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If you want to find out more about multicultural education, we have a supply of pre-owned and discounted textbooks to help you out. This is where you can buy cheap multicultural education text books on every aspect of this topic. Among the hundreds of titles we have to choose from, you can consider titles including Affirming Diversity, Approaches to Early Childhood Education and Understanding Human Differences. This just touches the surface of the number of college textbooks we have in stock - all at low prices and all available to rent or buy, depending on your choice. It couldn't be easier to find out more about this topic, and to rent used multicultural education textbooks whenever you need them. You can save upwards of 50% - sometimes even more than 80% - on selected titles in our range. Don't pay more elsewhere - get your books from us today and keep more money in your pocket now.

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Diversity in the Classroom by Kendall, Frances E. ISBN: 9780807727409 List Price: $14.95
Deep Culture by Shaules, Joseph ISBN: 9781847690166 List Price: $39.95
Celebrating Diversity A Multicultural Resource by Clegg, Luther B., Miller, E... ISBN: 9780827362093 List Price: $88.95
Multicultural Education and Human Relations Valuing Diversity by Johnson, David W., Johnson,... ISBN: 9780205327690 List Price: $56.00
Constructing Knowledge Together Classrooms As Centers of Inquiry and Literacy by Wells, Gordon, Chang-Wells,... ISBN: 9780435087319 List Price: $31.25
Affirming Diversity The Sociopolitical Context of Multicultural Education by Nieto, Sonia ISBN: 9780801305290 List Price: $37.50
Multicultural Education, Critical Pedagogy, and the Politics of Difference by Sleeter, Christine E., McLa... ISBN: 9780791425428 List Price: $34.95
Special Education in Multicultural Contexts by Winzer, Margret, Mazurek, K... ISBN: 9780024287410 List Price: $75.00
Narrative And Experience In Multicultural Education by Phillion, JoAnn, Connelly, ... ISBN: 9781412905824 List Price: $95.95
Practice Tests for IGCSE English as a Second Language: Reading and Writing Book 2, with Key ... by Barry, Marian, Campbell, Ba... ISBN: 9780521140652 List Price: $18.00
Study of Intercultural Communiciation by Condon, John C., Jr. ISBN: 9780023242113 List Price: $23.00
Understanding and Applying Human Relations and Multilcultural Education : Teaching~Learning ... by Huber-Warring, Tonya ISBN: 9780979983207 List Price: $32.00
Origins of Cultural Differences and Their Impact on Management by Scarborough, Jack ISBN: 9781567204391 List Price: $36.95
Schooling Young Children A Feminist Pedagogy for Liberatory Learning by Brady, Jeanne ISBN: 9780791425022 List Price: $24.95
Transcultural Realities Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Cross-Cultural Relations by Milhouse, Virginia Hall, As... ISBN: 9780761923756 List Price: $168.00
Moral Education and Pluralism Education, Culture and Values by Leicester, Mal, Modgil, Cel... ISBN: 9780750710053 List Price: $300.00
Multicultural Education Directory by Washburn, David E., Brown, ... ISBN: 9780963552136 List Price: $39.95
Multicultural Folktales Readers Theatre for Elementary Students by Barchers, Suzanne I. ISBN: 9781563087608 List Price: $27.00
Multi/Intercultural Conversations A Reader by Steinberg, Shirley R., Kinc... ISBN: 9780820441290 List Price: $44.95
Multicultural Art Activities Intermediate by Partners Staff, Cavanaugh, ... ISBN: 9781557346179 List Price: $12.99
Music, Education, and Multiculturalism Foundations and Principles by Volk, Terese M. ISBN: 9780195106091 List Price: $69.95
What We Still Don't Know About Teaching Race How to Talk About it in the Classroom by Hughes, Sherick A. ISBN: 9780773459281 List Price: $129.95
Teaching Fairly in an Unfair World by Lundy, Kathleen Gould ISBN: 9781551382319 List Price: $19.50
What Color Is Your God? Multi Cultural Education in the Church by Breckenridge, James, Brecke... ISBN: 9780801057458 List Price: $24.00
Making Choices for Multicultural Education Five Approaches to Race, Class, and Gender by Sleeter, Christine E., Gran... ISBN: 9780024115638 List Price: $37.00
Understanding Human Differences Multicultural Education For A Diverse America, Mylabschool by Koppelman, Kent, Goodhart, Lee ISBN: 9780205459209 List Price: $71.20
Dealing With Diversity Teleclass Study Guide by Governors State University ... ISBN: 9780787281441 List Price: $33.95
Multicultural Education A Caring-Centered, Reflective Approach by Pang, Valerie Ooka ISBN: 9780072546392 List Price: $57.90
Comprehensive Multicultural Education Theory and Practice by Bennett, Christine I. ISBN: 9780205358380 List Price: $82.80
Kaleidoscope A Multicultural Approach for the Primary School Classroom by De Gaetano, Yvonne, William... ISBN: 9780023280023 List Price: $28.00
Global Perspectives for Educators by Diaz, Carlos F., Massialas,... ISBN: 9780205263660 List Price: $49.20
Foundational Perspectives in Multicultural Education by Duarte, Eduardo Manuel, Smi... ISBN: 9780321023452 List Price: $82.80
Transcultural Realities Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Cross-Cultural Relations by Milhouse, Virginia Hall, As... ISBN: 9780761923763 List Price: $60.95
Multicultural Students With Special Language Needs by Roseberry-McKibbin, Celeste ISBN: 9781575030029 List Price: $43.00
Writing Across the Curriculum in Secondary Classrooms Teaching from a Diverse Perspective by Scarborough, Harriet A. ISBN: 9780130224897 List Price: $42.80
Multicultural Education As Social Activism by Sleeter, Christine E. ISBN: 9780791429983 List Price: $31.95
Human Diversity In Action Developing Multicultural Competencies For The Classroom by Cushner, Kenneth H. ISBN: 9780073128573 List Price: $52.55
Globalising Education Trends and Applications by Mason, Robin ISBN: 9780415186889 List Price: $53.95
School Mult Soc Cb+use 81967 by James, Alan, Jeffcoate, Rob ISBN: 9780063181960 List Price: $13.95
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