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Elements of Blogging : Expanding the Conversation of Journalism by Leccese, Mark, Lanson, Jerry ISBN: 9781138021532
Companion to New Media Dynamics by Hartley, John, Bruns, Axel,... ISBN: 9781119000860 List Price: $54.50
Building Object-Oriented Windows and Web Applications by Coffee ISBN: 9781850328827 List Price: $44.99
Social Media : Enduring Principles by Humphreys, Ashlee ISBN: 9780199328437 List Price: $39.95
Design Solutions for Improving Website Quality and Effectiveness by Sreedhar, G. ISBN: 9781466697645 List Price: $220.00
Discourse and Social Media by Bouvier, Gwen ISBN: 9781138191556
Modern Romance by Ansari, Aziz, Klinenberg, Eric ISBN: 9780143109259
Uberworked and Underpaid by Scholz, Trebor ISBN: 9780745653570
Uberworked and Underpaid by Scholz, Trebor ISBN: 9780745653563
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