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Study power: Better study skills : greater success in college by Christiansen, Harley D., Ve... ISBN: 9780915456000 List Price: $15.95
Study Skills for College by Haburton, Eleanor C. ISBN: 9780673392671 List Price: $14.37
Better Grades in Ten Minutes by Smith, Grey ISBN: 9780685054437 List Price: $4.95
College Prep Course, Set by Sack, Allan, Yourman, Jack,... ISBN: 9780890269503 List Price: $42.49
Themes from a to Z - Cindy Daoust - Paperback by Daoust, Clindy ISBN: 9781562344160 List Price: $14.95
Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (Lassi) - Weinstein - Paperback by Weinstein ISBN: 9780205286720 List Price: $4.00
Learning to Learn - Donald E. Smith - Paperback by Haag, Carl, Ironside, Roder... ISBN: 9780155504127 List Price: $25.50
Your Research Project A Step-by-step guide for the first-time researcher by Walliman, Nicholas S. R. ISBN: 9781412901314 List Price: $122.00
Confident Student by Unknown ISBN: 9780395708859 List Price: $33.56
Learning How to Learn The Student at Risk/Workbook by Benzon ISBN: 9780030549328 List Price: $27.93
Learning to Study Through Critical Thinking by Beatrice, Jonelle A. ISBN: 9780256154498 List Price: $15.10
Learning to Learn Student Activities for Developing Work, Study, and Exam-Writing Skills by Coles, Mike, White, Chas, B... ISBN: 9781551381534 List Price: $18.00
Master Thinking Skills Grade 5 by Gerber, Carole, Carson-Dell... ISBN: 9781561890552 List Price: $6.95
Superwrite Notemaking & Study Skills by Lemaster, A. James ISBN: 9780538705134 List Price: $15.95
Using Study Skills and Learning Strategies in the Classroom A Teacher's Handbook by Hoover, John J. ISBN: 9780940059092 List Price: $16.50
You Can Master the Maze of College by Van Brunt, John E. ISBN: 9781583160183 List Price: $50.95
College Reading+study Skills by McmWhorter, Kathleen T. ISBN: 9780321011961 List Price: $44.25
Developing Textbook Thinking by Nist, Sherrie L., Diehl, Wi... ISBN: 9780669297799 List Price: $39.56
Reading and Study Skills, Form B by Langan, John ISBN: 9780070363465 List Price: $29.85
Reading Enhancement and Development by Atkinson, Rhonda Holt, Long... ISBN: 9780314044402 List Price: $29.50
Reading Connection Reading Skills and College Success by Devine, Thomas, Meagher, Li... ISBN: 9780256220360 List Price: $17.50
Guide to Rapid Revision Workbook - Daniel D. Pearlman - Paperback by Pearlman, Daniel D., Clines... ISBN: 9780023933301 List Price: $20.00
Art of Efficient Reading - George D. Daniel Spache - Paperback - 4th ed by Spache, George D., Berg, Pa... ISBN: 9780024140500 List Price: $54.00
Study Techniques - Linda Ferrill Annis - Paperback by Annis, Linda F. ISBN: 9780697060693
Becoming a Master Student - David B. Ellis - Paperback by Ellis, David B. ISBN: 9780395675908 List Price: $32.76
How to Study - Walter Paukovits - Paperback by Paukovits, Walter ISBN: 9780395647349
A Guide to Effective Study - Edwin A. Locke - Paperback by Locke, Edwin A. ISBN: 9780826115805 List Price: $28.95
Study Skills: A Student's Guide to Survival - Robert A. Carman - Hardcover by Carman, Robert A., Adams, W... ISBN: 9780471134916 List Price: $6.95
Thinking With Standards - Secondary Preparing for Tomorrow by Treffinger, Donald J., Nass... ISBN: 9781882664955 List Price: $24.95
College Study Skills by Shepherd, James F. ISBN: 9780395434109 List Price: $29.16
How to Study by Morgan, Clifford T. ISBN: 9780070431157 List Price: $5.95
Developing Textbook Thinking: Strategies for Success in College by Nist, Sherrie L. ISBN: 9780669092080 List Price: $23.33
Study Skills by Deem ISBN: 9780395588116 List Price: $28.36
Study Skills Strategies by Lengefeld, Uelaine ISBN: 9780931961052 List Price: $8.95
Improving Student Thinking; A Comprehensive Approach by Beyer, Barry ISBN: 9780205150625
College Study Skills by Shepherd, James F. ISBN: 9780395359655 List Price: $28.76
Teaching Reading, Thinking, Study Skills in Content Classrooms by Tonjes, Marian J., Zintz, M... ISBN: 9780697009746
Smart Studying : Using Your Power Base by Frischknecht, Jacqueline, S... ISBN: 9781880505090 List Price: $12.95
CAI Study Skills Notebook by Brown, William F., Gadzella... ISBN: 9781881936022 List Price: $5.00
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