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Government and Campus Federal Regulation of Religiously Affiliated Higher Education by Gaffney, Edward McGlynn, Jr... ISBN: 9780268010034 List Price: $21.95
Governance of Universities Autonomy of the University Community by Kaul, J. N. ISBN: 9788170172345 List Price: $22.00
Graduate Education in Britain by Becher, Tony, Henkel, Mary,... ISBN: 9781853025310 List Price: $55.00
Greek Higher Education Prospects for Reform by Keridis, Dimitris, Sfatos, ... ISBN: 9780918618702 List Price: $15.00
Green Peices Resource Book by Lambert, David ISBN: 9780521409926 List Price: $76.00
Guide to College Resource and Financial Management by Lawrence, Bob ISBN: 9780750704458 List Price: $180.00
Guidelines for Postsecondary Institutions for Implementation of the Family Educational Right... by FERPA II Committee Members,... ISBN: 9780929851266 List Price: $35.00
Guide to Undergraduate & Graduate Science Programs in Canada 2001 by Unknown ISBN: 9781894122870 List Price: $24.95
Guide to Universities & Colleges in Canada 2001 by Unknown ISBN: 9781894122931 List Price: $24.95
Basic Tips on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) - Samuel C. Brownstein - Paperback by Brownstein, Samuel C., Wein... ISBN: 9780812024142 List Price: $3.95
Softly Call the Muster: The Evolution of a Texas Aggie Tradition - John A. Adams,Jr. - Hardc... by Adams, John A., Jr., Weirus... ISBN: 9780890965993 List Price: $25.00
Issues in Academic Freedom - George S. Worgul - Hardcover by Worgul, George S., Jr. ISBN: 9780820702377 List Price: $32.50
Academic Writing: An Introductory Guide - Joanna B. Gibson - Paperback by Gibson, Joanna B., Killings... ISBN: 9780840383358 List Price: $9.25
Cambridge Commemorated: An Anthology of University Life - Laurence Fowler - Paperback by Fowler, Lawrence, Fowler, H... ISBN: 9780521389105 List Price: $42.00
Effective Communication for Academic Chairs - Mark Hickson,III - Paperback by Hickson, Mark, III, Stacks,... ISBN: 9780791408629 List Price: $23.50
Challenge for Research in Higher Education: Harmonizing Excellence and Utility - Alan W. Lin... by Lindsay, Alan, Fife, Jonath... ISBN: 9780913317525 List Price: $24.00
Continuing Education - Samuel F. Pickering,Jr. - Hardcover by Pickering, Samuel F., Jr. ISBN: 9780874513530 List Price: $25.00
Perspectives in Higher Education - Cash Kowalski - Hardcover by Cangemi, Joseph P., Kowalsk... ISBN: 9780802223692 List Price: $9.95
Essential Guide to Postgraduate Study by Wilkinson, David ISBN: 9781412900621 List Price: $109.00
Understanding Academic Lectures - Abelle Mason - Paperback - 5th ed by Mason, Abelle ISBN: 9780139364198 List Price: $14.00
Study Strategies for College - Theodore O. Knight - Hardcover by Knight, Theodore O. ISBN: 9780256125689 List Price: $17.20
Study Skills for Community and Junior Colleges - Walter Pauk - Paperback by Pauk, Walter ISBN: 9780961448714 List Price: $8.95
Cycles of Change: A History of the University of Kansas Division of Continuing Education, 18... by Wilson, Theodore A., Seneca... ISBN: 9780936352121 List Price: $20.00
Computacion by Unknown ISBN: 9780201653717 List Price: $32.00
My Notre Dame: Memories and Reflections of Sixty Years by Stritch, Thomas ISBN: 9780268013967 List Price: $19.95
Choosing a College by Miller, Gordon P. ISBN: 9780874473339
Policy Analysis, Education and Everyday Life: An Evaluation of Higher Education by Schuman, David F. ISBN: 9780669040463 List Price: $12.67
College Guide for Parents by Shields, Charles J., Gernan... ISBN: 9780874474749
Balliol College A History by Jones, John ISBN: 9780199201815 List Price: $175.00
Making a Difference: Outcomes of a Decade of Assessment in Higher Education by Trudy W. Banta and Associates ISBN: 9781555425784 List Price: $38.95
Revitalizing Higher Education by Massy, William F., Meyerson... ISBN: 9781560796428 List Price: $34.95
McGraw-Hill College Handbook by Marius, Richard C., Wiener,... ISBN: 9780070403987
Universities and Industrial Research by Konecny, Ewald ISBN: 9780854044078
Indiana University Experience by McKinney, Sally, Boyle, Bet... ISBN: 9780897302104
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