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Thankfully today's education systems are recognizing that not all children can be taught in mainstream education and that some special pupils require a more individual approach to enable them to get the most from their precious education. To help you fully understand this unique and important area of education we have a fantastic range of affordable special education textbooks for you to choose from. The textbooks cover areas such as law, practices, instruction and special strategies for the delivery of a personalized education. We offer both new and pre-owned books and all of them are in great condition. Our books are the same as you will find in a college bookshop but they cost a fraction of the price here online. Just put in the unique ISBN numbers from your college tutor's recommended reading list, place your order and we will mail them straight to the address of your choice. It doesn't get easier than that!

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Adapted Physical Education+sport by Winnick, Joseph P. ISBN: 9780873225793 List Price: $47.00
Educating Exceptional Children, 05/06 by Freiberg, Karen L. ISBN: 9780073103631 List Price: $23.80
Introduction to Special Education Teaching in an Age of Opportunity by Smith, Deborah D. ISBN: 9780205292226 List Price: $84.00
Role of the Special Education Paraprofessional An Introductory Text by Frith, Greg H. ISBN: 9780398046132 List Price: $40.00
Social Skills for Severely Retarded Adults: An Inventory and Training Program by McClennen, Sandra E., Bryan... ISBN: 9780878222209 List Price: $49.95
Transition Education and Services for Adolescents With Disabilities by Sitlington, Patricia L., Cl... ISBN: 9780205416424 List Price: $122.67
Study Skills for Dyslexic Students by Hargreaves, Sandra ISBN: 9781412936088
Urban Narratives by Connor, David J. ISBN: 9780820488042 List Price: $38.95
Counseling the Gifted and Talented by Silverman, Linda Kreger ISBN: 9780891082736 List Price: $58.00
Gentle Teaching of the Mentally Retarded by McGee, John J., Menolascino... ISBN: 9780898853575 List Price: $28.95
Curricular and Instructional Approaches for Persons With Severe Disabilities by Cipani, Ennio, Spooner, Fred ISBN: 9780205140909 List Price: $163.00
Physical Activities for Young People With Severe Disabilities by Canales, Lindsay K., Lytle,... ISBN: 9780736095976 List Price: $19.00
Exceptional Children An Introductory Survey of Special Education by Heward, William L., Orlansk... ISBN: 9780675222006 List Price: $66.00
Examined Life Advanced Philosophy for Kids by White, David A. ISBN: 9781593630089 List Price: $27.95
A Beginning Teacher's Guide to Special Educational Needs by Wearmouth, Janice ISBN: 9780335233526
Educating Exceptional Pupils An Introduction to Contemporary Practices by Blake, Kathryn A. ISBN: 9780201000832 List Price: $31.80
Exceptional Learners Introduction to Special Education With Casebook by Hallahan, Daniel P., Kauffm... ISBN: 9780205386505
Special Education Needs in the Early Years Care and Education by Littleboy, Lynda, Reed, Mic... ISBN: 9780702023859 List Price: $32.95
Students in Discord Adolescents With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders by Boucher, C. Robin ISBN: 9780313307997 List Price: $109.95
Special Needs And Early Years A Practitioner's Guide by Wall, Kate ISBN: 9781412929493 List Price: $37.95
Gargiulo's Special Education in Contemporary Society Introduction to Exceptionality by Gargiulo, Richard M. ISBN: 9780495002659 List Price: $30.95
Teaching Students with Mild and Moderate Disabilities Research-Based Practices by Cohen, Libby G., Spenciner,... ISBN: 9780130881083 List Price: $112.00
What Did You Say? What Do You Mean? An Illustrated Guide to Understanding Metaphors by Welton, Jude, Telford, Jane ISBN: 9781843102076 List Price: $17.95
Making Music With the Young Child With Special Needs A Guide to Parents by Streeter, Elaine ISBN: 9781853029608 List Price: $18.95
Understanding Individuals with Low Incidence Handicaps: Categorical and Noncategorical Persp... by Rotatori, Anthony F., Fox, ... ISBN: 9780398055387 List Price: $81.95
Exceptional Children An Introduction to Special Education by Howard, William ISBN: 9780130129383 List Price: $78.00
Discipline With Dignity by Curwin, Richard L., Mendler... ISBN: 9780130930590 List Price: $26.00
Including Students With Special Needs Practical Guide for Classroom Teachers by Friend, Marilyn Penovich, B... ISBN: 9780205331925 List Price: $82.00
Teaching Students With Behavior Disorders Techniques for Classroom Instruction by Gallagher, Patricia A. ISBN: 9780891082781 List Price: $45.00
Teaching Students With Mild Disabilities at the Secondary Level by Sabornie, Edward J., Debett... ISBN: 9780024049919 List Price: $78.00
Teaching Exceptional Students in the Regular Classroom by Glass, Raymond M., Chaistia... ISBN: 9780673391476 List Price: $30.62
PRAXIS - Mentally Handicapped by Ramsey, Roberta ISBN: 9781581970333 List Price: $40.00
Playing Favorites Gifted Education and the Disruption of Community by Sapon-Shevin, Mara ISBN: 9780791419809 List Price: $31.95
Special Education A Summary of Legal Requirements, Terms, and Trends by Daugherty, Richard F. ISBN: 9780897897266 List Price: $93.95
Special Needs And Early Years A Practitioner's Guide by Wall, Kate ISBN: 9781412929486 List Price: $89.95
Taking Sides Clashing Views in Special Education by Byrnes, MaryAnn ISBN: 9780073515007
Learning from Children What to Teach Them by Kapur, Malavika ISBN: 9780761936114 List Price: $42.95
Understanding Students With High Incidence Exceptionalities: Categorical and Noncategorical ... by Schwenn, John O., Rotatori,... ISBN: 9780398057350 List Price: $48.95
Student Teacher to Master Teacher by Rosenberg, Michael S., O'Sh... ISBN: 9780136325147 List Price: $40.50
Including Students W/special Needs by Friend, Marilyn, Bursuck, W... ISBN: 9780205149117 List Price: $55.00
Including Students W/special Needs by Friend, Marilyn P., Bursuck... ISBN: 9780205280858 List Price: $47.25
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