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Beginning Glassblowing by Schmid, Edward T. ISBN: 9780963872807 List Price: $24.95
Creative Glass Blowing: Scientific and Ornamental by Hammesfahr, James E., Stong... ISBN: 9780716701408 List Price: $10.95
Techniques of Kiln-Formed Glass by Cummings, Keith ISBN: 9780812234022 List Price: $65.00
Art of Collaboration : Stained-Glass Conservation in the 21st Century by Husband, T., Husband, T., P... ISBN: 9781905375561
Stained Glass Before 1700 in the Philadelphia Museum of Art by Burnham, R. ISBN: 9781872501192 List Price: $204.00
History of Glassforming by Cummings, Keith ISBN: 9780812236477 List Price: $65.00
Line and Color Magic for Glass Design by Weiner, Kay B. ISBN: 9780962566318 List Price: $15.95
The Glass-Blowers of Roman London by Shepherd, John, Wardle, Angela ISBN: 9781901992847 List Price: $13.95
Wildlife Images by Terra by Parma, Terra, Stained Glass... ISBN: 9780936459011 List Price: $10.95
Solder Magic Book Instructions and Patterns by Weiner, Kay B. ISBN: 9780962566301 List Price: $12.95
Stained Glass Windows by Caviness, Madeline Harrison ISBN: 9782503360768
Stained Glass Before 1700 in the Collections of the Midwest States by Raguin, Virginia C., Zakin,... ISBN: 9781872501000 List Price: $366.00
Gothic Stained Glass: 1200-1300 by Grodecki, Louis, Brisac, Ca... ISBN: 9780801418099 List Price: $75.00
Directory of Stained Glass Books and Patterns, 1988 by Stained Glass Images Inc. S... ISBN: 9780936459073 List Price: $19.95
Glassblowing Color Version by Carberry, Edward ISBN: 9781888833096 List Price: $135.95
The Stained Glass of A.W.N. Pugin by Shepherd, Stanley A., Carew... ISBN: 9781904965206 List Price: $69.95
Art of Fire - Beginning Glassblowing by McKelvey, James ISBN: 9780978683108 List Price: $40.00
Glass Paintings: An Ephemeral Art in India by Gupta, Samita ISBN: 9788170189183
Glass Beads in Ancient India An Ethnoarchaeological Approach by Kanungo, Alok Kumar ISBN: 9781841713649
Warm Glass - Shar Moorman - Paperback by Moorman, Shar, CKE Publicat... ISBN: 9780935133196 List Price: $18.95
How to Enter and Win Clay and Glass Crafts Contests by Gadney, Alan ISBN: 9780871966629 List Price: $6.95
How to Enter and Win Clay and Glass Crafts Contests - Alan Gadney - Hardcover by Gadney, Alan ISBN: 9780871966612 List Price: $14.95
Pre-Roman and Early Roman Glass by Corning Museum of Glass Sta... ISBN: 9780486243290 List Price: $40.00
Glassblowing: An Introduction to Artistic and Scientific Flameworking by Carberry, Edward ISBN: 9780960168279 List Price: $82.10
Chicago Ceramics and Glass : An Illustrated History, 1871-1933 by Darling, Sharon S. ISBN: 9780226104140 List Price: $25.00
Master of Glass : Charles Eamer Kempe, 1837-1907 by Stavridi, Margaret ISBN: 9780951312506 List Price: $110.00
Glassblowing : An Introduction to Artistic and Scientific Flameworking by Carberry, Edward ISBN: 9780960168255 List Price: $44.95
Industrial Firing by Remenyi, K. ISBN: 9780569090049
Jugendstilglasmalerei in der Schweiz by Michel, Pierre-Frank ISBN: 9783817020065
Jugendstilfenster in Norddeutschland by Remmert, Erhard ISBN: 9783817020225
Jugendstilfenster in Suddeutschland by Remmert, Erhard ISBN: 9783817020218
Lalique Glass : The Complete Illustrated Catalogue for 1932 by Corning Museum of Glass Staff ISBN: 9780317550092 List Price: $9.95
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