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Thankfully today's education systems are recognizing that not all children can be taught in mainstream education and that some special pupils require a more individual approach to enable them to get the most from their precious education. To help you fully understand this unique and important area of education we have a fantastic range of affordable special education textbooks for you to choose from. The textbooks cover areas such as law, practices, instruction and special strategies for the delivery of a personalized education. We offer both new and pre-owned books and all of them are in great condition. Our books are the same as you will find in a college bookshop but they cost a fraction of the price here online. Just put in the unique ISBN numbers from your college tutor's recommended reading list, place your order and we will mail them straight to the address of your choice. It doesn't get easier than that!

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Special Education Law by Rothstein, Laura F., Johnso... ISBN: 9781412967716 List Price: $74.95
Cases in Special Education by Boyle, Joseph, Danforth, Scot ISBN: 9780072322712 List Price: $66.56
Methods and Materials for Teaching the Gifted by Karnes, Frances A., Bean, S... ISBN: 9781593633479 List Price: $115.00
Applied Behavior Analysis in the Classroom by Schloss, Patrick, Schloss, ... ISBN: 9780205196838 List Price: $110.67
Students With Learning Disabilities by Mercer, Cecil D., Pullen, P... ISBN: 9780132228428 List Price: $117.33
Learning Disabilities and Related Disorders by Lerner, Janet W., Johns, Be... ISBN: 9780618907212 List Price: $162.95
Fundamentals of Special Education What Every Teacher Needs to Know by Werts, Margaret G., Culatta... ISBN: 9780131714915 List Price: $80.00
Teaching Special Students in General Education Classrooms by Lewis, Rena B., Doorlag, Do... ISBN: 9780131486355 List Price: $122.67
Teaching Students With Learning Problems by Mercer, Cecil D., Mercer, A... ISBN: 9780131128071 List Price: $118.67
Curriculum and Instruction for Students With Significant Disabilities in Inclusive Settings by Ryndak, Diane Lea, Alper, S... ISBN: 9780205352197 List Price: $128.00
Exceptional Children and Youth by Hunt, Nancy, Marshall, Kath... ISBN: 9780618704637 List Price: $161.95
Special Education What It Is and Why We Need It by Kauffman, James M., Hallaha... ISBN: 9780205420391 List Price: $21.33
Transition Planning for Secondary Students With Disabilities by Flexer, Robert W., Luft, Pa... ISBN: 9780132387637 List Price: $109.33
Strategies for Teaching Students with Learning and Behavior Problems (7th Edition) by Bos, Candace S., Vaughn, Sh... ISBN: 9780205608560 List Price: $124.80
Exceptional Children by Heward, William L. ISBN: 9780135035290 List Price: $140.00
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