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Reconsidering Feminist Research in Educational Leadership by Young, Michelle D., Skrla, ... ISBN: 9780791457726 List Price: $31.95
Reclaiming Educational Administration As a Caring Profession by Beck, Lynn G. ISBN: 9780807733141 List Price: $43.00
Good Schools The Policy Environment Perspective by Noblit, George W., Tesconi,... ISBN: 9781572730243 List Price: $46.50
Harnessing the Power of Resistance A Guide for Educators by Scherz, Jared ISBN: 9781930556768 List Price: $29.95
Educational Governance and Administration - Thomas J. Sergiovanni - Hardcover - Older Edition by Sergiovanni, Thomas, Burlin... ISBN: 9780205133437 List Price: $80.00
School and Community Relations - Leslie W. Kindred - Hardcover - 3rd ed by Kindred, Leslie W., Bagin, ... ISBN: 9780137922833 List Price: $46.67
Supervision in Education: Problems and Practices - Daniel Tanner - Hardcover by Tanner, Daniel, Tanner, Lau... ISBN: 9780024189509 List Price: $78.00
Clinical Supervision - Robert Goldhammer - Hardcover - 2d ed by Goldhammer, Robert, Anderso... ISBN: 9780030465710
Principalship: New Perspectives - Paul Benjamin Jacobson - Hardcover - 3d ed. by Jacobson, Paul B., Logsdon,... ISBN: 9780137008568 List Price: $37.00
From the Principal's Desk by Fredericks, Janet ISBN: 9780820414300 List Price: $39.95
Game of Uncommon Skill Leading the Modern College and University by Budig, Gene A. ISBN: 9781573565561 List Price: $29.95
General Office Procedures for Colleges by Fulton, Patsy J. ISBN: 9780538117326 List Price: $61.95
Geology of School Reform The Successive Restructuring of a School District by Brouillette, Liane ISBN: 9780791429907 List Price: $29.95
Geology of School Reform The Successive Restructurings of a School District by Brouillette, Liane ISBN: 9780791429891 List Price: $60.50
Good Schools The Policy Environment Perspective by Noblit, George W., Pink, Wi... ISBN: 9781572730250 List Price: $21.95
Governing Universities Changing the Culture? by Bargh, Catherine, Scott, Pe... ISBN: 9780335195381 List Price: $36.95
Governing Universities Changing the Culture? by Bargh, Catherine, Scott, Pe... ISBN: 9780335195398 List Price: $118.00
Governing Academic Organizations New Problems New Perspectives by Riley, Gary L., Baldridge, ... ISBN: 9780821117156 List Price: $37.50
How to Organize Your School Year W - Fearon - Paperback by Ruggieri, Katherine, Fearon... ISBN: 9780768204742 List Price: $16.99
Educational Leadership: Case Studies for a Reflective Practice - Carl R. Ashbaugh - Paperback by Ashbaugh, Carl R., Kasten, ... ISBN: 9780801301940 List Price: $25.95
Educational Leadership in an Age of Reform - Stephen L. Jacobson - Paperback by Jacobson, Stephen L., Conwa... ISBN: 9780801302893 List Price: $35.95
Educational Administration: A Management Approach - Ronald W. Rebore - Hardcover by Rebore, Ronald W. ISBN: 9780132356640 List Price: $80.00
Education for the Twenty-First Century: Toward a New Paradigm for Schooling - Hedley Beare -... by Beare, Hedley, Slaughter, R... ISBN: 9780415068321 List Price: $59.95
School Superintendent: Living with Conflict - Arthur Blumberg - Hardcover by Blumberg, Arthur ISBN: 9780807727645 List Price: $25.95
Grant Writing Made Easy by Hinds, Maurene ISBN: 9780768230789 List Price: $13.99
Educational Leadership for America's Schools - Allan R. Odden - Hardcover by Odden, Allan R., Odden, Ele... ISBN: 9780070474895 List Price: $60.63
University Presidents As Moral Leaders by Brown, David G., Hearn, Tho... ISBN: 9780275988142 List Price: $41.95
School as Community: From Promise to Practice - Gail C. Furman - Hardcover by Furman, Gail ISBN: 9780791454152 List Price: $73.50
Supervision of Teaching - Thomas Sergiovanni - Hardcover by Sergiovanni, Thomas ISBN: 9780871201126 List Price: $10.00
Reform in Administrator Preparation Programs: Myths, Realities and Proposals - Martha M. McC... by McCarthy, Martha M., Kuh, G... ISBN: 9781559961462 List Price: $7.00
Educational Administration and Policy: Effective Leadership for American Education - James W... by Guthrie, James W., Reed, Ro... ISBN: 9780132356725 List Price: $47.00
Principalship: Concepts and Practices - Ralph B. Kimbrough - Hardcover by Kimbrough, Ralph B., Burket... ISBN: 9780137009640 List Price: $98.00
Administrators and Reading - Thorsten Robert Carlson - Hardcover by Carlson, Thorsten R. ISBN: 9780155007802 List Price: $10.95
Managing Productive Schools: Toward an Ecology - Karolyn J. Snyder - Paperback by Snyder, Karolyn J., Anderso... ISBN: 9780155547902 List Price: $43.50
Power and Promise of School Reform: Grass Roots Movements during the Progressive Era by Reese, William J., Kaestle,... ISBN: 9780710207678 List Price: $14.95
Organizational Behavior in Education by Owens, Robert G. ISBN: 9780136425472 List Price: $60.00
Personnel Administration in Education: Leadership for Instructional Improvement by Harris, Ben M., Monk, Betty... ISBN: 9780205133420 List Price: $80.00
Supervision of Teachers: A Guide to Improving Instruction by Pfeiffer, Isobel L., Dunlap... ISBN: 9780897740456
Learning Mentors In Schools Policy and Practice by Cruddas, Lynda ISBN: 9781858563312 List Price: $27.50
Personnel Function in Educational Administration by Castetter, William B. ISBN: 9780023201707
Principalship: Concepts and Applications by Lunenburg, Frederick C. ISBN: 9780023723919
Educational Planning Management by Chandrasekaran, P. ISBN: 9788120716070
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