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Dealing With Difficult Teachers by Whitaker, Todd ISBN: 9781930556454 List Price: $29.95
Supervision: Focus on Instruction - Don M. Beach - Hardcover by Beach, Don M., Reinhartz, Judy ISBN: 9780060405588 List Price: $43.75
Educational Facilities Planning, Modernization, and Management by Castaldi, Basil ISBN: 9780205152018 List Price: $155.67
Developing Home-School Partnerships From Concepts to Practice by Swap, Susan M. ISBN: 9780807732304 List Price: $20.95
Intelligent School by MacGilchrist, Barbara, Myer... ISBN: 9780761947752 List Price: $39.95
Teachers' Professional Knowledge Landscapes by Clandinin, Jean D., Connell... ISBN: 9780807734186 List Price: $22.95
Teaching, Bearing the Torch by Farris, Pamela J. ISBN: 9780697375377 List Price: $69.37
Case Studies in 21st Century School Administration Addressing Challenges for Educational Lea... by Gray, David L., Smith, Agne... ISBN: 9781412927529 List Price: $93.95
Basic Guide To Supervision And Instructional Leadership by Glickman, Carl D., Gordon, ... ISBN: 9780205404438 List Price: $82.67
Administration of Schools for Young Children by Click, Phyllis ISBN: 9780827315754 List Price: $19.95
Organizational Learning Improving Learning, Teaching, And Leading in School Systems by Collinson, Vivienne, Cook, ... ISBN: 9781412916868 List Price: $83.95
Developing the Curriculum by Oliva, Peter F. ISBN: 9780673521958 List Price: $64.95
Socrates in the Boardroom: Why Research Universities Should Be Led by Top Scholars by Goodall, Amanda H. ISBN: 9780691138008 List Price: $29.95
Educational Administration by Hoy, Wayne K., Miskel, Ceci... ISBN: 9780070306455 List Price: $70.63
Human Development by Schiamberg, Lawrence B. ISBN: 9780024068705 List Price: $75.00
Principal Creative Leadership for Excellence in Schools by Ubben, Gerald C., Hughes, L... ISBN: 9780205380879 List Price: $105.20
Creating a Learning School by Middlewood, David, Parker, ... ISBN: 9781412910422 List Price: $37.95
Theories of Educational Leadership and Management by Bush, Tony ISBN: 9781848601901 List Price: $99.95
Techniques for Managing a Safe School by Johns, Beverley H., Keenan,... ISBN: 9780891082569 List Price: $29.95
Judgment by Sweeney, Jim, Bourisaw, Dia... ISBN: 9781883001377 List Price: $9.95
Extending Educational Reform From One School to Many by Datnow, Amanda, Hubbard, Le... ISBN: 9780415240697 List Price: $150.00
Six Types of Teachers Recruiting, Retaining, and Mentoring the Best by Fiore, Douglas J., Whitaker... ISBN: 9781930556850 List Price: $29.95
Cornerstones of Strong Schools by Zoul, Jeffrey, Link, Laura ISBN: 9781596670686 List Price: $34.95
Administrators Solving the Problems of Practice Decision-Making Concepts, Cases, and Consequ... by Hoy, Wayne K., Tarter, C. John ISBN: 9780205380800 List Price: $62.40
Schooling and the Politics of Disaster by Saltman, Kenneth J. ISBN: 9780415956604 List Price: $34.95
Improving Outcomes for Children by Mongon, Denis, Chapman, Chr... ISBN: 9780415689526
Leaders and Leadership in Education by Gunter, Helen M. ISBN: 9780761954927 List Price: $89.95
Research Methods in Educational Leadership and Management by Morrison, Marlene, Briggs, ... ISBN: 9781446200438
Presidents of the University of Chicago A Centennial View by Popp, Richard L., Meyer, Da... ISBN: 9780943056180 List Price: $7.00
School Administration Persistent Dilemmas in Preparation and Practice by Jacobson, Stephen L., Hickc... ISBN: 9780275952471 List Price: $99.95
Social Organization of Schools New Conceptualizations of the Learning Process by Hallinan, M. T. ISBN: 9780306424281 List Price: $97.00
Extra-Ordinary School Parergonality & Pedagogy by Symes, Colin, Meadmore, Daphne ISBN: 9780820438122 List Price: $29.95
Standards for Instructional Supervision Enhancing Teaching and Learning by Gordon, Stephen P., Gordon,... ISBN: 9781596670112 List Price: $36.95
Can State Universities Be Managed? A Primer for Presidents and Management Teams by Acker, Duane, Wechsler, Har... ISBN: 9780275991937 List Price: $39.95
Integrating Educational Systems for Successful Reform in Diverse Contexts by Datnow, Amanda, Lasky, Sue,... ISBN: 9780521857567 List Price: $79.00
The 4 CORE Factors for School Success: Essential Leadership Practices by Whitaker, Todd, Zoul, Jeffrey ISBN: 9781596670907 List Price: $29.95
Managing Early Years Settings: Supporting and Leading Teams by Robins, Alison, Callan, Sue ISBN: 9781847873200 List Price: $42.95
Long Road to Reform Restructuring Public Education in Quebec by Milner, Henry ISBN: 9780773505643 List Price: $32.95
Democratic Leadership The Changing Context of Administrative Preparation by Mulkeen, Thomas A., Cambron... ISBN: 9781567500493 List Price: $45.00
Devolution and Choice in Education The School, the State, and the Market by Whitty, Geoff, Power, Sally ISBN: 9780335197118 List Price: $45.95
Supervision and Instructional Leadership A Developmental Approach by Glickman, Carl D., Gordon, ... ISBN: 9780205322022 List Price: $84.00
Principalship A Theory of Professional Learning and Practice by Hart, Ann W., Bredeson, Pau... ISBN: 9780070269132 List Price: $85.20
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