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Restructuring Schools An International Perspective on the Movement to Transform the Control ... by Beare, Hedley, Boyd, Willia... ISBN: 9780750701211 List Price: $105.00
Leading People and Teams in Education by Kydd, Lesley, Anderson, Les... ISBN: 9780761940593 List Price: $87.95
Leaders and Leadership in Education by Gunter, Helen M. ISBN: 9780761954934 List Price: $37.95
Human Resource Management in Schools and Colleges by Middlewood, David, Lumby, J... ISBN: 9781853964015 List Price: $28.95
Becoming a Principal: The Challenges of Beginning Leadership by Parkay, Forrest W., Hall, G... ISBN: 9780205131808 List Price: $83.00
School Lunch Politics by Levine, Susan ISBN: 9780691050881
Assessment Center Methods in Educational Administration Past, Present, and Future by Wendel, Frederick C., Sybou... ISBN: 9780922971091 List Price: $3.50
Contemporary Issues in Educational Policy and School Outcomes by Hoy, Wayne K., Miskel, Ceci... ISBN: 9781593114770 List Price: $39.95
Elementary School Principal's Handbook by Krajewski, Robert J., Marti... ISBN: 9780030567469
Education Accountability: Analytical Overview by Kogan, K. ISBN: 9780091757342 List Price: $100.00
ExCET Survival Strategies : Test for Superintendent Certification in Texas by Lowe, Robert, Hadley, Nancy... ISBN: 9780971688483
ExCET Survival Strategies : Test for Principal Certification in Texas by Lowe, Robert, Hadley, Nancy... ISBN: 9780971688476
Theory and Practice in Educational Administration by Walker, W. G. ISBN: 9780844805962 List Price: $12.50
Comprehensive Guide to Educational Equipment and Resources by Domino Books Ltd Staff ISBN: 9780785522461
Managing at the Speed of Life : The ABC's of TQM for Schools by Abbott, James ISBN: 9780896413252 List Price: $18.95
Dirigiendo y Supervisando a los Maestros : Guia - Guidebook by National School Services Staff ISBN: 9780932957818 List Price: $125.00
Administration of an Early Childhood Education Center : ECE 121 Course by California College for Heal... ISBN: 9780933915404
School Facilities : Accessibility for the Disabled Still an Issue by Unknown ISBN: 9780788131141 List Price: $20.00
Adams Middle School Principalship Monroe City School Simulation Secondary School Principal I... by Howard, J. Arthur, McGrew, ... ISBN: 9780922971954 List Price: $8.25
Adams Middle School Principalship Monroe City Schools Simulation License Fee by Unknown ISBN: 9780922971503 List Price: $100.00
Adams Middle School Superintendency Monroe City School Simulation Assistant Superintendent f... by Drake, Thelbert, Venerable,... ISBN: 9780922971909 List Price: $6.40
Adams Middle School Superintendency Monroe City School Simulation Assistant Superintendent f... by Rutgers University Graduate... ISBN: 9780922971879 List Price: $8.25
Longfellow Elementary Principalship Monroe City School Simulation General Background (Long F... by Gaynor, Alan K., Faber, Cha... ISBN: 9780922971237 List Price: $19.50
Longfellow Elementary Principalship Monroe City School Simulation General Background (Interm... by Gaynor, Alan K., Farber, Ch... ISBN: 9780922971244 List Price: $10.50
Longfellow Elementary School Monroe City Schools Simulation License Fee by Rasmussen, Gerald R. ISBN: 9780922971367 List Price: $100.00
Leading Schools Legally: A practical anthology of school Law by Emmert, David, Qualkinbush,... ISBN: 9780974839165 List Price: $100.00
School Leadership & Administration: Important Concepts, Case Studies, and Simulations by Gorton, Richard, Alston, Judy ISBN: 9780073378657 List Price: $93.13
Leading Academics (National Security Paper; 11) by Robin Middlehurst ISBN: 9780335099887 List Price: $61.98
Supervision: Focus on Instruction - Don M. Beach - Hardcover by Beach, Don M., Reinhartz, Judy ISBN: 9780060405588 List Price: $43.75
Socrates in the Boardroom: Why Research Universities Should Be Led by Top Scholars by Goodall, Amanda H. ISBN: 9780691138008 List Price: $29.95
Solving the Assistant Principal's Puzzle by Hartley, Douglas ISBN: 9781596671201 List Price: $29.95
Educational Leadership : A Bridge to Improved Practice, Student Value Edition by Cordeiro, Paula G., Cunning... ISBN: 9780133014839
Changing Leadership for Changing Times by Leithwood, Kenneth A., Jant... ISBN: 9780335195220 List Price: $29.95
Wonderful Rooms Where Children Can Bloom by Jean R. Feldman ISBN: 9781884548147 List Price: $19.95
Local Management of Schools Analysis and Practice by Levacic, Rosalind ISBN: 9780335193752 List Price: $51.95
Planning and Managing School Facilities by Kowalski, Theodore J. ISBN: 9780897897709 List Price: $110.95
Women As Leaders and Managers in Higher Education by Eggins, Heather, Society fo... ISBN: 9780335198795 List Price: $35.95
Sound Field Amplification Applications To Speech Perception And Classroom Acoustics by Crandell, Carl C., Flexer, ... ISBN: 9781401851453 List Price: $70.95
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