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Thankfully today's education systems are recognizing that not all children can be taught in mainstream education and that some special pupils require a more individual approach to enable them to get the most from their precious education. To help you fully understand this unique and important area of education we have a fantastic range of affordable special education textbooks for you to choose from. The textbooks cover areas such as law, practices, instruction and special strategies for the delivery of a personalized education. We offer both new and pre-owned books and all of them are in great condition. Our books are the same as you will find in a college bookshop but they cost a fraction of the price here online. Just put in the unique ISBN numbers from your college tutor's recommended reading list, place your order and we will mail them straight to the address of your choice. It doesn't get easier than that!

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Intro Special Education by Blackhurst, A. Edward, Berd... ISBN: 9780673523150 List Price: $21.56
Smart Kids With Learning Difficulties Overcoming Obstacles and Realizing Potential by Weinfeld, Rich, Barnes-Robi... ISBN: 9781593631802 List Price: $16.95
Alternate Assessment of Students With Disabilities in Inclusive Settings by Alper, Sandra K., Ryndak, D... ISBN: 9780205306152 List Price: $56.00
Teaching Individuals With Physical, Health, or Multiple Disabilities by Bigge, June L., Best, Sherw... ISBN: 9780130953063 List Price: $93.00
Birth to Eight Early Childhood Special Education by Bowe, Frank ISBN: 9781401848507 List Price: $143.95
Education of the Gifted and Talented by Davis, Gary A., Rimm, Sylvia ISBN: 9780205270002 List Price: $106.20
Resources for Educating Children with Diverse Abilities: Birth through Eight by Deiner, Penny Low ISBN: 9780155054714 List Price: $68.95
At the End of the Day Lessons Learned in Inclusive Education by Grenot-Scheyer, Marquita, F... ISBN: 9781557664808 List Price: $26.00
Language Learning Practices with Deaf Children by McAnally, Patricia L., Rose... ISBN: 9780890795972 List Price: $38.00
Transition Programs for Students With Moderate/Severe Disabilities by McDonnell, John, Mathot-Buc... ISBN: 9780534340803 List Price: $149.95
Excellence in Educating Gifted & Talented Learners by Van Tassel-Baska, Joyce ISBN: 9780891082552 List Price: $74.00
Living and Learning in the Least Restrictive Environment by Bruininks, Robert H., Lakin... ISBN: 9780933716421 List Price: $28.00
Leadership Unit The Use of Teacher-Scholar Teams to Develop Units for the Gifted by Gallagher, James J., Schlen... ISBN: 9780898240368 List Price: $14.99
Reading Disabilities Diagnosis and Component Processes by Joshi, R. Malatesha, Leong,... ISBN: 9780792323020 List Price: $298.00
Annual Editions: Educating Exceptional Children - Karen Frieberg - Paperback by Frieberg, Karen ISBN: 9781561342556 List Price: $11.95
Schooling Without Labels Parents, Educators, and Inclusive Education by Biklen, Douglas P. ISBN: 9780877228752 List Price: $73.50
Schools and Special Needs Issues of Innovation and Inclusion by Dyson, Alan, Millward, Alan ISBN: 9780761964414 List Price: $81.95
Special Needs Bridging the Curriculum Gap by Solity, Jonathan, Bull, Shi... ISBN: 9780335102822 List Price: $123.00
Staff Development A Service Publication of the National Association for Gifted Children by Dettmer, Peggy, Landrum, Mary ISBN: 9781882664412 List Price: $19.95
Introduction to Special Education Teaching in an Age of Challenge by Smith, Deborah D. ISBN: 9780205265947 List Price: $75.00
My Right to Play A Child With Complex Needs by Orr, Robert J. ISBN: 9780335211708 List Price: $23.95
Inclusive Education Practical Implementation of the Least Restrictive Environment by Power-deFur, Lissa A., Orel... ISBN: 9780834208063 List Price: $130.95
Family Affair When School Troubles Come Home by Dudley-Marling, Curt ISBN: 9780325001012 List Price: $30.00
Fostering Creativity in Gifted Students by Cramond, Bonnie ISBN: 9781593631734 List Price: $12.95
Menu of Options for Grouping Gifted Students by Rogers, Karen B. ISBN: 9781593631925 List Price: $12.95
Disability + the Teaching of Writing A Critical Sourcebook by Dolmage, Jay, Brueggemann, ... ISBN: 9780312447250
Contemporary Issues in Special Education by Schmid, Rex E., Moneypenny,... ISBN: 9780070553309 List Price: $18.95
Techniques for Managing Verbally and Physically Aggressive Students by Johns, Beverley, Carr, Vale... ISBN: 9780891083429 List Price: $39.95
In the Mind's Eye by West, Thomas G. ISBN: 9780879756468 List Price: $28.00
At-Risk Students Reaching and Teaching Them by Sagor, Richard, Cox, Jonas ISBN: 9781930556713 List Price: $39.95
Community-based Curriculum by Falvey, Mary A. ISBN: 9781557660237 List Price: $32.95
Teaching Spec.stud.in Gen.educ.classrms by Lewis, Rena B., Doorlag, Do... ISBN: 9780130953070 List Price: $48.00
Methods And Materials For Teaching The Gifted by Karnes, Frances A., Bean, S... ISBN: 9781593630225 List Price: $95.00
Special Education In Contemporary Society, Media by Gargiulo, Richard M. ISBN: 9780534644451 List Price: $75.95
Therapy in Music for Handicapped Children by Nordoff, Paul, Robbins, Clive ISBN: 9781891278198 List Price: $23.00
Expert Approaches to Support Gifted Learners by Gosfield, Margaret Wayne ISBN: 9781575422800 List Price: $29.95
God, Money, And Politics by Hayhoe, Simon ISBN: 9781593119133
Critical Issues and Practices in Gifted Education by Plucker, Jonathan A., Calla... ISBN: 9781593632953 List Price: $99.95
Teaching Persons With Mental Retardation A Model for Curriculum Development and Teaching by Dever, Richard B., Knapczyk... ISBN: 9780697205599 List Price: $102.25
Educating Exceptional Children, 04/05 by Freiberg, Karen L. ISBN: 9780072874488 List Price: $23.80
Exceptional Student in the Regular Classroom by Gearheart, Bill R., Weishan... ISBN: 9780133522044 List Price: $93.33
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