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Roots and Blossoms African American Plays for Today by Ntiri, Daphne W., Reid, Shi... ISBN: 9780911557039 List Price: $21.00
Selected Latin American One-Act Plays - Francesca Colecchia - Paperback by Colecchia, Francesca, Matas... ISBN: 9780822952411 List Price: $15.95
Women Writing Women An Anthology of Spanish-American Theater of the 1980s by Salas, Teresa Cajiao, Varga... ISBN: 9780791432051 List Price: $30.50
Modern Brazilian Stage by George, David ISBN: 9780292751293 List Price: $30.00
En UN Acto: Diez Piezas Hispanoamericanas by Dauster, Frank, Lyday, Leon F. ISBN: 9780838412299 List Price: $20.95
Estudios Sobre Teatro Mexicano Contemporaneo Semiologia De LA Competencia Teatral by Foster, David W. ISBN: 9780820401256 List Price: $19.00
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