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Students on computer courses that focus on development, quality assurance and engineering will be pleased to hear we have hundreds of pre-owned textbooks to help them further their college studies. We have dedicated sections for systems analysis and design, tools and quality assurance and testing. It is simple to buy cheap software development and engineering textbooks from today onwards, to help ensure you complete all your studies without paying more than you have to. Save incredible amounts when you rent used software development and engineering textbooks from us, because we have savings that go beyond 90% in some cases. Why spend a fortune when you buy software development and engineering textbooks online when you can save countless amounts by shopping with us? Sell your software development and engineering books to us if you wish once you complete your course, and let us make them available to others as well.

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Essentials of System Analysis and Design by Valacich, Joseph, George, J... ISBN: 9780136084969 List Price: $171.00
Modern Systems Analysis and Design (6th Edition) by Hoffer, Jeffrey A., George,... ISBN: 9780136088219 List Price: $194.67
Software Engineering by Pfleeger, Shari Lawrence, A... ISBN: 9780136061694 List Price: $128.00
Systems Analysis and Design with Uml Third Edition by Dennis, Alan, Tegarden, Dav... ISBN: 9780470074787 List Price: $167.95
Digital Systems Design Using Vhdl by Roth, Charles H., John, Liz... ISBN: 9780534384623 List Price: $184.95
Vhdl for Engineers by Short, Kenneth L. ISBN: 9780131424784 List Price: $130.00
System Dynamics An Introduction by Rowell, Derek, Wormley, David ISBN: 9780132108089 List Price: $135.00
Fundamentals of Software Engineering by Ghezzi, Carlo, Jazayeri, Me... ISBN: 9780133056990 List Price: $127.80
Software Engineering A Practitioner's Approach by Pressman, Roger S. ISBN: 9780072853186 List Price: $129.69
Database Design, Application Development, And Administration by Mannino, Michael V. ISBN: 9780072942200 List Price: $166.25
A+ Guide to Hardware Managing, Maintaining, And Troubleshooting by Andrews, Jean ISBN: 9780619217624 List Price: $103.95
Software Engineering A Practitioner's Approach by Pressman, Roger S. ISBN: 9780073655789 List Price: $88.13
Systems Analysis and Design by Shelly, Gary B., Cashman, T... ISBN: 9780789542663 List Price: $70.95
Systems Analysis and Design by Cashman, Thomas J., Forsyth... ISBN: 9780619255107 List Price: $156.95
Software Architecture Pespectives on an Emerging Discipline by Shaw, Mary, Garlan, David ISBN: 9780131829572 List Price: $65.00
Computers as Components by Wolf, Wayne ISBN: 9780123743978 List Price: $83.95
Software Engineering by Sommerville, Ian ISBN: 9780321313799 List Price: $137.00
Software Engineering by Braude, Eric J. ISBN: 9780471692089 List Price: $147.95
VHDL for Programmable Logic by Cypress Semiconductor Staff... ISBN: 9780201895735 List Price: $80.00
Digital Design (VHDL): An Embedded Systems Approach Using VHDL by Ashenden, Peter J. ISBN: 9780123695284 List Price: $98.95
Digital Design With Vhdl by Vahid, Frank, Lysecky, Roman ISBN: 9780470052624 List Price: $53.95
Microsystem Design by Senturia, Stephen D. ISBN: 9780792372462 List Price: $134.00
Student's Guide to VHDL - Peter J. Ashenden by Ashenden, Peter J. ISBN: 9781558608658 List Price: $41.95
Vhdl A Starter's Guide by Yalamanchili, Sudhakar ISBN: 9780131457355 List Price: $75.00
Software Testing: Principles and Practice by Desikan, Srinivasan, Ramesh... ISBN: 9788177582956 List Price: $68.00
Software Engineering Fundamentals by Behforooz, Ali, Hudson, Fre... ISBN: 9780195105391 List Price: $150.00
Extreme Software Engineering A Hands-On Approach by Steinberg, Daniel H., Palme... ISBN: 9780130473813 List Price: $47.40
Multimedia Design and Production for Students and Teachers by Counts, Edward L. ISBN: 9780205343874 List Price: $55.60
Object-Oriented System Analysis and Design by George, Joey F., Batra, Din... ISBN: 9780131133266 List Price: $154.67
Software Design From Programming to Architecture by Braude, Eric J. ISBN: 9780471204596 List Price: $104.95
Control System Design by Goodwin, Graham C., Graebe,... ISBN: 9780139586538 List Price: $160.00
Schaum's Outline of Software Engineering by Gustafson, David ISBN: 9780071377942 List Price: $21.00
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