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Foundations of American Higher Education by Bess, James L., Webster, Da... ISBN: 9780536018533 List Price: $79.80
Faculty & Faculty Issues in Colleges and Universities (3rd Edition) by Association for the Study o... ISBN: 9780558414054 List Price: $77.33
Managing the Curriculum by Middlewood, David, Burton, ... ISBN: 9780761970323 List Price: $37.95
Writing for Real A Handbook for Writers in Community Service by Ross, Carolyn, Thomas, Ardel ISBN: 9780321089113 List Price: $38.00
Coping With College A Guide For Academic Success by Hamachek, Alice L. ISBN: 9780131706927 List Price: $32.60
Moral Collapse of the University by Wilshire, Bruce ISBN: 9780791401965 List Price: $59.50
British Qualifications by Unknown ISBN: 9780749408565 List Price: $60.00
Great Applications for Business School by Bodine, Paul ISBN: 9780071746557 List Price: $13.00
Insider's Guide to the Psychology Major by Wegenek, Amira Rezec, Buski... ISBN: 9781433808159 List Price: $29.95
Manual F/writers of Term Pprs,theses.. by Turabian, Kate L., Honigsbl... ISBN: 9780226816258 List Price: $9.95
Navigating The Research University A Guide For First-Year Students by Andreatta, Britt ISBN: 9780534644192 List Price: $64.95
Mission and Money: Understanding the University by Weisbrod, Burton A., Ballou... ISBN: 9780521735742 List Price: $28.99
Reclaiming The Game College Sports And Educational Values by Bowen, William G., Levin, S... ISBN: 9780691123141 List Price: $29.95
Mission and Money: Understanding the University by Weisbrod, Burton A., Ballou... ISBN: 9780521515108 List Price: $40.00
Making Sense of Admin.leadership by Bensimon, Estela M., Neuman... ISBN: 9780962388200 List Price: $24.00
Distance Learning On the Design of an Open University by Chang, C. M., Crombag, H. F... ISBN: 9780898380965 List Price: $168.00
How to Find a Scholarship Online by Turlington, Shannon R. ISBN: 9780071365116 List Price: $22.95
Major American Higher Education Issues in the 1990's by Miller, Richard I. ISBN: 9781853025143 List Price: $51.00
Achieving Student Success: Effective Student Services in Canadian Higher Education by Hardy Cox, Donna, Strange, ... ISBN: 9780773536227 List Price: $39.95
Professional Doctorates Integrating Professional And Academic Knowledge by Scott, David, Brown, Andrew... ISBN: 9780335213337 List Price: $130.00
Pruning the Ivy The Overdue Reformation of Higher Education by Leontiades, Milton ISBN: 9781593117412 List Price: $73.99
Separate by Degree Women Students' Experiences in Single-Sex and Coeducational Colleges by Miller-Bernal, Leslie ISBN: 9780820444123 List Price: $29.95
Guide to the Etruscan and Roman Worlds at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeolo... by University of Pennsylvania ... ISBN: 9781931707381 List Price: $14.95
Female Engineering Faculty at U. S. Institutions : A Databook by National Research Council S... ISBN: 9780309060929 List Price: $36.00
Adventures in the Academy : Professors in the Land of Lincoln and Beyond by Berger, Charles S., LaFond,... ISBN: 9780979849916
Total Quality Management in Higher Education Is It Working? Why or Why Not? by Sims, Serbrenia J., Sims, R... ISBN: 9780275949464 List Price: $75.00
History of the University of Oxford The Eighteenth Century by Sutherland, Lucy S., Mitche... ISBN: 9780199510153 List Price: $250.00
Earnings from Learning The Rise of For-profit Universities by Breneman, David W., Pusser,... ISBN: 9780791468395 List Price: $74.50
Managing the University Curriculum Making Common Cause by Bocock, Jean, Watson, David ISBN: 9780335193394 List Price: $34.95
Universities in the Marketplace The Commercialization of Higher Education by Bok, Derek Curtis ISBN: 9780691114125 List Price: $35.00
Comparative Higher Education Knowledge, the University, and Development by Altbach, Phillip G. ISBN: 9781567503807 List Price: $125.00
Orientation to College A Reader on Becoming an Educated Person by Steltenpohl, Elizabeth, Shi... ISBN: 9780534264840 List Price: $43.95
Unpaid Professionals Commercialism and Conflict in Big-Time College Sports by Zimbalist, Andrew S. ISBN: 9780691009551 List Price: $65.00
Sociology of Higher Education Contributions and Their Contexts by Gumport, Patricia J. ISBN: 9780801886157 List Price: $28.00
College Reading And Study Strategies by Van Blerkom, Dianna L., Mul... ISBN: 9780534584207 List Price: $113.95
Communication Counts in College, Career, and Life (2nd Edition) by Worley, David, Worley, Debr... ISBN: 9780205830138 List Price: $79.33
Building Vocabulary for College by Smith, Richard G., Smith, R... ISBN: 9780618979059 List Price: $84.95
History of Higher Education by Goodchild, Lester, Wechsler... ISBN: 9780536598691 List Price: $86.40
PhD Application Handbook by Bentley, Peter J. ISBN: 9780335219520 List Price: $33.95
American Heritage : A Reader by The Hillsdale College Histo... ISBN: 9780916308285
Flexible Higher Education Higher Education by Burge, Elizabeth J. ISBN: 9780335217762 List Price: $51.95
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