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Better Than the Sons of Kings Boys and Monks in the Early Middle Ages by Quinn, Patricia A. ISBN: 9780820404721 List Price: $59.00
Inexcusable Omissions Clarence Karier and the Critical Tradition in History of Education Sch... by Graves, Karen, Glander, Tim... ISBN: 9780820448794 List Price: $29.95
America's Teachers An Introduction to Education by Newman, Joseph W. ISBN: 9780801308437 List Price: $39.50
American Education Purpose and Promise by Hlebowitsh, Peter S., Telle... ISBN: 9780314202208 List Price: $110.95
Taking Charge State Action on School Reform in the 1980s by Doyle, Denis P., Cooper, Br... ISBN: 9781558130388 List Price: $12.95
Education Policy Implementation by Odden, Allan R. ISBN: 9780791406656 List Price: $26.50
Geschichte Der Padagogik 19, Vollig Neu Bearbeitete Auflage by Weimer, Hermann, Jacobi, Ju... ISBN: 9783110122299 List Price: $20.00
Going to School in Colonial America by Sateren, Shelley Swanson, S... ISBN: 9780736808033 List Price: $23.93
Hackney Downs The School That Dared to Fight by O'Connor, M., Hales, E., Da... ISBN: 9780750706322 List Price: $24.95
Lessons From History Of Education The Selected Works Of Richard Aldrich by Aldrich, Richard ISBN: 9780415358910 List Price: $145.00
Century Early Childhood: History, Trends and Issue - Glenda F. Roberson - Hardcover by Roberson, Glenda F., Johnso... ISBN: 9780536587459 List Price: $33.80
School Busing Controversy - Judith F. Buncher - Library Binding by Buncher, Judith F. ISBN: 9780871963598 List Price: $15.00
Literacy and the Social Order - David Cressy - Hardcover by Cressy, David ISBN: 9780521225144 List Price: $49.95
Progressive Retreat - Maurice Punch - Hardcover by Punch, Maurice ISBN: 9780521211826 List Price: $27.95
American School, 1642 to 1985 - Joel H. Spring - Paperback by Spring, Joel H. ISBN: 9780582285712 List Price: $21.95
Passion for Learning: A History of Christian Thought on Education by Lockerbie, D. Bruce ISBN: 9780802465818 List Price: $32.99
Struggle for a Black Theology of Education : Pioneering Efforts of Post Civil War Clergy by Griffin, Paul R., Wilmore, ... ISBN: 9781884805066 List Price: $15.00
Brief History of Education by Clabaugh, Gary K., Rozycki,... ISBN: 9781929463060 List Price: $16.95
Klamath Childhood and Education by Pearsall, Marion, Gifford, ... ISBN: 9781555670986 List Price: $2.19
Ashby Report (1954) by Stephens, M. D. ISBN: 9781850410324
Some Thoughts Concerning Education by Locke, John, Exams Unlimite... ISBN: 9781591320326 List Price: $5.95
History of American Education by Unknown ISBN: 9781592477838
Education, Culture, and Identity in Twentieth-Century China by Peterson, Glen, Hayhoe, Rut... ISBN: 9789622095359
Hope for Audacity : From Cynicism to Hope in Educational Leadership and Policy by Batagiannis, Stella C. ISBN: 9781433118593 List Price: $139.95
Paideia at Play : Learning and Wit in Apuleius by Riess, Werner ISBN: 9789077922415
Scholarly Knowledge : Textbooks in Early Modern Europe by Campi, Emidio, De Angelis, ... ISBN: 9782600011860
Geschichte der Paedagogik by Weimer, Hermann, Schoeller,... ISBN: 9783110066463 List Price: $13.20
Common Wealth of Learning : Millennium Goals Revisited by Macbeath, John, Younger, Mike ISBN: 9780415644839
Education History by Pazmino, Bob ISBN: 9781577900122
Teaching and Learning in the Early Years by Whitebread ISBN: 9780203930823
One Best System? : A Revisionist History of Schooling in New Zealand by Shuker, Ron ISBN: 9780864690647 List Price: $40.00
Education Policy by Abbott, Ian, Rathbone, Mich... ISBN: 9780857025760
Education Policy by Abbott, Ian, Rathbone, Mich... ISBN: 9780857025777
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