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Use of Performance Indicators in Higher Education The Challenge of the Quality Movement by Cave, Martin, Hanney, Steph... ISBN: 9781853023453 List Price: $47.95
Utopian Colleges by Cappel, Constance ISBN: 9780820420561 List Price: $32.95
Writing Your MBA Dissertation by White, Brian ISBN: 9780826460127 List Price: $119.99
Writing Your MBA Dissertation by White, Brian ISBN: 9780826460110 List Price: $19.95
Writing Your Thesis by Oliver, Paul ISBN: 9780761942993 List Price: $36.95
Finding the College That's Right for You! by John Palladino ISBN: 9780071423069 List Price: $16.95
Your Undergraduate Dissertation by Walliman, Nicholas S. R. ISBN: 9780761941408 List Price: $40.95
Serving on Promotion and Tenure Committees A Faculty Guide by Diamond, Robert M. ISBN: 9781882982028 List Price: $7.50
Setting Objectives for College Reading and Study Skills by Brooks, Clifford C. ISBN: 9780912855394 List Price: $19.95
Shaping the Future New Expectations for Undergraduate Education in Science, Mathematics, Eng... by George, Melvin D., Bragg, S... ISBN: 9780788142161 List Price: $20.00
Harbrace Coll.wkbk-12a T/a Horner:hodg. by Mapp, Larry G. ISBN: 9780155012370 List Price: $29.00
Academic Crisis of the Comm.college by McGrath, Dennis, Spear, Mar... ISBN: 9780791405628 List Price: $64.50
Academic Crisis of the Comm.college by McGrath, Dennis, Spear, Mar... ISBN: 9780791405635 List Price: $23.95
Removing College Price Barriers by Mumper, Michael ISBN: 9780791427040 List Price: $31.95
Quality Assurance in Higher Education The Uk Experience Since 1992 by Brown, Roger ISBN: 9780415334921 List Price: $160.00
Reclaiming Universities From A Runaway World by Walker, Melanie, Nixon, Jon ISBN: 9780335213870 List Price: $130.00
Seven Principles in Action Improving Undergraduate Education by Nemko, Martin, Nemko, Marti... ISBN: 9781882982059 List Price: $24.95
Selected Data On Science And Engineering Doctorate Awards 1995 by Hill, Susan T. ISBN: 9780788142178 List Price: $30.00
How to Do Your Dissertation in Geography and Related Disciplines by Parsons, Tony, Knight, Pete... ISBN: 9780415341547 List Price: $145.00
Distance Education Teaching and Learning in Higher Education by Foster, Lenoar, Bower, Beve... ISBN: 9780536669476 List Price: $85.00
For a Radical Higher Education After Postmodernism by Taylor, R. K. S., Barr, Jea... ISBN: 9780335208685 List Price: $51.95
The LSU Basketball Organizational Handbook - Dale D. Brown - Other Format by Brown, Dale ISBN: 9780918438874 List Price: $15.95
Fair Game: What Biographers Don't Tell You - Denis Brian - Hardcover by Brian, Denis ISBN: 9780879758998 List Price: $24.95
College and University Organization - James L. Bess - Paperback by Bess, James L. ISBN: 9780814710562 List Price: $22.50
Research in Medicine: A Guide to Writing a Thesis in the Medical Sciences - George Murrell -... by Murrell, George, Huang, Chr... ISBN: 9780521399258 List Price: $18.99
Computing Strategies in Liberal Arts Colleges - Martin H. Ringle - Hardcover by Ringle, Martin H. ISBN: 9780201605266 List Price: $35.00
Harbrace Col Workbook, Vol. 7 - Sheila Y. Graham - Paperback by Graham, Sheila Y., Hodges, ... ISBN: 9780155318229 List Price: $6.95
Fostering a Climate for Faculty Scholarship at Community Colleges by Palmer, Jim, Vaughan, George ISBN: 9780871172389 List Price: $10.00
Formal Recognition of Employer-Sponsered Instruction Conflict and Collegiality in Postsecond... by Nash, Nancy S., Hawthorne, ... ISBN: 9780913317372 List Price: $18.75
Form and Meaning Multiple Perspectives by Lee, James F., Valdman, Alb... ISBN: 9780838408469 List Price: $42.95
Founding Moment Church, Society, and the Construction of Trinity College by Westfall, William ISBN: 9780773524477 List Price: $70.00
From Strength to Strength A Pictorial History of the George Washington University, 1821-1995 by George Washington Universit... ISBN: 9780964825802 List Price: $55.01
From Swastika to Jim Crow Refugee Scholars at Black Colleges by Edgcomb, Gabrielle S. ISBN: 9780894647758 List Price: $14.50
Future of Higher Education by Schuller, Tom ISBN: 9780335097937 List Price: $41.95
Future of Higher Education by Schuller, Tom ISBN: 9780335097944 List Price: $123.00
Further and Higher Education Partnerships The Future for Collaboration by Abramson, Michael, Bird, Jo... ISBN: 9780335195978 List Price: $39.95
Further Education Re-Formed Shaping the Future by Smithers, Alan, Robinson, P... ISBN: 9780750709064 List Price: $46.95
Funding a College Education Finding the Right School for Your Child and the Right Fit for Yo... by Drum, Alice, Kneedler, Richard ISBN: 9780875846286 List Price: $14.95
Game of Life College Sports and Educational Values by Shulman, James Lawrence, Bo... ISBN: 9780691070759 List Price: $67.50
Gift for Giving The Story of Lamar Rich Plunkett by Bryant, James C. ISBN: 9780865544307 List Price: $39.99
Globalization of Higher Education by Scott, Peter, Society for R... ISBN: 9780335202447 List Price: $37.95
Goals and Purposes of Higher Education in the 21st Century by Burgen, Arnold ISBN: 9781853025471 List Price: $65.00
Goal to Goal 100 Years of Football at William & Mary by Kale, A. Wilford, Moskowitz... ISBN: 9780966081503 List Price: $29.00
Goldsmith's College A Centenary Account by Firth, A. E. ISBN: 9780485113846 List Price: $40.00
Goldsmith's College A Centenary Account by Firth, A. E. ISBN: 9780485120721 List Price: $19.99
Government and Campus Federal Regulation of Religiously Affiliated Higher Education by Gaffney, Edward McGlynn, Jr... ISBN: 9780268010058 List Price: $10.95
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