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Faculty Development Workbook Module 1 Understanding the Adult Learner by Solomon, Amy, Quantum Integ... ISBN: 9781418037239 List Price: $24.95
Program Developments in Adult and Continuing Education by Long, Huey B. ISBN: 9780807727423 List Price: $16.95
Action Learning Images and Pathways by Dilworth, Robert L., Willis... ISBN: 9781575242033 List Price: $29.50
In Defense of the Lifeworld by Welton, Michael R. ISBN: 9780791425398 List Price: $49.50
How Adults Learn by Kidd, J. Roby ISBN: 9780842822114 List Price: $27.00
Learning in Later Life An Introduction for Educators & Carers by Jarvis, Peter ISBN: 9780749433987 List Price: $46.95
Learning Strategies for Adults Compensations for Learning Disabilities by Crux, Sandra C. ISBN: 9781895131048 List Price: $12.95
Teaching Adult ESOL by Paton, Anne, Wilkins, Meryl ISBN: 9780335237371 List Price: $119.95
A guide to research for educators and trainers of adults by Merriam, Sharan B., Simpson... ISBN: 9780898746556 List Price: $16.50
Adult Education and Political Systems by Styler, W. E. ISBN: 9781850410003
Adult Education and Lifelong Learning Theory and Practice by Jarvis, Peter ISBN: 9780415314930 List Price: $52.95
Contemporary Issues in Lifelong Learning : N/a by Duckworth, Vicky, Tummons, ... ISBN: 9780335241125
Adult Learning Methods A Guide for Effective Instruction by Galbraith, Michael W. ISBN: 9780894645938 List Price: $46.50
Equipped For The Future How Instructors Can Support Adult Learners Through Performance; And ... by WestEd, Sri Amanda, Stein, ... ISBN: 9780756714017 List Price: $25.00
Adult Education and the Arts by Jones, D. J., Chadwick, A. F. ISBN: 9780785560180
Learners Choice by Kelly, Aileen ISBN: 9780724167920
Introduction to Educational Gerontology by Sherron, Ronald H., Lumsden... ISBN: 9780891161011 List Price: $20.95
Planning Instruction for Adult Learners by Cranton, Patricia ISBN: 9780921332244 List Price: $19.50
Administration of Continuing Education - George B. Strother - Hardcover by Strother, George B., Klus, ... ISBN: 9780534010669 List Price: $30.95
Delphi Survey: Cbae through the Eyes of Leading Educators by Parker, James T., Taylor, P... ISBN: 9780822419013 List Price: $7.50
Intercultural Competence Volume 2: The Adult Learner (Language and Cultural Contact) by Jensen, Annie Aarup, Jaeger... ISBN: 9788773074985 List Price: $36.00
Planning Better Programs - Patrick Gerald Boyle - Hardcover by Boyle, Patrick G., Pardoen,... ISBN: 9780070005525
Adults and Their Leisure: The Need for Lifelong Learning by Verduin, John R., Jr., McEw... ISBN: 9780398049850 List Price: $23.50
Teaching Adult ESOL: principles and practice by Paton, Anne ISBN: 9780335237388 List Price: $39.95
Fundamentals of Adult Education Issues and Practices for Lifelong Learning by Poonwassie, Deo H., Poonwas... ISBN: 9781550771251 List Price: $29.95
Criteria & Guidelines for Quality Continuing Education & Training by IACET Staff ISBN: 9780787252960 List Price: $17.00
Self-Direction in Adult Learning: Perspectives on Theory, Research, and Practice (Theory and... by Brockett, Ralph G., Hiemstr... ISBN: 9780415005623 List Price: $55.00
Adult Education and Community Action : Adult Education and Popular Social Movements by Lovett, Tom, Clarke, Chris,... ISBN: 9780709916529 List Price: $13.50
Approximation Theory - Tampa by Saff, Edward B. ISBN: 9780387185002 List Price: $39.95
The Routledge International Handbook of Lifelong Learning by Jarvis, Peter ISBN: 9780415581653 List Price: $64.95
Creative Arts with Older Adults: A SourceBook by Weisberg, Naida, Wilder, Ro... ISBN: 9780898851632 List Price: $20.95
Story of Elderhostel by Mills, Eugene S., Carter, R... ISBN: 9780874515992 List Price: $25.00
Purposes of Adult Education A Guide for Students by Spencer, Bruce ISBN: 9781550770964 List Price: $15.95
Adult Literacy, Numeracy And Language Policy, Practice And Research by Tett, Lyn, Hamilton, Mary, ... ISBN: 9780335219377 List Price: $33.95
Adult Education and the Postmodern Challenge Learning Beyond the Limits by Usher, Robin, Bryant, Ian, ... ISBN: 9780415120210 List Price: $46.95
Adult Literacy, Numeracy And Language Policy, Practice And Research by Tett, Lyn, Hamilton, Mary, ... ISBN: 9780335219384 List Price: $103.95
Assessing Learning In Further Education by Tummons, Jonathan ISBN: 9781844450237 List Price: $34.95
Adult Development by Martin, Andrew ISBN: 9780155068216
The Journey of Lifelong Learning by Betts, George ISBN: 9781931334655 List Price: $24.95
Creating Your Future: A Guide for Adults Returning to College by Cabell, Harriet W. ISBN: 9780840361226 List Price: $12.95
Adult Learning (Theory and Practice) by Mani, Gomathi ISBN: 9788120716087 List Price: $28.00
Adult Learners Study Skills and Teaching Methods by Millard, L. ISBN: 9781850410102
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