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Japanese Colleges and Universities, 1987 by Unknown ISBN: 9784621031544 List Price: $108.00
Lilly Library : The First Quarter Century, 1960-1985 by Cagle, William R., Byrd, Ce... ISBN: 9781879598041 List Price: $15.00
Index to Doctoral Dissertations in Business Education, Supplement, 1975-1980 by Rahe, Harves ISBN: 9781881530077 List Price: $5.00
Index to Doctoral Dissertations in Business Education, Supplement, 1980-1985 by Luft, Roger L., Schoen, Jan... ISBN: 9781881530084 List Price: $5.00
Index to Doctoral Dissertations in Business Education and Related Topical Areas, Supplement ... by Henry, Janice S., Anderson-... ISBN: 9781881530091 List Price: $5.00
Youth Develpment Professionals : Common Ground for Professional Development by Long, Robert F. ISBN: 9781881516019 List Price: $10.00
Youth Development Professionals : Connecting Competencies and Curriculum by Long, Robert F. ISBN: 9781881516002 List Price: $10.00
Youth Development Professionals : Building Practice on Knowledge by Long, Robert F., Martinez, ... ISBN: 9781881516026 List Price: $10.00
Alumni Drawings : Celebrating Forty Years of the Visual Arts at Boston University School for... by Hurwitz, Sidney, Ackley, Cl... ISBN: 9781881450054 List Price: $5.00
Managing Campus Conflict Through Alternative Dispute Resolution by Weeks, Kent M. ISBN: 9781881434184 List Price: $60.00
Managing Admissions, Records and the Law by Weeks, Kent M. ISBN: 9781881434047 List Price: $60.00
Who Got In? : College Boards National Survey of Admissions by Sautter, R. Craig ISBN: 9781882794966 List Price: $16.95
Northern State University : The First Century, 1901-2000 by Bartusis, Mark C. ISBN: 9781883120214
Higher Education's Past with Implications for Today and Tomorrow by Earl, Archie William, Sr. ISBN: 9781884169182 List Price: $62.95
Higher Education's Past with Implications for Today and Tomorrow by Earl, Archie William, Sr. ISBN: 9781884169199 List Price: $47.95
University Services and Auxiliary Enterprises : A Case Study by Earl, Archie William, Sr. ISBN: 9781884169120 List Price: $34.95
University Services and Auxiliary Enterprises : A Case Study by Earl, Archie William, Sr. ISBN: 9781884169137 List Price: $19.95
Some Readings on Historically Black Colleges and Universities by Walther, Erskine S. ISBN: 9781885327024 List Price: $25.00
First-Year Experience in American Higher Education : An Annotated Bibliography by Koch, Andrew K., Gardner, J... ISBN: 9781889271347 List Price: $30.00
International Caulerpa Taxifolia Conference Proceedings by Williams, Erin, Gosholz, Edwin ISBN: 9781888691115
Get Your College Degree for under $2,000! by Spafford, John M., Spafford... ISBN: 9781890538231 List Price: $19.95
Valves by Center for Occupational Res... ISBN: 9781555022228
North Carolina Constitutional and Statutory Provisions with Respect to Higher Education by Mesibov, Laurie L. ISBN: 9781560111108 List Price: $17.00
Hearings Manual for Faculty Nonreappointment and Other Adversarial Hearings by Phay, Robert E. ISBN: 9781560110712 List Price: $8.50
Semester at Sea : Global Studies by Unknown ISBN: 9781561342358
Semester at Sea : Global Studies by Unknown ISBN: 9781561344000
International Higher Education Systems by Eddy, John P. ISBN: 9781568702056 List Price: $18.85
Rhetoric and Resistance in the Corporate Academy by Carter, Christopher ISBN: 9781572738362
CLEP American Government Exam Secrets Study Guide : CLEP Test Review for the College Level E... by CLEP Exam Secrets Test Prep... ISBN: 9781614034940 List Price: $62.99
CLEP College Composition Exam Flashcard Study System : CLEP Test Practice Questions and Revi... by CLEP Exam Secrets Test Prep... ISBN: 9781614034964 List Price: $62.99
AP European History Exam Secrets Study Guide : AP Test Review for the Advanced Placement Exam by AP Exam Secrets Test Prep S... ISBN: 9781614034872 List Price: $62.99
Frequently Asked Questions about College and Career Training by Porterfield, Jason ISBN: 9781615125708 List Price: $58.50
Russell Athletic Tries to Keep the Shirt on Its Back (A) by Talbot, Brian, Augustine, G... ISBN: 9781616743123 List Price: $20.00
Changing Culture of a College by Frain, John ISBN: 9781850009085
Adult Education and the Voluntary Associations in France by Toynbee, W. S. ISBN: 9781850410096
Assessing Quality in Further and Higher Education by Ashworth, Allan, Harvey, Roger ISBN: 9781853025396 List Price: $49.00
Social Science High School by XAM Staff ISBN: 9781581973242 List Price: $28.95
Engineering by Unknown ISBN: 9781586663407
University Colloquium by Unknown ISBN: 9781586666217
Higher Education in the United States by Unknown ISBN: 9781586666118
History of Georgetown University, 1789-1989 by Curran, Robert Emmett, DeGi... ISBN: 9781589016910 List Price: $119.95
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