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Scouting for Girls: A Century of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts by Proctor, Tammy M. ISBN: 9780313381140 List Price: $44.95
Advising Student Governments: Models for Practice and Strategies for Success by David Crandall, David Grady... ISBN: 9781890271022 List Price: $25.00
Nikopolis und Kephallenia by Soustal, Peter, Koder, Joha... ISBN: 9783700103998
Hellas und Thessalia by Koder, Johannes, Hild, Frie... ISBN: 9783700101826
Think Tanks: Catalysts for Democratization and Market Reform (Global Institutions) by McGann, James, Sabatini, Ri... ISBN: 9780415779784 List Price: $120.00
Top of the Class Guiding Children Along the Smart Path to Happiness by Bronzaft, Arline L. ISBN: 9781567501858 List Price: $45.00
Journal Publishing by Page, Gillian, Campbell, Ro... ISBN: 9780521027687 List Price: $79.00
Kappadokien : (Kappadokia, Charsianon, Sebasteia und Lykandos) by Hild, Friedrich, Restle, Ma... ISBN: 9783700104018
Iranistik in Europa Gestern, Heute, Morgen by Eichner, Heiner, Hofmann, H... ISBN: 9783700136019 List Price: $82.50
Administration and Leadership in Student Affairs: Actualizing Student Development in Higher ... by Miller, Theodore K., Winsto... ISBN: 9780915202355 List Price: $30.95
Proceedings of the British Academy 1999 Lectures and Memoirs by British Academy Staff ISBN: 9780197262306 List Price: $168.00
Mesoformen des Reliefs im heutigen Periglazialraum: Bericht uber ein Symposium (ABHANDL.DER ... by Poser, Hans, Schunke, Ekkeh... ISBN: 9783525821091 List Price: $145.00
Die Wissenschaft vom Menschen in Gttingen um 1800 by Bödeker, Hans Erich, Büttge... ISBN: 9783525358900
Above and Beyond : An Unauthorized History of Delta Sigma Theta by Anderson, Walter ISBN: 9780964759619 List Price: $18.95
History of Kappa Alpha Order by Westheimer, Mary, Forester,... ISBN: 9780929690254 List Price: $34.95
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