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Learning programming languages is like learning a new language all together. It is effectively an artificial language designed to communicate with computers. The good news is that it is a very specialized area and not many people are able to 'speak the language', which means you will be very much in demand with your new skills when you finish your studies. We have an extensive range of great value, cheap programming languages textbooks available to buy or rent, to help you become fluent in the language of computers! It is a daunting subject but we have new and pre-owned textbooks that will help you through the subject, and they are all in great condition. As someone who is already great with computers you will appreciate that buying textbooks in your college bookstore is a waste of precious time. It is far more time efficient to buy your books online. You don't need any special computer lingo to use our website, just use the ISBN numbers to find the exact programming languages textbooks that you want and we will mail them straight to your door.

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Operating System Concepts with Java by Silberschatz, Abraham, Gagn... ISBN: 9780470509494 List Price: $157.95
Starting Out with C++: Early Objects by Gaddis, Tony, Walters, Judy... ISBN: 9780136077749 List Price: $123.00
HTML 5 and CSS 3, Illustrated Complete by Vodnik, Sasha, Meersman, Jo... ISBN: 9781111527983 List Price: $86.95
Embedded C Programming And The Atmel AVR by Cox, Sarah, Barnett, Richar... ISBN: 9781418039592 List Price: $152.95
Engineering Problem Solving with C++ by Etter, Delores M., Ingber, ... ISBN: 9780132492652
ANSI Common Lisp by Graham, Paul ISBN: 9780133708752 List Price: $83.60
Advanced Visual Basic 2010 (5th Edition) by Kip R. Irvine, Tony Gaddis ISBN: 9780132316743 List Price: $123.00
C++ for Everyone by Horstmann, Cay S. ISBN: 9780470927137 List Price: $115.95
Guide to Mysql by Pratt, Philip J., Last, Mar... ISBN: 9781418836351 List Price: $70.95
Basics of Web Design : HTML5 and CSS3 by Felke-Morris, Terry ISBN: 9780137003389
Java How to Program: Late Objects Version by Deitel and Associates Inc. ... ISBN: 9780136123712 List Price: $124.00
Book on C:programming in C by Kelley, Al, Pohl, Ira ISBN: 9780805316773 List Price: $46.95
Big Java for Everyone by Horstmann, Cay S. ISBN: 9781118087886 List Price: $123.00
Visual C# 2010 How to Program (4th Edition) by Harvey Deitel, Paul Deitel ISBN: 9780132151429 List Price: $135.00
INTRO TO AUTOMATA THEORY, LANGUAGES & COMPUTATION by Hopcroft, John E., Ullman, ... ISBN: 9780201029888 List Price: $47.00
Data Structures With C++ Using Stl by Ford, William H., Topp, Wil... ISBN: 9780130858504 List Price: $142.00
C++ How to Program by Deitel, Paul, Deitel, Harvey ISBN: 9780136117261 List Price: $123.00
Late Objects Version: C++ How to Program by Deitel, Paul J., Deitel, Ha... ISBN: 9780132165419
Data Structures Using C and C++ by Langsam, Yedidyah, Augenste... ISBN: 9780130369970 List Price: $127.80
C++ for Java Programmers by Weiss, Mark Allen ISBN: 9780139194245 List Price: $67.00
COBOL for the 21st Century by Nancy B. Stern, Robert A. S... ISBN: 9780471722618
Java An Eventful Approach by Bruce, Kim, Murtagh, Thomas... ISBN: 9780131424159 List Price: $116.00
Introduction to Programming with Java by Dean, John, Dean, Ray ISBN: 9780073047027 List Price: $77.99
Alice in Action With Java by Adams, Joel ISBN: 9781423900962 List Price: $90.95
Java For Everyone by Horstmann, Cay S. ISBN: 9780471791911 List Price: $113.95
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