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Acoustics and Sound Systems in Schools by Berg, Frederick S. ISBN: 9781565930797 List Price: $49.95
Human Resources Administration in Education A Management Approach by Rebore, Ronald W. ISBN: 9780205380848 List Price: $112.80
Devolution and Choice in Education The School, the State, and the Market by Whitty, Geoff, Power, Sally ISBN: 9780335197118 List Price: $45.95
Dimensions of Time and the Challenge of School Reform by Gandara, Patricia ISBN: 9780791443583 List Price: $29.95
Educational Management in Action A Collection of Case Studies by Crawford, Megan, Kydd, Lesl... ISBN: 9781853962769 List Price: $43.95
Educational Management Redefining Theory, Policy and Practice by Bush, Tony, Standing Confer... ISBN: 9780761965558 List Price: $37.95
Creating Tomorrow's Schools Today Stories of Inclusion, Change, and Renewal by Berres, Michael ISBN: 9780807735497 List Price: $21.95
Restructuring Handbook by Whitaker, Kathryn S., Moses... ISBN: 9780205140091 List Price: $58.00
Integrating General+special Education by Goodlad, John I., Lovitt, T... ISBN: 9780023447716 List Price: $36.00
Improving Schools by Hoy, Wayne K. ISBN: 9781593119126 List Price: $84.99
Managing Early Years Settings by Robins, Alison, Callan, Sue ISBN: 9781847873194
Improving Schools: Studies in Leadership and Culture (PB) by Hoy, Wayne K. ISBN: 9781593119119 List Price: $45.99
Observing Schools A Methodological Guide by Foster, Peter ISBN: 9781853962660 List Price: $29.95
Organization and Governance in Higher Education by Peterson, Marvin W., Chaffe... ISBN: 9780536579812 List Price: $61.00
Knowledge Base in Educational Administration Multiple Perspectives by Donmoyer, Robert, Imber, Mi... ISBN: 9780791423868 List Price: $31.95
Professional Development for Educational Management by Kydd ISBN: 9780335198115 List Price: $49.95
Human Resource Management in Schools and Colleges by Middlewood, David, Lumby, J... ISBN: 9781853964015 List Price: $28.95
Change in Schools Facilitating the Process by Hall, Gene E., Hord, Shirle... ISBN: 9780887063466 List Price: $64.50
Change in Schools Facilitating the Process by Hall, Gene, Hord, Shirley ISBN: 9780887063473 List Price: $31.95
Choice and Diversity in Schooling Perspectives and Prospects by Glatter, Ron, Woods, Philip... ISBN: 9780415139786 List Price: $59.95
School Administration Persistent Dilemmas in Preparation and Practice by Jacobson, Stephen L., Hickc... ISBN: 9780275952471 List Price: $99.95
New School Executive: A Theory of Administration - Thomas J. Sergiovanni - Paperback - 2d ed by Sergiovanni, Thomas, Carver... ISBN: 9780060459062 List Price: $32.50
Preschool Director's Staff Development Handbook by Watkins, Kathleen P., Duran... ISBN: 9780876281079 List Price: $29.95
Personnel Function in Educational Administration by Castetter, William B. ISBN: 9780023201707
Contemporary Educational Administration by Monahan, William, Hengst, H... ISBN: 9780023819308 List Price: $30.50
Like All the Nations The Life and Legacy of Judah L. Magnes by Brinner, William M., Rischi... ISBN: 9780887065071 List Price: $44.50
Living Headship Voices, Values and Vision by Tomlinson, Harry, Gunter, H... ISBN: 9780761963820 List Price: $33.95
Managing Education Theory and Practice by Bush, Tony ISBN: 9780335092420 List Price: $49.95
Managing Special Education Codes, Chapters and Competition by Fish, John, Evans, Jennifer ISBN: 9780335194384 List Price: $45.95
Educational Administration: Theoretical Perspectives on Practice and Research by Silver, Paula F. ISBN: 9780060461614 List Price: $40.93
What Do They Do?: Principals (Community Connections) by Capici, Gaetano ISBN: 9781602798090 List Price: $24.21
Wadsworth College Success Planner 2009-2010 by Wadsworth, (Wadsworth) ISBN: 9781439082447 List Price: $22.95
Improving Outcomes for Children by Mongon, Denis, Chapman, Chr... ISBN: 9780415689533
Lifetime in Academia, A: An Autobiography, Expanded Second Edition by Huang, Rayson ISBN: 9789888083275 List Price: $40.00
Career Opportunities in Education And Related Services by Echaore-McDavid, Susan ISBN: 9780816061549 List Price: $49.50
Reflective Planning, Teaching, and Evaluation for the Elementary School A Relational Approach by Eby, Judy W., Martin, Debra... ISBN: 9780130226952 List Price: $55.00
Preparing for Educational Administration Using Case Analysis by Hanson, Karen L. ISBN: 9780130230249 List Price: $28.00
Restructuring Schools for Collaboration Promises and Pitfalls by Pounder, Diana G. ISBN: 9780791437469 List Price: $29.95
Developing and Implementing Individualized Education Programs by Strickland, Bonnie, Turnbul... ISBN: 9780675211420 List Price: $69.33
Pathways to Privatization in Education by Murphy, Joseph, Gilmer, Sco... ISBN: 9781567503630 List Price: $99.95
Pathways to Privatization in Education by Murphy, Joseph, Gilmer, Sco... ISBN: 9781567503647 List Price: $29.95
Evaluation in Decision Making The Case of School Administration by Glasman, Naftaly S., Nevo, ... ISBN: 9780898382617 List Price: $146.00
Living on a Tightrope: A Survival Handbook for Principals - William A. Sommers - Paperback by Sommers, William A., Payne,... ISBN: 9780964743786 List Price: $22.00
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