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Instruction: A Models Approach (6th Edition) by Estes, Thomas H., Mintz, Su... ISBN: 9780137046737 List Price: $112.60
Teachers, Schools and Society by Sadker, David M., Zittleman... ISBN: 9780077294588 List Price: $102.19
Teachers Schools and Society by Sadker, David M., Zittleman... ISBN: 9780073378558 List Price: $84.85
Teachers, Schools, and Society with Student CD by Sadker, David M., Sadker, M... ISBN: 9780077377489 List Price: $145.00
Dance Teaching Methods and Curriculum Design by Kassing, Gayle, Jay, Daniel... ISBN: 9780736002400 List Price: $59.00
Becoming an EC-6 Teacher in Texas by Nath, Janice L., Cohen, Myrna ISBN: 9780495601654 List Price: $86.95
Exceptional Students by Taylor, Ronald L., Smiley, ... ISBN: 9780072866377 List Price: $136.88
Clinical Supervision of Teachers by Acheson, Keith A., Gall, M. D. ISBN: 9780470386248 List Price: $134.95
Milady's Master Educator-Exam Review by Barnes, Julian, Milady Publ... ISBN: 9781428321540
What English Language Teachers Need to Know : Facilitating Learning by Murray, Denise E., Christis... ISBN: 9780415806411
Clinical Supervision: Theory and Practice by Russell-Chapin, Lori Ann, C... ISBN: 9780495009153 List Price: $84.95
Milady's Master Educator by Barnes, Letha, Milady Publi... ISBN: 9781428321519 List Price: $143.95
Whole Child: Developmental Education for the Early Years by Hendrick, Joanne, Weissman,... ISBN: 9780137153053 List Price: $129.33
Field Experience: A Guide to Reflective Teaching by Posner, George J., Vivian, ... ISBN: 9780137016877 List Price: $48.00
Transforming Learning with New Technologies by Maloy, Robert W., Verock-O'... ISBN: 9780131596115 List Price: $89.33
How to Develop A Professional Portfolio: A Manual for Teachers (5th Edition) by Campbell, Dorothy M., Cigne... ISBN: 9780137034543 List Price: $41.33
Art of Teaching Science by Hassard, Jack, Dias, Michael ISBN: 9780415965286 List Price: $68.95
Best Test Preparation For The Ftce Florida Professional Education Test by Barry, Leasha, Bennet, Bett... ISBN: 9780738600451 List Price: $28.95
Building Teachers A Constructivist Approach to Introducing Education by Martin, David Jerner, Loomi... ISBN: 9780534608491 List Price: $144.95
National Board Certification Workbook How to Prepare Your Portfolio by Mack-Kirschner, Adrienne ISBN: 9780325005645 List Price: $12.00
Instruction A Models Approach by Estes, Thomas H., Mintz, Su... ISBN: 9780205508860 List Price: $110.60
Portfolio Keeping A Guide for Students by Reynolds, Nedra, Rice, Rich ISBN: 9780312419097 List Price: $9.95
Skills for Preschool Teachers by Beaty, Jan ISBN: 9780131583788 List Price: $59.00
Continuing Issues in Early Childhood Education by Galper, Alice, Seefeldt, Ca... ISBN: 9780132340984 List Price: $53.33
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