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Thankfully today's education systems are recognizing that not all children can be taught in mainstream education and that some special pupils require a more individual approach to enable them to get the most from their precious education. To help you fully understand this unique and important area of education we have a fantastic range of affordable special education textbooks for you to choose from. The textbooks cover areas such as law, practices, instruction and special strategies for the delivery of a personalized education. We offer both new and pre-owned books and all of them are in great condition. Our books are the same as you will find in a college bookshop but they cost a fraction of the price here online. Just put in the unique ISBN numbers from your college tutor's recommended reading list, place your order and we will mail them straight to the address of your choice. It doesn't get easier than that!

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Voice Tradition and Technology A State-Of-The-Art Studio by Nair, Garyth, Nair, Ron, Ve... ISBN: 9780769300283 List Price: $99.95
Ethics of Special Education by Howe, Kenneth R., Miramonte... ISBN: 9780807731796 List Price: $20.95
Introduction to Early Childhood Special Education by Dunlap, Linda L. ISBN: 9780205184408 List Price: $100.00
Introduction to Special Education Teaching in an Age of Opportunity by Smith, Deborah D. ISBN: 9780205376162 List Price: $93.00
Educating Exceptional Children by Gallagher, James J., Anasta... ISBN: 9780618473892 List Price: $151.95
Learners With Mild Disabilities A Characteristics Approach by Raymond, Eileen B. ISBN: 9780205519149 List Price: $114.67
Exceptional Lives Special Education in Today's Schools by Turnbull, Ann P., Turnbull,... ISBN: 9780131126008 List Price: $90.00
Special Education by Sutton, Joe P., Vaughn, Joh... ISBN: 9780963431509 List Price: $14.95
Teaching Students With Learning Problems by Mercer, Cecil D., Mercer, A... ISBN: 9780130892966 List Price: $76.00
Teaching Students Who Are Exceptional, Diverse, And At Risk In the General Education Classroom by Bos, Candace S., Schumm, Je... ISBN: 9780205407736 List Price: $122.67
Strategies for Tchg. Stud. with Learning and Behavior Problems by Vaughn, Sharon R., Bos, Can... ISBN: 9780205642656 List Price: $123.92
Mental Retardation Foundations of Educational Programming by Hickson, Linda, Blackman, L... ISBN: 9780205140169 List Price: $128.00
Teaching Exceptional, Diverse, and At-Risk Students in the General Education Classroom by Vaughn, Sharon, Bos, Candac... ISBN: 9780205342716 List Price: $82.00
Special Education Contemporary Perspectives for School Professionals by Friend, Marilyn Penovich ISBN: 9780205375240 List Price: $92.80
Conceptions of Giftedness Sociocultural Perspectives by Phillipson, Shane N., McCan... ISBN: 9780805857504 List Price: $145.00
Adapted Physical Education and Sport by Winnick, Joseph P. ISBN: 9780873222587 List Price: $44.00
Cases in Special Education by Boyle, Joseph, Danforth, Sc... ISBN: 9780697354815 List Price: $28.13
Assessing Students With Special Needs by McLoughlin, James A., Lewis... ISBN: 9780130852090 List Price: $90.00
Elementary Principal's Role in Special Education by Lietz, Jeremy J., Towle, Ma... ISBN: 9780398046774 List Price: $24.00
Whole Lang.interv.f/school-age Children by Norris, Janet, Hoffman, Paul ISBN: 9781565930704 List Price: $49.95
Getting What We Ask for The Ambiguity of Success and Failure in Urban Education by Payne, Charles M. ISBN: 9780313235207 List Price: $87.95
Other Twenty-Three Hours: Child-Care Work with Emotionally Disturbed Children in a Therapeut... by Trieschman, Albert E., Whit... ISBN: 9780202260235 List Price: $24.95
Learners With Mild Disabilities A Characteristics Approach by Raymond, Eileen B. ISBN: 9780205386062 List Price: $89.80
Parents Speak Out Then and Now by Turnbull, H. Rutherford, Tu... ISBN: 9780675204040 List Price: $37.33
Latino High School Graduation Defying the Odds by Romo, Harriett D., Falbo, T... ISBN: 9780292724952 List Price: $35.00
Educator's Guide to Differentiating Instruction by Cooper, James M., Tomlinson... ISBN: 9780618572830 List Price: $18.95
Teaching Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Settings by Smith, Tom E., Polloway, Ed... ISBN: 9780205321476 List Price: $70.67
Diagnosis and Remediation of the Disabled Reader by Ekwall, Eldon E., Shanker, ... ISBN: 9780205111749 List Price: $123.40
At-Risk Students Portraits, Policies, Programs, and Practices by Donmoyer, Robert, Kos, Raylene ISBN: 9780791413944 List Price: $34.95
Educational and Psychological Assessment of Exceptional Children Theories, Strategies, and A... by Swanson, H. Lee, Watson, Bi... ISBN: 9780675206563 List Price: $77.00
Inclusive Education : A Practical Guide to Supporting Diversity in the Classroom by Deppeler, Joanne, Harvey, D... ISBN: 9780415601481
Inclusion Through Sports by Davis, Ronald W. ISBN: 9780736034395 List Price: $30.00
Ready for Take-Off : Preparing Your Teen with ADHD or LD for College by Maitland, Theresa E. Laurie... ISBN: 9781433808913 List Price: $19.95
Young Children With Special Needs by Gargiulo, Richard M., Kilgo... ISBN: 9781401860820 List Price: $165.95
Curriculum Development and Teaching Strategies for Gifted Learners by Maker, Nielson, Aleene B. ISBN: 9780890796313 List Price: $39.00
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