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History of American Education by Rudman, Jack ISBN: 9780837354712 List Price: $49.95
History of American Education by Rudman, Jack ISBN: 9780837353661 List Price: $49.95
New Directions for Education in China by Cowan, Steven, Jin, Tinghe,... ISBN: 9781782771036
Common Wealth of Learning : Millennium Goals Revisited by Macbeath, John, Younger, Mike ISBN: 9780415644839
Hope for Audacity : From Cynicism to Hope in Educational Leadership and Policy by Batagiannis, Stella C. ISBN: 9781433118593 List Price: $139.95
Writing in the Senior Capstone : Theory and Practice by Masiello, Lea ISBN: 9781889271873
Jefferson City Public Schools : The First 175 Years of the Journey by Thompson, Laramie, Richter,... ISBN: 9781578648160
Today's College Students : A Reader by Sasso, Pietro A., DeVitis, ... ISBN: 9781433123955
Four Tudor Books on Education by Pepper, Robert D., Pepper, ... ISBN: 9780598712417 List Price: $83.70
Teaching and Learning in the Early Years by Whitebread ISBN: 9780203930823
Education Policy by Abbott, Ian, Rathbone, Mich... ISBN: 9780857025760
One Best System? : A Revisionist History of Schooling in New Zealand by Shuker, Ron ISBN: 9780864690647 List Price: $40.00
Education in a Changing Society. [by Richard I. Miller, Associate Director of the Project]. by Project on the Academically... ISBN: 9780598233561 List Price: $53.70
American Education and the Search for Equal Opportunity by Project on the Academically... ISBN: 9780598233073 List Price: $30.00
Education in the States : A Project of the Council of Chief State School Officers by Project on the Academically... ISBN: 9780598220653 List Price: $200.00
Planning and Organizing for Teaching. [Writer : John I. Goodlad]. by Project on the Academically... ISBN: 9780598233592 List Price: $60.80
Structure and Administration of Education in American Democracy by Project on the Academically... ISBN: 9780598232687 List Price: $42.20
Firsthand Report on Soviet Schools : Based on a Trip Through the U. S. S. R. by a Group of S... by Project on the Academically... ISBN: 9780598518637 List Price: $30.00
From Bookshelves to Action : A Guide to Using the Recommendations of the NEA Project on Inst... by Project on the Academically... ISBN: 9780598233257 List Price: $30.00
History of Higher Education in South Carolina, with a Sketch of the Free School System by Meriwether, Colyer ISBN: 9780598962560 List Price: $78.20
Women in Higher Education, 1850-1970 by Panayotidis, E. Lisa, Stort... ISBN: 9780415858045
Making a Difference in Education by Cassen, Robert, McNally, Sa... ISBN: 9780415529228
Education History by Pazmino, Bob ISBN: 9781577900122
Hackney Downs The School That Dared to Fight by O'Connor, M., Hales, E., Da... ISBN: 9780750706322 List Price: $24.95
Other Boston Busing Story : Whats Won and Lost Across the Boundary Line by Eaton, Susan E. ISBN: 9780300215090 List Price: $32.00
Chen Hengzhe : A Life Between Orthodoxies by Gimpel, Denise ISBN: 9781498506946
Selected Academic Papers of Pan Maoyuan on Higher Education by PAN, Maoyuan ISBN: 9789004309210 List Price: $133.00
Mildred June : Stories from My Life by Berge, Mildred Koskiniemi ISBN: 9781618637086
Schulreform, Kontinuit�ten und Br�che : Das Versuchsfeld Berlin-Neuk�lln by Radde, Gerd, Kunstamt Neuk�... ISBN: 9783810011299
Prize : Who's in Charge of America's Schools? by Russakoff, Dale ISBN: 9780544810907 List Price: $15.95
Future of Higher Education by Clawson, Dan, Page, Max ISBN: 9781138168923
History of Pedagogy by Compayr�, Gabriel ISBN: 9781138122468
Ernest L. Boyerhb : Ernest L. Boyerhb by Braxton, Ream ISBN: 9781438455655 List Price: $90.00
9 Pamphlets : 1849-57 Editions by Dawes, Richard, Stern, Jeff... ISBN: 9781855062771 List Price: $245.00
Facing Forward : A History of Fannin County Schools by Fannin County Heritage Foun... ISBN: 9781578649488
Nest of Teachers by Blishen, Edward ISBN: 9780805282504
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