On Social Studies, Grade 3 by Lawson, Jennifer E. ISBN: 9781553790570 List Price: $90.00
Hands-On Social Studies, Grade 4 by Lawson, Jennifer E. ISBN: 9781553790693 List Price: $90.00
Hands-On Social Studies, Grade 2 by Lawson, Jennifer E. ISBN: 9781553790563 List Price: $90.00
Hands-On Social Studies, Grade 1 by Lawson, Jennifer E. ISBN: 9781553790556 List Price: $90.00
Coming to Narrative by Bochner, Arthur P. ISBN: 9781598740370
Global Issues - Human Rights by National Geographic Learnin... ISBN: 9780736297929
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