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Being A University by Barnett, Ron ISBN: 9780415592666
Academic Tribes and Territories Intellectual Enquiry and the Culture of Disciplines by Becher, Tony, Trowler, Paul ISBN: 9780335206278 List Price: $30.95
A Guide to Surviving a Career in Academia: Navigating the Rites of Passage by Lenning, Emily, Brightman, ... ISBN: 9780415780223 List Price: $45.95
Proposals That Work A Guide for Planning Dissertations And Grant Proposals by Locke, Lawrence F., Spirdus... ISBN: 9781412924221 List Price: $105.00
Foundations of American Higher Education by Bess, James L., Webster, Da... ISBN: 9780536018533 List Price: $79.80
Sabbatical Mentor A Practical Guide to Successful Sabbaticals by Zahorski, Kenneth J. ISBN: 9781882982004 List Price: $34.95
Off Limits Rutgers University and the Avant-Garde, 1957-1963 by Marter, Joan ISBN: 9780813526102 List Price: $30.00
Realities of Change in Higher Education Interventions to Promote Learning And Teaching by Hunt, Lynne, Bromage, Adria... ISBN: 9780415385800 List Price: $46.95
Black Philosopher, White Academy: The Career of William Fontaine by Kuklick, Bruce, Fontaine, W... ISBN: 9780812240986 List Price: $59.95
How to Write a Master's Thesis by Bui, Yvonne Nguyen, Bui, Yv... ISBN: 9781412957106 List Price: $32.95
Fitting Form to Function by Weingartner, Rudolph ISBN: 9781442211995 List Price: $44.95
Theoretical Perspectives on College Students by Carter, Deborah Faye, Hossl... ISBN: 9780536729606 List Price: $78.45
Academic's Handbook by Goodwin, Craufurd, DeNeef, ... ISBN: 9780822338833 List Price: $94.95
Sacred and the Secular University by Roberts, Jon H., Turner, Ja... ISBN: 9780691015569 List Price: $45.00
Writing Your Thesis by Oliver, Paul ISBN: 9781412946896
Higher Learning Reading and Writing About College by See, Patti, Taylor, Bruce ISBN: 9780131141636 List Price: $39.60
Writing With a Thesis With Infotrac A Rhetoric and Reader by Skwire, David, Skwire, Sara... ISBN: 9780838407806 List Price: $71.95
Your College Experience, Concise by Gardner, John N., Jewler, A... ISBN: 9780495572954
Graduate School : Winning Strategies for Getting In by Mumby, Dave G., Proto Press... ISBN: 9780968217368 List Price: $34.95
Online Science Learning: Best Practices and Technologies by Downing, Kevin F., Holtz, J... ISBN: 9781599049861 List Price: $99.95
Access, Opportunity, And Success Keeping the Promise of Higher Education by Casazza, Martha E., Bauer, ... ISBN: 9780275989651 List Price: $39.95
Writing Your Thesis by Oliver, Paul ISBN: 9780761942993 List Price: $36.95
Crossing the Finish Line: Completing College at America's Public Universities by Bowen, William G., Chingos,... ISBN: 9780691137483 List Price: $27.95
Skill Sheets by Tulder, Rob van ISBN: 9789043014618
Voice of Liberal Learning by Oakeshott, Michael Joseph, ... ISBN: 9780865973237 List Price: $18.00
State and Higher Education by Salter, Brian, Tapper, Ted ISBN: 9780713040210 List Price: $20.00
Texts And Contexts A Contemporary Approach To College Writing by Robinson, William S., Tucke... ISBN: 9781413010459 List Price: $98.95
What's Left? The Ecole Normale Superieure and the Right by Rubenstein, Diane ISBN: 9780299125646 List Price: $19.95
Communication Crisis at Kent State by Tompkins, Phillip K., Ander... ISBN: 9780677039701
Global Citizenship Education in Post-Secondary Institutions: Theories, Practices, Policies (... by Shultz, Lynette, Abdi, Ali ... ISBN: 9781433111136 List Price: $35.95
Paulo Freire on Higher Education A Dialogue at the National University of Mexico by Freire, Paulo, Escobar, Mig... ISBN: 9780791418741 List Price: $29.95
Mooniversity A Student's Guide to Online Learning Environments by Haynes, Cynthia, Holmevik, ... ISBN: 9780205271146 List Price: $39.40
Women in the Canadian Academic Tundra Challenging the Chill by Hannah, Elena, Vethamany-Gl... ISBN: 9780773522800 List Price: $29.95
Research in Medicine: Planning a Project - Writing a Thesis by Usher-Smith, Juliet A., Ell... ISBN: 9780521132282 List Price: $34.99
On Becoming an Educated Person by Voeks, Virginia ISBN: 9780721690698
Echo of the Big Bang by Lemonick, Michael D. ISBN: 9780691122427 List Price: $15.95
Student's Guide to Preparing Dissertations and Theses by Allison, Brian, Race, Phil ISBN: 9780415334860 List Price: $31.95
International Students Negotiating Higher Education: Critical Perspectives by Sovic, Silvia, Blythman, Margo ISBN: 9780415614702 List Price: $38.95
Hidden Curriculum - Benson R. Snyder - Hardcover by Snyder, Benson R. ISBN: 9780394428420
Research and Higher Education The United Kingdom and the United States by Whiston, Thomas G., Geiger,... ISBN: 9780335156412 List Price: $123.00
Stand and Prosper Private Black Colleges and Their Students by Drewry, Henry N., Doermann,... ISBN: 9780691116327 List Price: $24.95
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