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Educational Administration: Concepts and Practices by Fred C. Lunenburg, Allan C.... ISBN: 9781111301248 List Price: $258.95
School and Community Relations (10th Edition) by Moore, Edward H., Bagin, Do... ISBN: 9780137072514 List Price: $136.00
Teacher Supervision and Evaluation by Nolan, James F., Jr., Hoove... ISBN: 9780470084052 List Price: $137.95
Principalship by Sergiovanni, Thomas J. ISBN: 9780205578580 List Price: $133.33
Data Driven Decisions and School Leadership by Kowalski, Theodore J., Maho... ISBN: 9780205496686 List Price: $64.00
Educational Governance and Administration by Sergiovanni, Thomas J., Kel... ISBN: 9780205581931 List Price: $132.00
Planning and Administering Early Childhood Programs by Decker, Celia A., Decker, J... ISBN: 9780135135495 List Price: $96.67
School Superintendent Theory, Practice, And Cases by Kowalski, Theodore J. ISBN: 9781412906777 List Price: $113.00
Teacher Supervision and Evaluation by Nolan, James, Jr., Hoover,... ISBN: 9780470639955 List Price: $137.95
Human Resources Administration by Webb, L. Dean, Norton, M. S... ISBN: 9780132397711 List Price: $136.00
Food, Nutrition, and the Young Child by Endres, Jeannette, Rockwell... ISBN: 9780130984852 List Price: $69.33
Educational Leadership: Culture and Diversity by Clive Dimmock, Allan David ... ISBN: 9780761971702 List Price: $75.00
Assessment Balance and Quality: An Action Guide for School Leaders (3rd Edition) (Assessment... by Steve Chappuis, Carol Commo... ISBN: 9780132548786 List Price: $38.99
Supervision in Today's Schools by Oliva, Peter F., Pawlas, Ge... ISBN: 9780470087589 List Price: $147.95
Educational Administration Theory, Research, and Practice by Hoy, Wayne K., Miskel, Ceci... ISBN: 9780073403748 List Price: $153.75
Extending Educational Reform From One School to Many by Datnow, Amanda, Hubbard, Le... ISBN: 9780415240697 List Price: $150.00
Educational Leadership: Changing Schools, Changing Roles by Judy Reinhartz, Don M. Beach ISBN: 9780205341030 List Price: $114.80
Casebook for School Leaders by Hanson, Karen L. ISBN: 9780136126829 List Price: $33.33
Human Resources Administration in Education A Management Approach by Rebore, Ronald W. ISBN: 9780205485079 List Price: $130.67
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