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Cooking is something that everyone thinks they know something about, whether they have the ability to cook beans on toast for one or a lavish five course meal for a group of family and friends. No matter what your level of expertise is there is always room for improvement and the fine-tuning of techniques and skills. The discounted cooking textbooks available online here will help you develop your cooking knowledge whether your focus is on menu planning, cooking fundamentals, wine, baking and pastry, food from different cultures, the science behind cooking, foods for different age groups, healing with food or experimental foods we have plenty for you to choose from. By using the ISBN number for the books on your college tutor's recommended reading lists you can make sure you find exactly the right books for your course. The only problem you will be left with is trying not to get too hungry reading about food while you study! Take advantage of our buyback service when you are finished with the books.

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Food in the Ancient World by Alcock, Joan P. ISBN: 9780313330032 List Price: $49.95
Red Wine Color Exploring the Mysteries by Waterhouse, Andrew L., Kenn... ISBN: 9780841239005 List Price: $48.95
Food In World History by Pilcher, Jeffrey M. ISBN: 9780415311458 List Price: $100.00
Book of Marmalade by Wilson, C. Anne ISBN: 9781903018774
MasterCook 11 by Pearson Education Staff ISBN: 9780132557801
Flavor Release by Roberts, Deborah D., Taylor... ISBN: 9780841236929 List Price: $262.00
Mexican-American Cuisine (The Ilan Stavans Library of Latino Civilization) by Stavans, Ilan ISBN: 9780313358227 List Price: $55.00
Haute Cuisine - Amy B. Trubek - Hardcover by Trubek, Amy ISBN: 9780812235531 List Price: $45.00
Wine Appreciation - Richard P. Vine - Hardcover by Vine, Richard P. ISBN: 9780816011483 List Price: $60.00
Invention of the Modern Cookbook by Sherman, Sandra ISBN: 9781598844863
Zu Gast in der Bretagne. Eine kulinarische Reise. by Kissel, Renate, Myka, Manfred ISBN: 9783817000159
Professional Cooking and Baking Student Activity by Ray, Mary F., Dondi, Beda ISBN: 9780026654500 List Price: $7.77
Salsa Is Hot Dialogs & Stories by Pickett, William P. ISBN: 9780130204363 List Price: $29.00
Ultimate Cooking Companion for At-Home Careegivers by Capron, Mary Ellen, Zucker,... ISBN: 9780130194404 List Price: $17.20
Introductory Foods by Bennion, Marion ISBN: 9780023081811 List Price: $57.00
Windmills in My Oven by Pagrach-Chandra, Gaitri ISBN: 9781903018187 List Price: $24.95
Multicultural Cookbook for Students by Albyn, Carole L., Webb, Loi... ISBN: 9780897747356 List Price: $38.95
Flavor Science Sensible Principles and Techniques by Acree, Terry E., Teranishi,... ISBN: 9780841225169 List Price: $98.45
Wild Food Proceedings on the Oxford Symposium on Food And Cookery 2004 by Hosking, Richard ISBN: 9781903018439 List Price: $60.00
Beer in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance by Unger, Richard W. ISBN: 9780812219999 List Price: $24.95
Entertaining from Ancient Rome to the Super Bowl: An Encyclopedia by Adamson, Melitta Weiss, Ada... ISBN: 9780313339578
The Professional Chef's Baking Recipes by Wilkinson, Jule, Amendola, ... ISBN: 9780843605266 List Price: $24.95
Food In Medieval Times by Adamson, Melitta Weiss ISBN: 9780313321474 List Price: $55.00
Medieval Cookery Recipes and History by Black, Maggie ISBN: 9781850748670 List Price: $12.95
Tastes And Tales Of A Chef The Apprentice's Journey by Leonard, Edward, American C... ISBN: 9780131196834 List Price: $16.00
Making Fast Food From the Frying Pan into the Fryer by Reiter, Ester ISBN: 9780773508439 List Price: $95.00
Bakery Technology and Engineering by Matz, Samuel A. ISBN: 9780942849202 List Price: $99.00
Conserve Water, Drink Wine Recollections of a Vinous Voyage of Discovery by Jackson, Ron S. ISBN: 9781560228646 List Price: $59.95
Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Juices Teas & Tonics by Heinerman, John ISBN: 9780132342049 List Price: $27.95
Storied Dishes: What Our Family Recipes Tell Us About Who We Are and Where We've Been by Berzok, Linda Murray ISBN: 9780313381676 List Price: $34.95
Thermally Generated Flavors: Maillard, Microwave, and Extrusion Processes (Acs Symposium Ser... by Parliment, Thomas H., Morel... ISBN: 9780841227422 List Price: $25.00
Testicles: Balls in Cooking and Culture by Vie, Blandine, MacDonogh, G... ISBN: 9781903018835 List Price: $40.00
Professional Chef Level 2 Diploma by Tinton, Terry, Hunter, Gary ISBN: 9781408039090 List Price: $43.99
Taste or Taboo: Dietary Choices in Antiquity by Beer, Michael ISBN: 9781903018637 List Price: $24.00
Portable Baker Baking on Boat and Trail by Spangenberg, Jean, Spangenb... ISBN: 9780070598713 List Price: $14.95
Red and the White the History of Wine in France and Italy in the 19th Century by Loubere, Leo A. ISBN: 9780873953702 List Price: $28.50
Ultra-Violet's Pickled Egg Cookbook Plucky Prescripts from the Show Me State by Clayton, Violet S. ISBN: 9780967566740 List Price: $16.95
Flavor Chemistry Trends and Developments by Teranishi, Roy, Buttery, Ro... ISBN: 9780841215702 List Price: $45.00
Breakfast by Schaefer, Lola M., Schaefer... ISBN: 9781410923660 List Price: $7.99
Chiquart's 'on Cookery': A Fifteenth-Century Savoyard Culinary Treatise (American University... by Chiquart, Scully, Terrence ISBN: 9780820403526 List Price: $29.00
Conceptos Esenciales De Seguridad E Higiene De Los Alimentos by McSwane, David, Rue, Nancy ... ISBN: 9780130648433 List Price: $61.80
Cookery for the Hospitality Industry by Dodgshun, Graham, Peters, M... ISBN: 9780521776097 List Price: $36.00
Experimental Foods Laboratory Manual by McWilliams, Margaret ISBN: 9780130394835 List Price: $44.60
Practical Professional Cookery by Cracknell, H. L., Kaufmann,... ISBN: 9781861528735 List Price: $39.95
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