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Preventing Violence and Crime in America's Schools: From Put-Downs to Lock-Downs by Lassiter, William L., Perry... ISBN: 9780313353963
Troubled Dream The Promise and Failure of School Desegregation in Louisiana by Bankston, Carl L., III, Cal... ISBN: 9780826513885 List Price: $49.95
COLOR OF SCHOOL REFORM by Henig, Jeffrey R. ISBN: 9780691016344 List Price: $55.00
School Restructuring A Practitioner's Guide by Hansen, John H., Liftin, El... ISBN: 9780962891700 List Price: $35.95
School Violence Views of Students & the Community Congressional Hearings by Castle, Michael N. ISBN: 9780756709525 List Price: $40.00
Keep Cool! Strategies for Managing Anger at School by Galey, Paula ISBN: 9781551381688 List Price: $17.00
Systems View of Education : A Model for Change by Scileppi, John A. ISBN: 9780819167644
Black, White and Brown : The Hard Lessons Learned Forty Years after Brown Vs. Board of Educa... by Bates, Eric R., Miller, Jeff ISBN: 9780943810607 List Price: $5.00
Understanding School Bullying: Its Nature and Prevention Strategies by Peter K Smith ISBN: 9781847879059 List Price: $40.00
Change Forces Probing the Depths of Educational Reform by Fullan, Michael G. ISBN: 9781850008262 List Price: $42.50
Visions of Teaching and Learning Eighty Innovative Middle Level Projects by Arnold, John ISBN: 9781560900481 List Price: $14.00
Charter Schools Hope or Hype? by Schneider, Mark, Buckley, Jack ISBN: 9780691129853 List Price: $49.95
Charter Schools by Berends, Mark, Springer, Ma... ISBN: 9780805862218
Research on School Restructuring by Unknown ISBN: 9781883001094 List Price: $38.95
Survey of Instructional Development Models by Gustafson, Kent L., Branch,... ISBN: 9780937597439 List Price: $20.00
The Handbook of Organization Development in Schools and Colleges by Richard A. Schmuck, Philip ... ISBN: 9780881337983 List Price: $34.95
Evolution of School Disturbance in America Colonial Times to Modern Day by Crews, Gordon A., Counts, M... ISBN: 9780275958428 List Price: $95.00
Excellence in Education by Altbach, Philip G., Kelly, ... ISBN: 9780879752965 List Price: $36.00
Images of Educational Change by Altrichter, Herbert ISBN: 9780335201884 List Price: $29.95
High School Career Academies: A Pathway to Educational Reform in Urban School Districts by Nan L. Maxwell, Victor Rubin ISBN: 9780880992138 List Price: $17.00
Work-Based Learning:The Key to School-to-Work Transition by James L. Hoerner, James B. ... ISBN: 9780028018225 List Price: $22.67
Understanding and Preventing Campus Violence by Paludi, Michele A. ISBN: 9780313348280 List Price: $44.95
Education and Democratic Theory Finding a Place for Community Participation in Public School... by Fields, A. Belden, Feinberg... ISBN: 9780791450000 List Price: $24.95
At Zero Tolerance: Punishment, Prevention, and School Violence by Ronnie Casella ISBN: 9780820449968 List Price: $34.95
Images of Educational Change by Altrichter, Herbert ISBN: 9780335201891 List Price: $85.00
Improving the Quality of Australian Schools by Chapman, Judith D. ISBN: 9780864310866
Education Reform by Sherrow, Victoria, Marzilli... ISBN: 9781604139037 List Price: $35.00
Education Is Translation A Metaphor for Change in Learning And Teaching by Cook-Sather, Alison ISBN: 9780812238891 List Price: $75.00
Role of Service-Learning in Educational Reform - Robert D. Bhaerman - Paperback by Bhaerman, Robert D., Cordel... ISBN: 9780536010285 List Price: $23.40
Charter School Outcomes by Berends, Mark, Walberg, Her... ISBN: 9780805862225
School Desegregation Research New Directions in Situational Analysis by Prager, Jeffrey, Longshore,... ISBN: 9780306421518 List Price: $99.00
Manufactured Crisis:college Edition by Berliner, David ISBN: 9780801316715 List Price: $16.70
Paideia Classroom Teaching for Understanding by Roberts, Terry, Billings, L... ISBN: 9781883001605 List Price: $19.95
How It Works Inside a School-College Collaboration by Trubowitz, Sidney, Longo, Paul ISBN: 9780807735725 List Price: $43.00
Education Reform by Friedman, Ian C. ISBN: 9780816049622 List Price: $45.00
Empowering Ourselves and Transforming Schools Educators Making a Difference by Irwin, Judith W. ISBN: 9780791431030 List Price: $26.50
Collaborative Reform and Other Improbable Dreams The Challenges of Professional Development ... by Johnston, Marilyn, Brosnan,... ISBN: 9780791444658 List Price: $25.50
Reformation of Canada's Schools Breaking the Barriers to Parental Choice by Holmes, Mark ISBN: 9780773517455 List Price: $95.00
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