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International Students Negotiating Higher Education: Critical Perspectives by Sovic, Silvia, Blythman, Margo ISBN: 9780415614702 List Price: $38.95
Integrated Studies: Challenges to the College Curriculum by Dill, Stephen H., Banner, J... ISBN: 9780819127945
A Community of Scholars: Impressions of the Institute for Advanced Study by Gehret, Michael, David, Cha... ISBN: 9780691151366 List Price: $24.95
Raising Standards : State Policies to Improve Academic Preparation for College by Flanagan, Patricia A. ISBN: 9780788127953 List Price: $30.00
Science and Engineering Degrees, by Race-Ethnicity of Recipients, 1977-91 by Hill, Susan T. ISBN: 9780788122538 List Price: $30.00
Security on Virginia's Campuses by Unknown ISBN: 9780788123436 List Price: $20.00
Academic Freedom and the Japanese Imperial University, 1868-1939 by Marshall, Byron K. ISBN: 9780788154331 List Price: $25.00
Higher Education : Students Have Increased Borrowing and Working to Pay Higher Tuitions by Eglin, Joseph J., Jr., Nova... ISBN: 9780788175114 List Price: $20.00
Kuwait System of Education by Safwat, Ismail ISBN: 9780929851129 List Price: $15.00
Colombia by Wellington, Stanley ISBN: 9780929851884 List Price: $22.00
History of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Athletic Department : The First Thirty Years,... by Myers, John L., Kroman-Myer... ISBN: 9780929690087 List Price: $29.95
University and Community Service : Perspectives for the Seventies by Whipple, J., Chertow, Doris S. ISBN: 9780870600289 List Price: $2.50
Course Equivalency Catalog by Columbia Pacific University... ISBN: 9780945864233
Columbia Pacific University Faculty Manual by Columbia Pacific University... ISBN: 9780945864240
Willingly to School by Phillips, Margaret M. ISBN: 9780948929236 List Price: $35.00
The Business of Higher Education: Volume 2: Management and Fiscal Strategies by Knapp, Ph.D., John C, Siege... ISBN: 9780313353543
Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge 2010 (Cambridge University Statutes a... by University of Cambridge ISBN: 9780521157162 List Price: $115.00
"--Immer Im Forschen Bleiben" : Rüdiger Vom Bruch Zum 60. Geburtstag by Vom Bruch, Rüdiger, Schalen... ISBN: 9783515086073
Austrian Academy of Sciences : The Building and its History by Karner, Herbert, Rosenauer,... ISBN: 9783700138754
University of Massachusetts Students' Life at College : A Book of Bests and Worsts of UMass ... by Chodroff, Michael, Leta, Dave ISBN: 9780966280159 List Price: $9.95
University of Southern Colorado Catalog, 1998-99 by University of Southern Colo... ISBN: 9780966718706 List Price: $3.99
College Student Safety Tips : The 2nd Edition by Newsom, Emery ISBN: 9780982000359
Student Voices: A Sampling of College Writing by VanderMey, Randall, Meyer, ... ISBN: 9781111342005
University Traditions by Unknown ISBN: 9780808784326 List Price: $17.00
Pennsylvania State University Online Spanish by Cubillos, Jorge H. ISBN: 9780838423035
Valves by Center for Occupational Res... ISBN: 9781555022228
Social Science High School by XAM Staff ISBN: 9781581973242 List Price: $28.95
Engineering by Unknown ISBN: 9781586663407
University Colloquium by Unknown ISBN: 9781586666217
Higher Education in the United States by Unknown ISBN: 9781586666118
College Cost Crisis Report : Are Institutions Accountable Enough to Students and Parents?: C... by McKeon, Howard P. "Buck" ISBN: 9781422306420 List Price: $20.00
Pathways to College Access and Success by Hughes, Katherine L. ISBN: 9781422303511 List Price: $25.00
Road Less Traveled? : Students Who Enroll in Multiple Institutions by Peter, Katharin, Carroll, C... ISBN: 9781422300121 List Price: $25.00
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