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School Crime and Policing by Turk, William L. ISBN: 9780130924919 List Price: $44.00
Education Reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa Paradigm Lost? by Moulton, Jeanne, Mundy, Kar... ISBN: 9780313317774 List Price: $102.95
Final Report And Findings Of The Safe School Initiative Implications For The Prevention Of S... by Vossekuil, Bryan, Paige, Ro... ISBN: 9780756739805 List Price: $20.00
Change Forces Probing the Depths of Educational Reform by Fullan, Michael G. ISBN: 9781850008262 List Price: $42.50
Research on School Restructuring by Unknown ISBN: 9781883001094 List Price: $38.95
Bullying: A Handbook for Educators and Parents by Rivers, Ian, Duncan, Neil, ... ISBN: 9780313338502
School Restructuring A Practitioner's Guide by Hansen, John H., Liftin, El... ISBN: 9780962891700 List Price: $35.95
Creating Safe Schools for All Children by Duke, Daniel Linden ISBN: 9780205320189 List Price: $89.00
Charter Schools Hope or Hype? by Schneider, Mark, Buckley, Jack ISBN: 9780691129853 List Price: $49.95
Charter Schools: Hope or Hype? by Buckley, Jack, Schneider, Mark ISBN: 9780691143194 List Price: $24.95
Towards Bully-Free Schools by Glover, Derek, Cartwright, ... ISBN: 9780335199303 List Price: $85.00
Understanding Education: Towards a Reconstruction of Educational Inquiry by Feinberg, Walter ISBN: 9780521248648 List Price: $64.95
Elementary and Middle School Teachers in the Midst of Reform Common Thread Cases by Bliss, Traci, Mazur, Joan ISBN: 9780137164745 List Price: $35.00
School Violence and Primary Prevention by Miller, Thomas W. ISBN: 9780387756608 List Price: $79.95
Managing Educational Innovations by Nicholls, Audrey ISBN: 9780043701461 List Price: $9.95
New Meaning of Educational Change by Fullan, Michael G. ISBN: 9780807730607 List Price: $26.95
Peacebuilding for Adolescents Strategies for Educators and Community Leaders by Forcey, Linda, Harris, Ian ISBN: 9780820437453 List Price: $32.95
Improving Results for Children and Families Linking Collaborative Services With School Refor... by Wang, Margaret C., Boyd, Wi... ISBN: 9781930608030 List Price: $63.25
COLOR OF SCHOOL REFORM by Henig, Jeffrey R. ISBN: 9780691016344 List Price: $55.00
Revitalizing General Education in a Time of Scarcity A Navigational Chart for Administrators... by Kanter, Sandra L., Gamson, ... ISBN: 9780205262571 List Price: $45.99
Coordination Among Schools,fam.+commun. by Cibulka, James G., Kritek, ... ISBN: 9780791428580 List Price: $31.95
School Shooter by O'Toole, Mary E., Reno, Jan... ISBN: 9780756709105 List Price: $20.00
Education Is Translation A Metaphor for Change in Learning And Teaching by Cook-Sather, Alison ISBN: 9780812238891 List Price: $75.00
Schools for a New Century A Conservative Approach to Radical School Reform by Allen, Dwight W. ISBN: 9780275936495 List Price: $87.95
Schools, Violence, and Society by Hoffman, Allan M. ISBN: 9780275955069 List Price: $38.95
Subjects in Question Departmental Organization and the High School by Siskin, Leslie Santee, Litt... ISBN: 9780807734537 List Price: $22.95
Equal Educational Opportunity Brown's Elusive Mandate by Ehrlander, Mary F. ISBN: 9781931202459 List Price: $75.00
Charter School Outcomes by Berends, Mark, Walberg, Her... ISBN: 9780805862225
New Perspectives on Bullying by Cowie, Helen, Jennifer, Dawn ISBN: 9780335222438
Images of Educational Change by Altrichter, Herbert ISBN: 9780335201891 List Price: $85.00
Education and Democratic Theory Finding a Place for Community Participation in Public School... by Fields, A. Belden, Feinberg... ISBN: 9780791450000 List Price: $24.95
School Violence and Children in Crisis Community and School Interventions for Social Workers... by Miller, Joshua, Martin, Ire... ISBN: 9780891082996 List Price: $56.00
Culture of the School by Sarason, Seymour B. ISBN: 9780205077007 List Price: $41.00
Understanding Education : Towards a Reconstruction of Educational Inquiry by Feinberg, Walter ISBN: 9780521270328 List Price: $14.95
Black, White and Brown : The Hard Lessons Learned Forty Years after Brown Vs. Board of Educa... by Bates, Eric R., Miller, Jeff ISBN: 9780943810607 List Price: $5.00
Politics of Educational Reform in France, 1918-1940 by Talbott, John E. ISBN: 9780691051734 List Price: $37.50
Paideia Classroom Teaching for Understanding by Roberts, Terry, Billings, L... ISBN: 9781883001605 List Price: $19.95
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